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    The Nightsisters are a coven of witches that lived on the mysterious world of Dathomir. The sisters ruled unchallenged, gifted with the power to wield dark magicks. The men of Dathomir, the Nightbrothers, lived apart from the witches, but were subservient to their whims. Despite their power, the Nightsisters avoided the conflict of the Republic and Sith, content to pursue their own matters. The Jedi gave them a wide berth, for they remain focused on matters on Dathomir. Count Dooku has had dealings with them in the past, and turned to them when he was in need of a new apprentice. Their betrayal of Dooku earned the Nightsisters a powerful enemy, and he ordered a massive attack by his droid forces in retribution.

The Nightsisters defend Dathomir

The ancient matriarchal order of the Nightsisters ruled the lonely planet Dathomir, confronting any visitors foolish enough to come to their homeworld without invitation.

Asajj Ventress and Mother Talzin convening on Dathomir

The Nightsisters drew on the Force for their powers, but the witches were neither Sith nor Jedi, and spurned allegiances with both.

Extinction of the Nightsisters

Mother Talzin, the Nightsisters’ matriarch, sought revenge on Dooku and his master Darth Sidious for their betrayals of the witches. But Talzin’s quest for revenge would end with the witches’ ruin and extinction.

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    A remote planet, Dathomir is drenched in blood-red light from its central star. The planet has continents overrun by twisted vegetation, with forests of bent trees burdened by large, cocoon-like fruit. Bordering dense swamplands is the massive stone fortresses of the Nightsisters, a witch clan. The Nightsisters kept to themselves, but had on occasion been known to offer their services to those who piqued their interests. Far from the Nightsisters lived the Nightbrothers -- a tattooed clan of Zabrak warriors were subservient to their female counterparts.


  • Forests,
  • Mountains,
  • Swamps,
A ship approaching the planet Dathomir

The Nightsisters, an ancient matriarchal order of Force-using witches, ruled Dathomir during the Clone Wars, spurning all alliances and regarding outsiders with suspicion.

Mother Talzin and the Nightsisters confronting Asajj Ventress

The Nightsisters’ rule of the planet came undone when their leader, Mother Talzin, agreed to help Asajj Ventress avenge her betrayal at the hands of Count Dooku. The Nightsisters tried to assassinate Dooku, and then sent him a new apprentice, Savage Opress, who was secretly loyal to them.

The Nightsisters battle General Grievous

The Nightsisters’ plots against Dooku failed and he sent General Grievous to wipe out the order. The Nightsisters fought back with ancient spells, but were overwhelmed and massacred, leaving their rule little more than a memory.


Maul takes Ezra Bridger to Dathomir

In order to fully unlock the secrets glimpsed in the Jedi and Sith holocrons, Maul, the former Sith, took Ezra Bridger to his home planet of Dathomir. There, Maul used Nightsister magic to obtain the knowledge they were seeking. While the dark ritual proved successful, the spirits of the Nightsisters were awakened, and they demanded payment in the form of host bodies. Eventually, Maul escaped, and Ezra struck the Nightsisters’ sacred altar, vanquishing the specters.

Sours: https://www.starwars.com/databank/dathomir
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Force Echoes in Dathomir

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This part of the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Guide is dedicated to the Force Echoes you can find on the planet Dathomir. Cal has a relatively rare power among Jedi, called “Psychometry“, that allows him to sense the events and emotions that are associated with an object. Not all of the Force Echoes are accessible from your first visit to a planet, and they will sometime require some Upgrades and specific Skills to be reached.

Upper Strangled Cliffs

The Nightsisters – 1. Nightsister Training

Prerequisite(s): None

In the northeast corner of the Upper Strangled Cliffs, make two Wall Runs in the corner to reach a wooden platform, and descend into the small room where this Echo is located.

The Nightsisters – 4. A Nightsister

Prerequisite(s): None

After meeting the Nightsister, you must use a rope to reach a Meditation Point. Using this rope, turn around to face the opposite direction, and swing to reach the small platform where this Echo is located.

Strangled Cliffs

The Stranger – 10. The Outsider

Prerequisite(s): Force Push

From the Upper Strangled Cliffs, push the wooden cage that blocks the entrance to a building and drop it to the lower level. Then push it so that you can reach the climbing plants, and enter the room where this Echo is located.

Brother’s Bastion

The Stranger – 11. Temptation

Prerequisite(s): None

Just before meeting the Stranger, turn left to find an underground gallery that leads to this Echo.

Collapsed Settlement

The Stranger – 8. Power Struggle

Prerequisite(s): None

Just after your first meeting with the Undead Nightsisters, you must use the Force Pull to open a wooden platform with spikes. On the other side, turn around, and make a wall run to reach this Echo.

The Nightsisters – 3. Downfall

Prerequisite(s): None

Just after the previous Echo, you must walk on a branch to reach a ruined building. Before continuing on the right, climb to the left to find this Echo.

Halls of the Nydak

The Stranger – 6. The Chase

Prerequisite(s): None

This Echo is in the Halls of the Nydak, between two battle against the Nightbrothers.

The Stranger – 9. Submission

Prerequisite(s): None

Further into the Halls of the Nydak, at the Meditation Point after using the Force Pull to lower a platform, turn around, and wait for the platform to return to its place to perform a wall run and reach that Echo in the corner of the room above.

The Nightbrothers – 2. The Pit

Prerequisite(s): None

In the pit where you face a Nydak, this Echo is on a dead body next to the cage that you must use to leave the room.

Swamp of Sacrifice

The Stranger – 3. Survivor

Prerequisite(s): None

From the swamp Meditation Point, use the Jedi Flip towards the ramp you used to reach the Meditation Point to find this Echo on a small platform.

The Nightbrothers – 1. Combat Arena

Prerequisite(s): None

After a long slide, you arrive in the Swamp of Sacrifice. Explore the zone until you reach an area below where there is a Nydak. The Echo is in the lower corner of the arena.

The Stranger – 2. Crashed Ship

Prerequisite(s): None

A little after the previous Echo, you find the wreckage of a ship that contains an Echo.

The Nightsisters – 7. Nightsister Mother

Prerequisite(s): None

During your exploration of the swamp, you must use the Force Push on a piece of wall with climbing plants, then use the Force to slow it down, and continue your progression to the top of the cliff. Instead of climbing to the top, turn right to find a small ledge where this Echo is located.

The Wanderer and the Witch – 1. Negotiation

Prerequisite(s): None

Just after finding a wall on which you can’t climb without an upgrade, go down the stairs and go left to find this Echo.

The Nightsisters – 2. Rituals

Prerequisite(s): None

From the previous Echo, go to the end of the cliff, and jump to a branch to reach it.

Witches Horn

The Nightbrothers – 3. Rite of Passage

Prerequisite(s): None

After the first part of the fight against the Gorgara, you leave the cave and find this Echo on the left before reaching the Meditation Point.

The Nightsisters – 8. Potions

Prerequisite(s): None

After the second part of the fight against the Gorgara, return to the top of the Witches Horn to find this Echo.

Nightbrother Dungeon

The Stranger – 7. The Prisoner

Prerequisite(s): None

As soon as you enter the dungeon, turn left to find this Echo.

Nightbrother Village

The Stranger – 4. Intruder

Prerequisite(s): None

After leaving the main square of the village, you find yourself in a corridor. When the latter splits in two, go to the back right to find this Echo.

The Stranger – 1. Interference

Prerequisite(s): None

From the previous Echo, go up the corridor to the left, and rather than leaving the cave on the right, enter a room on your left to find this Echo near a window.

The Stranger – 5. Interlopers

Prerequisite(s): None

When you reach the upper part of the village, you can cut a rope to create a shortcut. From this shortcut, drop onto a small platform below where this Echo is located.

Tomb of Kujet

The Wanderer and the Witch – 2. Seeking Power

Prerequisite(s): None

Once in the Tomb of Kujet, you arrive in a large room where archers shoot you. Climb the climbing plants on the right to find this Echo in a room upstairs, near a fire.

The Wanderer and the Witch – 3. Merrin’s Pact

Prerequisite(s): None

From the previous Echo, use the branch to reach the other side of the room and find this Echo near an altar.

Sage Kujet – 1. Burial Place

Prerequisite(s): None

In the room where you must face Taron Malicos, first visit the small room on your left by climbing the climbing plants. You will find this Echo at the back of the room next to the pottery.

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Secrets in DathomirData Scans in Dathomir

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Ezra \u0026 Maul Arrive On Dathomir [1080p]

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order Wiki Guide

To make things as easy as possible, all Force Echo locations have been broken down and categorized into the areas in which they are found.

Upper Strangled Cliffs

Nightsister Training | The Nightsisters 01

A Nightsister | The Nightsisters 04

Strangled Cliffs

The Outsider | The Stranger 10

Brother's Bastion

Temptation | The Stranger 11

Collapsed Settlement

Power Struggle | The Stranger 08

The Chase | The Stranger 06

Halls of the Nydak

Submission | The Stranger 09

The Pit | The Nightbrothers 02

The Chase | The Stranger 06

Swamp of Sacrifice

The Stranger | Survivor 03

Combat Arena | The Nightbrothers 01

Crashed Ship | The Stranger 02

Nightsister Mother | The Nightsisters 07

Negotiation | The Wanderer and the Witch 01

Rituals | The Nightsisters 02

Witches Horn

Rite of Passage | The Nightbrothers 03

Potions | The Nightsisters 08

Nightbrother Dungeon

The Prisoner | The Stranger 07

Nightbrother Village

Intruder | The Stranger 04

Interference | The Stranger 01

Interlopers | The Stranger 05

Tomb of Kujet

Seeking Power | The Wanderer and the Witch 02

Burial Place | Sage Kujet 01

Merrin’s Pact | The Wanderer and the Witch 03

Sours: https://www.ign.com/wikis/star-wars-jedi-fallen-order/Dathomir_Force_Echo_Locations

The nightsisters dathomir

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The Nightsisters of Dathomir: Star Wars Canon vs Legends

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