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Now i know there are plenty of mimics in the Dragon keep dlc. What I'm asking is how you'd implement them into the main borderlands campaign as a normal/rate enemy. Maybe like the chubby enemies or the loot midgets. Make them a random location spawn. Almost like a prop hunt? If this is a mid already just ignore this then :P

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first reaction with a mimic? *may contain spoilers*
i started the dlc today so i dont have to worry about it interfering my classes. wanted to do it in one go tonight, got some redbull and chips. was so happy that i was able to loot so many chests. i see a chest in middle of a hallway and finished looting other chest, after walking to it i open and i litterally fell off my chair and knocked spilled my redbull on my carpet. now i have this constant fear that any chest i look will turn into that ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ monster that should go back to the hentai world

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While messing around on TVH, just to test out Winged Storm one of the mimics droped a Legerdary Mechro mod. Since I haven't read to much about them anyone seen them have nice drops?
Nah, I've only found Blue stuff and Eridium.
Nice find, by the way.

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Also I do weird scribbles sometimes:

I cant be the only one woundering their drop pool. Seriously, if it can drop a Legendary class mod then whats the limit.

I'm going to guess their drop pool is potentially the same as any chest, being that they are living chest monsters. *Quaid, start the reactor.*

would that mean their a "suitable loot source" for about everything execpt saraphs?

My understanding is that anything can drop legendaries, just that certain things drop more frequently with specific enemies.

Any chance you would let me get a copy of that mecro mod? Been trying for ages to get one myself...


Mimic - Borderlands 2

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Mimic bl2

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Borderlands 2 Mimic attack!

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