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Killing the glass ghost: how to eliminate white haze from tempered glass?

Tempered glass customers usually have certain tolerances for tempered distortion and other defects, like white haze. I heard a while ago that this phenomenon is also being called “ghosting”. Ghosting is a funnily accurate description, since if you don’t know exactly what must be done to avoid the defect – it really feels as if there’s a ghost in the furnace causing it.

 Have you had a ghost in your tempered glass?

So what is white haze? The white hazy material can be dust, roller residuals or actual mechanical deformations caused by a mechanical pressure that is too strong between the glass and the rollers. White haze can be caused by multiple reasons and can occur in several different forms. Perhaps, the most common type of white haze is a vertical strip in the center of the glass. White haze can occur also near the ends, on the corners of the glass or all over the glass with vague hazy areas or some repetitive stripes or marks. There are many types of white haze that can occur, and all of those can be solved with a different medicine.

White haze - marks on the glass

White haze – marks on the glass

White haze - marks on the glass

White haze – marks on the glass


In this article, we’ll go through a check-list that you can use as a basis for your systematic problem-solving process to eliminate the white haze defect.

There any many types of white haze that can occur and all of those are solved with a different medicine. As with any defect, a systematic approach to problem solving is extremely important when tackling the white haze defect.

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Step 1: Define and describe the problem

  • In which part of the glass / loading is the haze visible?
  • Are the white marks always in the same position?
  • Is the pattern repetitive?
  • Determine the scratches, length, notches, imprints, size and color of the defect. Use a magnifying glass, if needed.
  • On which glass thicknesses / types is the defect visible?

Step 2: Analyze the changes in the surrounding environment

  • When did this start?
  • What changes happened in the surrounding environment?
  • Is there a grinding station near (the possibility of dust flying into the furnace)?

Step 3: Use process data and analytics

  • Is there a correlation between the marks and the scanner picture?
  • How does the Quality Monitoring System data look like? Are there any irrationalities in the process data?
  • If SO2 has been used, how much and when?

Step 4: Analyze possible mechanical sources

  • Ceramic rollers
    • Surface roughness?
    • Dust?
    • Solid particles on the roller surface?
    • Cracked, brittle surface?
    • Roller leveling?
  • Insulation
    • Is insulation broken?
    • Are the furnace doors working?
  • General cleanness
    • Dust on the floor and bottom heaters?
    • Dust or particles in or on top of the air convection channels?
  • Functionality of
    • Heaters
    • Thermocouples
    • Convection (pneumatic air system or convection blowers)
  • Drive system
    • Is the drive speed consistent?
    • Does the roller bearing work well?
    • Are the drive belts in good condition?

Step 5: Corrective actions

  • If the problem is in the process parameters, you will be able to see the correlation between the process analytics and the white haze marks. By correcting the process parameters to run the glass flatter in the furnace, you will be able to fix the defect. The most common white haze problem is the haze in the center of the glass, and it occurs exactly due to the wrong parameters. This is corrected via a parameter change by decreasing the roller temperatures and/or increasing the top convection. Note! Too much of the top convection creates a different kind of haze issue.
  • If the problem is mechanical, Step 4 will guide you to your corrective actions.

A systematic approach to problem solving will help you get rid of the white haze effect. As mentioned in the beginning of this post, there are a number of different forms in which white haze presents itself. In the coming posts, we will cover how to solve each type of white haze problem point by point.



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Glass color ghost

great color!

love this color, works great.

I love this color!

This color is my current favorite! Works so nicely.

Nice color!

Great color. Similar to secret white. Adds a nice touch to any piece.

Naughty kolor 😜

A very lovely yet strange kolor, it loves to be pulled and whipped around!!

Amazing transparent striking white!

Ghost white is an easy color to work with that still gives me a few new surprises each time I use it! The thicker it is the more white you can get, but never to the point that it would be considered opaque. Definitely a glass I love having on hand

A smooth working favorite

This has become one of my favorite colors ever. Super easy and smooth to work with, looks fantastic on its own, but also looks great encased and imploded! I have also found it can leave a nice, shiny sheen behind some transparent colors if applied in thin layer. Just a super rad color.

It’s like secret white without the bubbles!

Ghost is an extremely workable color that looks great with just about anything I’ve thrown at it! Between using for marbeling mixtures or using for accents this color has been in my mix of go to colors for a while now!! I like double striping over 12mm clear rod to as it gives a cool magnified opal esecnt effect when looking through the glass!

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Honestly one of my absolute favorite colors! Works like butter

Must have

Awesome color that works great and is fairly forgiving! Really adds something to any piece!

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