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A full-blown trend to stay, online interior design services are transforming the way we access interior design help. It’s the magic combination of professional design guidance, affordable prices, plus an easy and quick process that is attractive to people everywhere.

These and so many wonderful experiences with our virtual interior design team have encouraged a closer look at the top online interior design services to try in 2021.

Here are the best online interior design services to virtually decorate your room:

  • Best DIY Online Interior Design Service: RoomLift
  • Best Free Online Interior Design Service: Pottery Barn
  • Best Overall Online Interior Design Service: Decorilla

1. Spacejoy

Spacejoy online interior decorator bedroom results

HOW IT WORKS: As a virtual interior design service for all room types except kitchens and bathrooms, Spacejoy clients receive wonderful designs from one online interior designer. After uploading current images of the space, an initial questionnaire, and other requirements, 1-2 designs from one designer are provided. However, the number of allowed revisions are based on the selected level of service. Shopping lists are curated for each client, but Spacejoy doesn’t pass on any trade discounts like other online interior design services do.

COST: Spacejoy offers 3 levels of service, with prices ranging from $199-299 per room.

TURNAROUND: Designs are provided within 7-10 days of starting

2. Decorilla

Realistic 3D rendering, Decorilla glamorous living room

HOW IT WORKS: All clients experience complete and personalized online interior design help beginning with an initial one-on-one consultation and interactive questionnaire to start. You receive design concepts from multiple designers based on your requirements and budget with constant designer communication. Next, your selected designer works with you to finalize your design in photorealistic 3D renderings (incorporating new and existing items together to scale). They also create a color palette, floor plan, and online shopping list using great designer discounts.

Among other things, clients say they love the: in-home and phone consultations, savvy user-friendly online platform, realistic 3D renderings for easy visualization, and online shopping assistance with 10% to 25% discounts at popular stores like Wayfair and Crate and Barrel.

COST: Each room has 3 online interior design services to choose from, ranging from $549 to $1849. Customized packages starting at $75 are also available.

TURNAROUND: 3-5 weeks; projects may be expedited or extended according to client timelines

Realistic 3D rendering, Decorilla living room

Decorilla virtual interior decorator realistic 3d renderings

Realistic 3D rendering, Decorilla master bedroom results

Decorilla online interior design services moodboard

Decorilla initial concept moodboard

Room designing online - Decorilla floorplan

Decorilla floorplan & furniture layout

Decorilla Virtual Interior Design Shopping List

Online interior design shopping list – Decorilla

Decorilla designing a room online final result

Realistic 3D rendering, Decorilla master bedroom

online interior design services Decorilla Eleni Psyllaski

Elevations for built-in closet, Decorilla online interior design service


Realistic 3D rendering, Decorilla bathroom renovation

Schedule a Free Online Interior Design Consultation from one of Decorilla’s online interior decorators today. Or if you’re ready to get started, Choose a Design Package that suits you with a click of a button!

3. Modsy

online interior design services Modsybest online interior design services

HOW IT WORKS:Modsy Design is an online interior design service that allows clients to see furniture products and get realistic 3D visuals of how they will look in their home. Firstly, a questionnaire including requirements, room measurements, and photos allows one of Modsy’s designers to create two 3D rendering options for each paid room design. Users also have the ability to swap out any of the furniture with other pieces in Modsy’s 3D furniture catalog. The furniture catalog includes pieces from over one hundred vendors that clients have access to for an unlimited amount of time. For a $20 ordering fee, clients can shop on Modsy’s online interior design platform. Most importantly, Modsy Design will price match the best available online furniture pricing.

Currently, Modsy Design does not design kitchens or baths, curtains or window treatments, nor custom or track lighting. However, it is a perfect solution if the project requirements are simple, as they can give a designer touch that caters to all interior design styles.

COST: The e-design company offers a Premium Package for $159/room where clients receive 2 initial renderings from one designer and can edit the renderings by themselves. Alternatively, the Modsy cost for a Luxe package is $499. In this case, clients work 1:1 with a paired Modsy designer who submits 2 initial proposals and is available to edit the design and answer questions as they come up through the Modsy online interior design process.

TURNAROUND: The E-design plan is ready within 2 weeks.

online interior designer modsy virtual designer

Modsy design final 3D renderings

online interior design service modsy vs havenly

Modsy design final 3D renderings

4. Havenly

havenly vs laurel and wolf

Havenly design layered rendering

HOW IT WORKS: From decor advice or furniture recommendations to whole room designs, Havenly Design offers wonderful correspondence with an online interior designer. The process starts with taking a style quiz followed by having you upload images and measurements of your space. With your information, your online interior designer proposes some themes and looks, to begin with. Then, designers present a final concept board complete with layout, new furniture, and accessories. The initial themes from a Havenly designer are in a moodboard format whereas the final concept is a 2D layered rendering. As a result, this helps to better visualize the room.

Havenly vs Modsy 

The difference between Havenly vs Modsy is that Modsy offers concepts in a realistic 3D format. Havenly and other online interior design services, like Decorist, provide final interior design concepts in moodboards and two-dimensional layered renderings vs the realistic 3D renderings from services like Modsy and Decorilla. Furthermore, the other main difference between Modsy vs Havenly is that Havenly Design lets clients choose their online interior designer, while Modsy pairs clients with their interior designer based on their style quiz. Both Havenly and Modsy offer two initial concepts from one designer and price match the best available furniture prices online. While Modsy Design does not offer online bathroom and online kitchen interior design, Havenly Design offers simple interior design help for bathrooms and kitchens.

Havenly vs Decorilla

Havenly design moodboard

COST: Their online interior design services include a sprucing up service, the Havenly Mini, starting at $79 per room. For $129, the Havenly Full cost includes concept boards and product suggestions found in the Havenly Mini, in addition to furniture layout and additional revision time.

TURNAROUND: As little as 1 to 2 weeks with Havenly Mini and 2 to 3 weeks with Havenly’s Full online interior design help package.

Check out this guide to online design services if you’re looking for help from Moving.com

5. roomLift 

Roomlift home designing online (1)

HOW IT WORKS: You can expect to being with a style quiz and sharing details about your space, preferences, and lifestyle. RoomLift online interior designers use this information to assemble a physical box of paint, wallpaper, and other textile samples, in addition to a scaled floor plan. They’ll also include cards for furnishing and decor selections. Designers are also available for two 15-minute phone or email consultations about the designs. Clients make purchases directly from the recommended vendors at standard retail prices, without any assistance or discounts from RoomLift.

COST: 20 minute design consultations are offered at $100 each. RoomLift boxes are available for accessories at $450, or an entire room for $1250.

TURNAROUND: Physical boxes arrive in about 2 weeks.

6. Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn Room Designing Online Bedroom Result

HOW IT WORKS:The design process begins with requesting an appointment (available online, in-store, or in-home) and completing a short form of questions with the type of design you’re looking for. Pottery Barn virtual interior decorators handle all types and sizes of projects from accent recommendations to a full floor plan. The service includes ordering and delivery assistance, installation setup (for an additional cost), and product recommendations. However, these products will be limited to selections from Pottery Barn and their sister companies.


TURNAROUND:Time frame varies depending on designer availability and project size.

7. Decorist

Decorist online interior design service

HOW IT WORKS: All projects begin by choosing a room package and providing details about your space and budget. You’ll also share photos of your room along with inspiration images. Then, clients will be matched with a Decorist online interior designer. On the other hand, clients may also choose who they’d like to work with. Afterward, two beautiful initial concepts are provided based on the client’s requirements from one designer. From there, the designs can be revised up to three times until a final end result is achieved. In the end, the final package includes a 2D layered room design, floor plan, set-up instructions, and a shopping list. You’ll also have access to Decorist’s helpful shopping concierge service, which matches any online prices but does not provide additional discounts beyond that.

Decorist vs Havenly Designs

While both companies offer similar services, the main difference between Decorist vs Havenly is in the final deliverables. Havenly has the option for the final package to include 3D renderings whereas Decorist only provides 2D moodboards. Decorist also has the option to work with celebrity online interior designers, however, Havenly designs does not. After getting started with a style quiz, Decorist includes two initial concepts from one designer while Havenly includes 3 from one designer. Additionally, both virtual interior design firms include a shopping concierge service, but neither pass along furniture and decor discounts, as seen at companies like Decorilla online interior design. Havenly designs has higher reviews versus Decorist online, but Decorist is able to accommodate kitchen and bathroom projects, where Havenly is not.

Decorist vs Havenly Design

Decorist online interior design concept board

COST: Decorist offers three tiers of online interior design services with varying levels of online designer experience. For example, the lower Classic package pairs you with an entry-level designer for $299/room. Whereas an Elite Room Design for $599 pairs you with an experienced designer, while the Celebrity Room Design at $1,299 gets you a top interior designer.

TURNAROUND: On average, it takes about 2-3 weeks to complete the online interior design process. However, it is important to note that projects with Celebrity interior designers can take 1-2 months.

See more online interior design service benefits highlighted in this article about interior design services online.


How much is a virtual interior designer?

The cost of online interior designers varies depending on the service and what is included. Some furniture brands offer free design services to help promote purchases of their products. For other virtual interior design services, you can expect to pay anywhere between $80 – $2,000 for room designing online. Keep in mind, these prices are still a fraction of the cost of traditional interior design.

How do online interior design services work?

Online interior design services streamline the process of getting a home design you’ll love. Most projects begin with a short questionnaire, sharing photos of your space, and perhaps a style quiz to determine your requirements and preferences. Since you’re not limited to location, your choice of designers is greatly expanded. Additionally, clients are able to be as involved or hands-off as they choose while their designer works on the concepts. In the end, the designer will provide you with a custom design presented as a floorplan, moodboard, or 3D renderings. Packages also usually include furniture and decor recommendations. In addition, many services include ordering assistance and some even offer discounts on your purchases.

Online interior decorator living and dining room results

Decorilla online interior decorator living and dining room results

Ready to Give Virtual Interior Design a Try?

With wonderful options like these, it’s no wonder that the notion of online interior design services is hitting its stride. Still wondering if it’s for you? Then, Schedule a Free Consultationwith Decorilla to see which options are right for you and to ensure you get the best results possible.

online interior design service
Sours: https://www.decorilla.com/online-decorating/7-best-online-interior-design-services/

Best Online Interior Design Services

Designing a room online and taking the plunge on products sight unseen may be, for some, too big of a leap of faith. That’s where roomLift comes in. The interior design service makes the process tangible by sending its users a curated box of interior recommendations, like paint chips and spec cards that recommend furniture, after they take an online style quiz.

Here’s how it works: Users begin by filling out a questionnaire that helps roomLift hone in on the style and functionality the design seeker is after. That includes answering questions about how the room is used, if pets and/or children live in the home—that white couch, while pretty to look at, might not be so functional for a family of four with a spunky Labrador—and how many people the space needs to accommodate. 

This is also when users can indicate their overall budget, if they’re incorporating any of their existing furniture into their plans, and which kind of package they want to purchase from roomLift. Two designs for a room cost around $895, and if a user wants to transform three or more rooms, there’s a 20% discount.

A few days after the questionnaire is sent in, along with several photographs of the room, a floorplan for the space arrives in the mail that requires some measurements to be made and returned to the company. In two to three weeks, a custom box of curated selections, including recommendations for furniture, paint, wallpaper, and accessories, when applicable, arrives for the design seeker to mull over in the space itself.

Along with the box, an email with links to all of the products is sent to the users. Users also get one, 15-minute phone call or email exchange where they can talk about their designs with roomLift’s experts.

RoomLift differs from other services because after delivering the designs, it hands all of the information for purchasing over to the user. Products are then bought by users directly from the company that makes them, rather than through the roomLift website. 

  • Provides something tangible to users

  • Allows users to purchase products on their own terms

  • Options to speak with design experts by phone or by email

  • Price is steeper than other services

  • Less support than other similar sites because it's a consultation site

Sours: https://www.thespruce.com/online-interior-design-services-4147517
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Making a home look great on a budget isn’t something that comes easy to most people. If you lack a good eye for design—or the spending power to hire a pro—you’re pretty much left to your own devices. This may help explain why so many guys (guilty) fumble through early adulthood with little more than a handful of bachelor-friendly basics: a leather couch or two, a big screen TV, and a wobbly IKEA coffee table held together by a handful of wooden dowels and a prayer.

While this type of living arrangement might be forgivable when you’re young and broke, however, it's a little less charming once you’re a grown adult with disposable income. For people who are ready to graduate to a more mature living space but don’t know where to begin, there’s finally help: A growing number of services are aimed at making interior design more accessible to people who don’t, say, spend their summers in Nantucket.

Havenly, for instance, bills itself as “online interior design for real people.” Decorist offers “professional online interior design—for a low flat fee.” One of the fastest-growing players in this space is Modsy (“Impossibly easy home design”), which recently rasied $37 million in funding.


Like its competitors, Modsy offers a simple, tantalizing promise: For less than the price of a pair of Airpods, you can send a few photos of any room in your house and receive a realistic 3D rendering within a few days showing you how a professional would recommend decorating the space, taking your style—and more importantly, your savings—into account. The plans range from $79 for a couple of designs (plus a couple of revisions) focused on one room to nearly $500 if you want to update multiple rooms and work with a seasoned professional.

As a design-challenged guy in his late thirties, I was eager to give Modsy a try. I'd recently sold most of my furniture and moved into a small one-bedroom apartment with the intention of starting fresh—keeping only a navy blue couch from Burrow to build around, along with some framed artwork (okay, posters). I’d also inherited a basic white table from my apartment's previous tenant.

Men's Health

After filling out a brief quiz that defined my “style,” which basically amounted to "lots of wood and metal," Modsy instructed me to take a few photos and measurements of the living room. I also included photos of the couch, table, and of course, those posters I wanted to keep. All told, the process took less than 30 minutes. I also emphasized my budget—uh, modest—and pointed the designer to places like Wayfair and Target to source from.


Three days later, I received an email with a link containing the mockups of my living room, and I was stunned by what I saw. Looking at the photos felt like peering into an alternate universe where a more stylish, successful version of myself existed. It was also a little jarring, given that I was currently sitting in the empty, real-life version of the room that I was looking at on the screen. The choices the designer had made—a mix of sleek, mid-century modern-style furniture mixed with lots of blue, gray, and white accessories—felt exactly right.

The more I looked at the renderings, the more I noticed the small things that also jumped out: A cool-looking throw pillow, an oversized coffee table book, boxes and baskets for extra storage, clay pots that I would've never thought to buy, but that seemed right at home on the large bookshelves flanking the TV stand. Not surprisingly, Modsy also makes everything super-easy to buy on the spot—just click on the virtual version of the item, and you can add it directly to your cart or sift through any number of alternate suggestions.

I had a sense of what it must feel like for Queer Eye subjects when Bobby Berk unveils their completely transformed homes. It’s thrilling to see the full potential of any living space unlocked by a true professional, and I found myself immediately adding several of the items to my cart immediately, which is also when I realized a few of the drawbacks—with this design, at least.


First, many of the items the designer picked out weren't quite as affordable as I’d hoped. One chair alone ran nearly $1,000. Even some of the smaller accessories seemed a bit out of reach: A suggested coffee table book cost $250. A small leather box for one of the shelves in the TV stand ran about $90. It didn't take much effort while Googling around to find far more affordable alternatives.

That's clearly not what Modsy wants to happen: The service tries to incentivize people to purchase items on-site with big discounts when you hit certain spending thresholds. For instance, the site currently offers $150 off orders of $3,000 or more, plus free shipping. And if you find a better deal directly on a retailer's site, Modsy will update the price on their end to reflect the discount.

But if you don't plan to spend that much—or if you opt to stagger your purchases throughout the year, as I intend to—then there isn't quite as much incentive. Buying items through your cart on Modsy could also make it more difficult to track packages once they're shipped, since the site's interface doesn't always allow you to see each individual tracking number. For that information, you might have to email a coordinator to give you an update—and while the response time was impressively prompt, it still felt like a tedious step.

These minor shortcomings aside, it's clear that Modsy has succeeded in building a budget-friendly service that makes professional interior design more accessible to regular people. The designs are beautiful and impressively realistic, the turnaround time is fast, and the recommendations are smart and individually tailored. If you're intent on transforming your living space in 2020, there's no better dollar-for-dollar value that you can invest in.

Mike DarlingMike Darling is an executive editor at Men’s Health where he assigns and edits coverage around the brand’s core subject areas, including fitness, style and grooming, sex and relationships, and technology and gear.

Sours: https://www.menshealth.com/technology-gear/a30362853/modsy-online-interior-design-review/
I Just Used Modsy to Design My Office - Here's How It Went

Havenly VS Modsy

Havenly designs your room. We connect you with professional interior designers and help you get everything you need for a beautiful room, for one flat fee. No hassle, fun decorating.

Interior Design You Don't Have to Imagine. See your exact room, expertly designed in 3D with actual pieces of furniture from well-known retailers that you can buy on the spot.

Havenly Landing Page
Modsy Landing Page

Havenly features and specs

Modsy features and specs

HeadquartersSan Francisco, CA


More videos:

  • - Have you heard of Havenly.com?
  • - Havenly - Once I Buy, What Happens?

I Just Used Modsy to Design My Office - Here's How It Went

More videos:

  • - Redecorating My House with Modsy

Category Popularity

0-100% (relative to Havenly and Modsy)


These are some of the external sources and on-site user reviews we've used to compare Havenly and Modsy

Havenly Reviews

The 5 Best Online Interior Design Services of 2020

Design seekers wanting to spice their room up or swap out a few major pieces are well-served by the Havenly Mini plan (around $79) that offers product recommendations, like furniture and rugs, but no floorplan or renderings. Those seeking a thorough revamp of their space should opt for the Havenly Full package (about $129) that offers all the perks of the Mini package, plus...

Source: www.thespruce.com

I let strangers design my apartment

Havenly starts with a style quiz where you select photos of rooms you like and answer a few personality questions. You can select the level at which you want to be involved in the process, or say screw it and let your designer take the wheels. Then, you’re presented with a few color schemes and mood boards to rate, before you’re asked to upload photos of the room and any...

Source: www.theverge.com

Five Online Alternatives to Hiring an Interior Designer - Penrith Home Loans

Havenly, currently one of the most popular online interior design services, offers three tiers of services including a free level called “Design Quickie.” This trial tier gives you a great, and free, opportunity to see if you like the service and support Havenly offers. If all goes well with your initial 30-minute call with one of their interior designers, you’ll have the...

Source: www.penrithloans.com

Modsy Reviews

The 5 Best Online Interior Design Services of 2020

To get started, Modsy users send a few photos of the room they’re looking to redesign—existing clutter and all—plus a few measurements to the Modsy team. The brand’s style quiz helps its consultants hone in on the look the room owner’s going for. Modsy then creates two custom designs, delivered online in about two weeks, that are depicted in stunningly detailed renderings...

Source: www.thespruce.com

I let strangers design my apartment

In comparison with Havenly, Modsy starts at a higher price point at $69 for a slower turnaround time (seven to 14 days) and $149 for the base package for one room (five to 10 days). But the premium feels justifiable, giving you more flexibility to experiment on your own without necessarily waiting for the designer to send back a mockup. Still, though, it is clear that Modsy...

Source: www.theverge.com

Five Online Alternatives to Hiring an Interior Designer - Penrith Home Loans

If you’re into the recent mid-century modern trend, you’ll probably really like Modsy. Modsy may also be the preferable choice if you’re the type who prefers a more hands-on approach to their online interior design endeavors. There are two packages to choose from; the Modsy is $69 per room, and the Modsy + Style Advisor package is $199 per room. Each of these include two...

Source: www.penrithloans.com

Social recommendations and mentions

Based on our record, Havenly seems to be more popular. It has been mentiond 3 times since March 2021. We are tracking product recommendations and mentions on Reddit, HackerNews and some other platforms. They can help you identify which product is more popular and what people think of it.

Havenly mentions (3)

  • Is there a service that helps recent grads with their first apartment?
    As for furniture and furnishing the apartment, it was nice to use 3D to plan her room. Her budget was super low and she needed it fast so there wasn't a ton of choice for her to wade through. I know others have used havenly.com to mixed results. - Source: Reddit / 3 months ago
  • Ask HN: Who is hiring? (May 2021)
    Havenly, Inc. Is a funded and fast growing consumer services startup located in the heart of Denver (raised Series C in 2019). We offer online interior design services that make decorating your home simple, affordable, and accessible for everyone. Interior design has exploded over the past year, fueled by people spending more time in their homes. Havenly is a Series C company that has raised more than $54 million... - Source: Hacker News / 6 months ago
  • Ask HN: Who is hiring? (April 2021)
    Havenly | 3D Lead Engineer | Full-time | Headquartered in Denver but REMOTE ok | https://havenly.com/ Havenly, Inc. Is a funded and fast growing consumer services startup located in the heart of Denver (raised Series C in 2019). We offer online interior design services that make decorating your home simple, affordable, and accessible for everyone. We are looking for a 3D technical lead to help us build out our 3D... - Source: Hacker News / 7 months ago

Modsy mentions (0)

We have not tracked any mentions of Modsy yet. Tracking of Modsy recommendations started around Mar 2021.

User reviews

Share your experience with using Havenly and Modsy. For example, how are they different and which one is better?

Post a review

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Sours: https://www.saashub.com/compare-havenly-vs-modsy

Modsy havenly or

The Best Online Interior Design Services Reviewed and Compared in 2021

Updated August 13, 2021 12:00 AM By Matt Langan

There’s never been a better time to design your home. Just five years ago, there were only a few subpar options: you’d either have to do it yourself (DIY) or hire an in-person interior designer.

Designing a space on your own requires a lot of time, tools, and a trained eye for quality design. On the other hand, hiring an in-person interior designer is expensive (on average, it costs $2,000-$5,000 per room for the design services and requires multiple in-person meetings).

Since each of these options have flaws, online interior design was born. In this guide, we cover:

What is Online Interior Design?

Online interior design is the process of using technology to hire and collaborate with an interior designer remotely to get a space professionally designed.

How Does Online Interior Design Work?

When you use an online interior design service, you communicate with your online interior designer virtually using the platform, email, telephone and/or video call (no in-home or local visits are necessary).

The online interior design process is slightly different for each of the most popular online interior design companies like Stuccco, Havenly, Modsy, Decorist and Decorilla. To help you get an idea of how the online interior design process works, here is a step-by-step overview of the online interior design process on Stuccco:

  1. Every prospective online interior design project begins with a free online interior design call with a member of the Stuccco design team. The 30 minute call is used as a no-pressure opportunity to share info about your style preferences and the space you are interested in having designed.
  2. After the call, you are emailed a list of three recommended Stuccco Online Interior Designers (Stuccco considers design style, timezone, personality, timeline, room type, designer availability and more when recommending designers).
  3. You review your recommended designers' Stuccco profiles, which include past projects, customer reviews and more, and then choose one to work with.
  4. You have a 1:1 call with your designer to discuss your online interior design project's requirements.
  5. Within a few days, you receive an email with a proposed design from your designer.
  6. You send feedback on the proposed design via email and your designer updates your design until you're completely satisfied (this may require one or multiple rounds of revisions depending on your unique needs).
  7. The goal is that every Stuccco Online Interior Design project is finished within 14 days of conducting the 1:1 call with your chosen designer.
At the end of the Stuccco Online Interior Design process, you get:
  • A visual of your space professionally designed so you can see what it will look like when all of the recommended items are purchased and installed.
  • A floor plan of your space with all of the recommended items shown in it to scale.
  • A clickable shopping list with all of the recommended items so you can buy them on your own directly from the retailers' websites.
  • Detailed design instructions that you or someone else can follow to easily turn your design into reality.

If you're not sure what your design style is, you can take this design style quiz to discover your preferred design style. Stuccco's free design call is also an opportunity for a Stuccco team member to help you find out what your design style is so you can find a designer who specializes in designing spaces with your preferred design style. You can schedule a free online interior design call here.

How Does Online Interior Design Compare to Traditional Interior Design?

The quality of the designs produced by online interior designers is comparable to the quality of the designs produced by in-person interior designers. The primary difference between online interior design and in-person interior design is that online interior design is much more affordable and more efficient than in-person interior design.

The quality of the designs produced by online interior designers are generally much better than the average DIY project, and online interior design is significantly more efficient than tackling a design project on your own. However, if you’re willing to spend hours scouring Pinterest boards and do online shopping, doing it yourself might be best for you.

Here’s a more in-depth comparison of DIY vs. online interior design vs. traditional interior design:

do it yourself vs traditional interior design vs online interior design

Top 5 Best Online Interior Design Services

Now that we’ve covered what online interior design is, how it works and who it’s a good fit for, let’s review the most popular online interior design platforms and how they compare so you can make an informed decision about which one to use.

We have tried to make this article as honest and as complete as possible - we gathered information and feedback from designers, homeowners and renters who have used each online interior design service reviewed in this article. We also thoroughly reviewed all of the content available on the companies' websites to make sure our summaries of their online interior design offers are complete and accurate. Our goal is to help you. We certainly hope you choose Stuccco for your next home design project, but this article is intended to help you determine the interior design solution that's best for you - whether that's hiring an in-person designer, using an alternative online interior design company or using Stuccco Online Interior Design. With that said, let's dive in.

All five online interior design platforms:

  • Connect you with an interior designer
  • Offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Offer an easy-to-use, clean, intuitive user experience
  • Work with your existing furniture, style, budget and room dimensions
  • Operate in the U.S. and Canada
  • Have been established since 2015 or earlier

1. Stuccco

stuccco logo

Stuccco’s Services

  • Classic Design:$499 per dedicated room, $699 per open concept room
  • Turnaround Time: 14 days or less
  • You Receive: Room design, floor plan, shopping list, design instructions

Pros to Stuccco’s Online Interior Design Services

  • High-touch service
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Designers do not work on commission (no sales pressure)
  • Designers are not limited by what products they can recommend to you, they are free to recommend the very best products to you from any retailer in the world
  • Designers are highly vetted, professional interior designers
  • Designers can work with your existing pieces or start from scratch
  • Designers can recommend furniture, decor, wall color, wallpaper, window treatments, hardware and/or light fixtures
  • One flat, transparent design fee
  • Built-in interior design photo gallery and social network make it easy to get inspired and get feedback from the Stuccco community during the design process
  • Design package includes design instructions so that you know how to implement your design or have someone do it for you
  • Homeowners can buy recommended items on their own at once or at a pace that suits them
  • Homeowners can book a free design call to learn more and have designers recommended to them without committing to start or pay for projects
  • Designers are located in the USA, speak fluent English and are paid a fair wage

Cons to Stuccco’s Online Interior Design Services

  • Prices are higher than the cheapest options (Havenly and Modsy) because Stuccco's designers offer a high-touch, personalized, done-for-you service and are not paid commission by a small pool of retailers

Example of Online Interior Design with Stuccco

Empty living room before online interior design service

Before: Empty living room

Stuccco online interior design example

During the design process, an example of the proposed room design

Stuccco online interior design result example

After: Fully designed living room

2. Havenly

havenly logo

Havenly’s Services

  • Mini: $99 per room
  • Full: $179 per room; includes floor plan
  • Turnaround Time: Not listed
  • You Receive: Final design board and shopping list

Pros to Havenly’s Online Interior Design Services

  • Designers are vetted
  • Designers are located in the USA and speak fluent English
  • You can buy items on Havenly.com

Cons to Havenly Online Interior Design Services

  • Designers only recommend products from a list of retail partners (you’re limited)
  • Designers work on commission (biased recommendations, sales pressure)
  • Lower-touch service
  • Homeowners must do all of the designer research, choosing and hiring a designer on their own (no personalized assistance provided)

More Factors

  • Low-priced services often result in lower quality attention and results - designers have to complete a high volume of projects and are often working on many projects at the same time
  • You can choose your own designer, which can be empowering, but could also be overwhelming and time-consuming
  • The Havenly team can help you purchase your items. This could be useful because your design and purchases are centralized. However, it could be terrible because Havenly acts as a middleman, sourcing products on behalf of other companies. Some Havenly reviewers have shared that it was a nightmare when they needed to make a return.

3. Modsy

Modsy logo

Modsy’s Services

  • Premium: $159 per room by a junior designer with no phone support
  • Luxe: $499 per room; includes 1:1 phone support with an experienced designer
  • Turnaround Time: 2-3 weeks
  • You Receive: A 3D room design

Pros to Modsy’s Online Interior Design Services

  • You get a 3D rendering for all plan types
  • Access to furniture discounts (save $150 if you spend over $1,500)
  • You can buy items through Modsy's website

Cons to Modsy Online Interior Design

  • Many members of the design team are junior designers located offshore
  • Modsy creates your existing room in 3D but after that you must use the 3D design software to do a lot of the design work yourself, leading to potential overwhelm
  • You pay extra if you want more pieces of furniture visualized (the up-front pricing is not transparent)
  • You do not work 1:1 with a designer unless you opt for the Luxe plan
  • Designers recommend products from a limited pool of big box retail partners (you’re limited)
  • Designers work on commission (biased recommendations)

More Factors

  • Low-priced services often result in lower quality attention and results - designers have to complete a high volume of projects
  • You’re assigned a designer. You don’t have to sift through designers and choose one, which makes checking out fast; however, you don’t have control over who you work with, which can be frustrating if you have a preference.
  • You can purchase your items directly on Modsy, similar to Havenly and Decorist. This is potentially wonderful because your design and purchases are centralized, but also potentially terrible if you need to return an item because Modsy is a middleman.

4. Decorist

decorist logo

Decorist was acquired and is currently owned by Bed Bath & Beyond.

Decorist Services

  • Classic: $299 per room
  • Elite: $599 per room; designer has 5+ years of experience
  • Celebrity: $1,299 per room; high-profile designer and a 30 minute phone call with a project manager
  • Turnaround Time: 2-3 weeks; 1-2 months for celebrity design
  • You Receive: Final room design, room layout, shopping list

Pros to Decorist’s Online Interior Design Services

  • Designers are vetted, based in the U.S. and Canada and speak fluent English
  • One flat, transparent design fee
  • You can get matched with a designer OR choose a designer on your own

Cons to Decorist Online Interior Design Service

  • Designers only show homeowner two design concepts
  • Designers recommend products from a list of retail partners (you’re limited). Because Decorist is part of Bed Bath & Beyond, the products from this company's brands are emphasized
  • Designers work on commission (biased recommendations)
  • Can be pricey and time-consuming if you opt for an Elite or Celebrity design package

More Factors

  • You can purchase your items directly on Decorist. Similar to Havenly and Modsy, the benefit is that your home design and purchases are centralized. The potential drawback is that Decorist is a middleman, which could make returns difficult.

5. Decorilla

decorilla logo

Decorilla’s Services

  • Bronze: $549-$799 per room
  • Silver: $649-$1,049 per room
  • Gold: $849-$1,849 per room
  • Turnaround Time: 3-4 weeks
  • You Receive: Final 3D rendering, shopping list and floor plans

Pros to Decorilla Online Interior Design

  • Designers are vetted, based in the U.S. and Canada and speak fluent English
  • High-quality 3D renderings with an emphasis on virtual reality
  • Two designers compete by providing initial design concepts and you choose one designer to work with
  • Access to furniture discounts
  • Designers do not work on commission (no sales pressure)
  • Designers are not limited by what products they can recommend to you
  • Designers are paid a fair wage
  • One flat, transparent design fee
  • High-quality 3D renderings

Cons to Decorilla’s Online Interior Design Services

  • The priciest option that has the longest turnaround time
  • You’re unable to choose a certain designer - you must choose one of two designers assigned to you

Which Online Interior Design Service is Best For You?

Choosing the best online interior design service will look different for every homeowner - it depends on your style, budget, and time constraints.

If you're super strapped for cash but you're handy and have time on your hands then tackling a project on your own (DIY) is likely your best bet.

If money is no object and you have extra time on your hands, then hiring an in-person interior designer is likely going to be of most value to you. You'll be satisfied with the end result and can have everything taken care of for you. Use a site like Houzz to find a quality local in-person designer.

If you're somewhere in between these two poles (like most people), then online interior design will be your preferred path.

Based on our experience and research, we believe that Stuccco Online Interior Design offers the best blend of affordability, design quality, turnaround time, and customer service. You can learn more and schedule a free online interior design call with Stuccco by clicking here.

Best online interior design services - Stuccco design

If you have any suggested changes for this article, please email us at [email protected] so that we can make any necessary updates to this review to keep it as thorough and as honest as possible.

Sours: https://stuccco.com/blog/the-best-online-interior-design-services-reviewed-and-compared
★ MODSY - Promo Code + How It Works! ★

I let strangers design my apartment

Some people have the ability to walk into a furniture store and pick out various pieces of housewares that appear seemingly mismatched but somehow work perfectly together when placed in a room. I am not one of those people. I moved in June and decided that after years of having a sloppily put together 20-something’s apartment, I was ready for something that felt more composed and intentional. If I wanted to fake being an adult, at the very least I could try to have an adult-looking apartment, right?

Faced with this task, I looked to e-interior design services for help. You may have seen ads about them in your inbox, Instagram, or on flyers at your local big brand furniture store. These services promise to make revamping your home as easy as a few clicks on a computer, so I put a few of them to the test to see if paying someone to restyle your house is worth the investment.


For the project, my boyfriend and I were willing to invest up to $3,000 on new furnishings and art (about a fourth of that budget I anticipate to make back in selling furniture we’re replacing). Our small (but reasonably sizable, for New York City) apartment needed the most work in the living / dining room, which is open to the kitchen. We cook at home a decent amount, but never have enough people over for a formal dining space. We do have friends over frequently to hang, drink, and play games, so we wanted the room to feel light, bright, and easy for multiple people to maneuver around.

While we were flexible about furniture choices, we did have some pieces we wanted to keep, like the gray / wood armchair I dragged home through the streets of Brooklyn on my own in the middle of August. There was no way this thing’s going on Craigslist just yet.

Naturally, there were some design challenges with the space itself. First, the apartment features steel floors, and we wanted a little bit of warmth to counter the industrial vibes. Second, we’re on the top floor, which has a sloped ceiling from the roof in the living room. Lastly, there is a brick feature wall that we cannot mount anything on, and it’s directly across from a west-facing window that could add glare to a TV.

Keeping these factors in mind, I tried out four different services to see how our main space could be laid out.

Trying to stretch as much of my budget as possible, I first tried a few free services for modeling my soon-to-be home. Some light Googling led me to Roomstyler, a 3D rendering tool for mocking up rooms and furnishing them with select furniture pieces from a catalog. This seemed like a good start for envisioning how we could lay out some of the items that would make the move with us.

Before moving in, I took photos of the unit (old tenant’s things and all) and measured all the walls and windows. The tool lets you click and drag walls around to fit any irregularly shaped rooms, or specify wall length and height. You may not find exact matches for your home materials but you can get pretty close. There were no options for steel floors that I could find, for example, but dark grey brick replicated the feel.

Choosing the wall colors and floor felt surprisingly zen until I got to the furniture layout portion. While you can choose any color under the sun to virtually paint your room, the furniture selection tool is super clunky to use. A search for sectionals offered up hundreds of results, but filtering by color suddenly slimmed the results down to one or two options, even though there were clearly pieces that fit what I wanted when I didn’t clarify color choice.

Some categories would also randomly disappear. A look under home entertainment did not offer anything resembling at TV I could stick into the room for a visual, even if it wasn’t my exact model. And I couldn’t find a single art piece to place on the wall to create any kind of interest in the room.

I got so tired of scrolling through options that I just plopped a couple of items in there to visualize the space. Eventually, I felt embarrassed by the duckling I’d created. The room looked as if I was trying to re-create a West Elm showroom by memory using only stuff I can get from a local Walmart. I had to move on.

Use if you:

Love to play The Sims.

Don’t use if you:

Actually want to style your real-life home and implement the design.

Augmented reality furniture apps have become surprisingly common after Apple and Google made their mobile operating systems more AR-friendly in 2017. While there are plenty of apps on the market for placing furniture in your home, I decided to go with Ikea Place as it was one of the first furniture AR apps. Presumably, two years of existence might have given it some leverage over newer apps. Plus, there is an Ikea close to me, which would make the decoration process faster if we ended up with a layout we liked.

My presumptions failed me. Ikea says it has thousands of items from its catalog on the free AR shopping app, but I could not find a single floating wall shelf to stick onto my wall for visuals, forcing me to resize a media console for effect. Like Roomstyler 3D, there was also a lack of art options as these tools mostly focused on large furniture items for rudimentary layouts.

The problem with AR, too, is unless everything has been virtually placed, some items might not take foreground into effect. That left me with planters I couldn’t stick in a corner next to a media console, or chairs I couldn’t place behind a coffee table. Scale was also an issue, as each time I moved things up or down the items tended to dramatically shrink or expand, making it difficult to lay things out in a realistic way.

I applaud the folks working with AR to create interesting use cases, like on-location work training. But kitschy applications like this are just... not very fun to use? Holding my arm out for minutes on end gets tiring fast, especially when you have to browse through thousands of items just to find the one thing that might work in your space.

Use if you:

Are only trying to envision one or two items in a room at a time.

Don’t use if you:

Have a tendency to fling things (i.e, your smartphone) at a wall upon frustration.

Fed up with free tools, I gave paid services a go. I was first introduced to e-interior design startup Havenly a few years ago at SXSW. The service promises to create a mood board, layout, and a shopping list to help make implementing the design easy — all under a flat rate instead of an hourly bill you might get with an in-person designer. (Havenly starts at $19 for a consultation, while the full experience is $169 for a bare room, with help on where to lay out each piece.)

Havenly starts with a style quiz where you select photos of rooms you like and answer a few personality questions. You can select the level at which you want to be involved in the process, or say screw it and let your designer take the wheels. Then, you’re presented with a few color schemes and mood boards to rate, before you’re asked to upload photos of the room and any relevant inspiration pics. All this information allows Havenly to match you with an in-house designer that best suits your style and needs.

If you’re impatient, here’s where the service might start to get annoying. Havenly has a modest group of designers it works with, which means if your aesthetic best matches someone who’s currently working on several projects, you might end up waiting a while until they can start yours (not unlike sought-after designers in real life).

And once they finally get started, they’re going to start asking you more questions, with a day or two in between each response. I began my style quiz on April 19th and heard back from Cathrine, my paired designer, on April 28th. She gave me some initial mood boards on May 1st, and sent a revision on May 6th after I rated them on a four-star scale. You’re also able to rate individual pieces in the mood board so your designer knows what exactly in the room you love or hate.

The first few mood boards felt like a good start, but as the process went on we continued to have the same feedback on tiny things, like coffee table and art choices. These two critiques took until May 13th to implement, with a final layout showing up on May 20th.

One month is probably a reasonable timeline if you are working with a designer in real life, too. But the constant back-and-forth made things feel like they were particularly dragging, especially when we were just waiting for a new coffee table idea. Toward the end, I just accepted that this is the best we were going to do. I did like the multiple layout options our designer provided, the varying floor plans, and the unisex color scheme I hadn’t previously thought of. It also felt like everything in the design was within our budget, give or take a few key decorative pieces (the mirror and wall lamp felt less urgent than the sectional and media console, and doing without them for the time being did not lose the entire aesthetic).

Use if you:

Are willing to take the time to revise until you get what you want.

Don’t use if you:

Are impatient.

Concurrent with Havenly, I also started a project on Modsy, a competing e-interior design tool. The main difference is that Modsy will also render a 3D version of your room which you can use to view multiple angles. The service also partners with several popular retailers so you can swap in a piece of furniture with something else from its catalog if you don’t like what the designer has created for you.

Modsy starts similarly to Havenly, where you fill out a style quiz by picking photos of rooms you’re more drawn to, like or dislike pieces of furniture in the example designs you chose, and explain the goals of your project. Then you upload photos of your room to cover a 360-degree view.

I was unable to get a good 360-degree angle of the room since the previous tenants were in the process of moving out, so using the few photos I had, I stitched them together in a super choppy way, alongside some images from the apartment’s real estate listing. Modsy somehow managed to take the mangled photo I slapped together and made a reasonably realistic render of the room, with only the floor color represented incorrectly. (This was later easily modified when we provided feedback.)

I received the first batch of designs in about a week. While they were a great start, the designs felt a bit bare. It also felt like Modsy blew through my budget by suggesting not one, but two West Elm shelves in addition to a new sectional. Thankfully, it does partner with several retailers with 3D renders of their catalog available to you, so you can change out pieces you don’t love with something else.

This was by far Modsy’s main advantage over other services. I could erase excess embellishments that I didn’t care for, or replace items with less expensive versions or a different color to change up the scheme. The renders also looked quite realistic, and gave me a lot of optimism for what the space could turn into.

I particularly liked that Modsy imagined the second half of the room as a cafe-inspired dining area, as it could functionally turn into a workspace when I am working from home. (And maybe it’s because I am a Googleable figure, but after providing Modsy feedback that our household loves to travel, I couldn’t help but notice the JFK to Tokyo wall art in the back, clearly a nod to a previous video I did for The Verge.)

Modsy also came to our rescue when we started unpacking our stuff and realized we had a lot more art than we thought, and didn’t know what to do with them. I sent the team photos of all our mismatched pieces of art and Modsy was able to render how to hang them on the wall in ways I wouldn’t have thought to do.

In the end, our budget only allowed us to buy a few staple pieces that Modsy recommended. And while I loved what the designer created for the second half of our living room, currently I have repurposed this area as a review “room” for an upcoming gadget, so hopefully we’ll be able to see the dining area design through in a few months.

In comparison with Havenly, Modsy starts at a higher price point at $69 for a slower turnaround time (seven to 14 days) and $149 for the base package for one room (five to 10 days). But the premium feels justifiable, giving you more flexibility to experiment on your own without necessarily waiting for the designer to send back a mockup. Still, though, it is clear that Modsy makes most of its money from referral purchases you make through its designs, and often you’ll get renders with a bunch of little pieces you might not want or need.

Use if you:

Are indecisive / need to see a lot of options before deciding on something.

Don’t use if you:

Need to stick to a strict budget.

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales

While these services had their merits and disadvantages, if I had to go through the process again with another room, I would probably choose Modsy. For someone who lacks a design eye, it was helpful to see exactly how things were supposed to be placed. The catalog of items that you can swap in and out of your design also made it easy to try out a bunch of options in case the pieces Modsy picked didn’t work for you.

That said, there is a personal flair to Havenly, too. You’re interacting directly with a human being, which gives you the chance to communicate exactly what you want. But if all this is too much work, then your best option is to go the old-school route of actually working with a real-life interior designer, who you can pay to do the work down to hanging up photos and laying out your rugs. Plus, it’s always nice to support local, independent artists when you can afford to.

But as my former colleague Kaitlyn Tiffany says, life is expensive, and you have to pick your luxuries. If your home is your sanctuary, then do what you can to make it a place to be.

Vox Media has affiliate partnerships. These do not influence editorial content, though Vox Media may earn commissions for products purchased via affiliate links. For more information, see our ethics policy.

Sours: https://www.theverge.com/2019/8/9/20798453/modsy-havenly-ikea-roomstyler-e-interior-design-services-review-virtual-home-redecoration

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