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A game that is designed for children aged 8 upwards Roblox very easy to become obsessed with, albeit in the best possible way. Played online it resembles virtual Lego and offers players a 'Development Kit' (Roblox Studio). The kit contains a wide range of blocks and tools that enable players to become architects of their own 3D virtual worlds. Within the virtual worlds players can create online environments that are shared with other players and include customizable icons.
Players learn to create and control groups, generate virtual revenues and publish their creations within the community through their ability to create vast gaming worlds. These worlds vary in type and include survival games, role playing games and city simulations to name a few. The social network element to the game enables players to communicate, form friendships and even organize large scale competitions.
There are two trading methods in Roblox's virtual economy. These are Robux coins and cards, which allow players to purchase equipment and gain profit from their creations by using a trading system and changing currency, as well as by many other methods and approaches to earning profits.



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