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Meet Luna

Name: Luna
Suspected Breed: Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland mix
Approximate Age: 2 years old
Approximate Weight: 85 lbs
Personality: affectionate and playful, but has resource guarding tendencies
Observations with Dogs: has done well with other dogs
Observations with Cats: has done well with cats previously, but best in a home without them
Observations with Kids: does not do well with kids; will need to be at a home without children
Currently Living at: DMV foster home

Check out Luna's video here. It is lovingly narrated by her foster and gives you a view into life with this fluffball of a dog:

Luna is a gorgeous Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland mix who is about 2 years old and weighs ~85 lbs. She is smart, affectionate, playful, and highly trainable.

She was adopted through DC PAWS Rescue as a ""foster fail"" (her fosters adopted her) in August 2020, but her adopters are sadly returning her due to their inability to provide training and ongoing management for resource guarding. They adopted Luna knowing she had these tendencies, but those were well-managed by the time she was placed in their home. Once adopted and settled in, Luna's resource guarding tendencies began to resurface.

The rescue enlisted our own trainer to assess and assist, and she is optimistic that Luna can be managed properly with the right training and support; she needs a stable environment with a committed adopter who will work with her to feel more secure and less anxious and fearful. Resource guarding is a serious, but manageable issue that requires counter-conditioning and lots of consistency. It is also not uncommon to the breed. She guards her food, treats, some toys, and her crate. She has never progressed to guarding humans, thankfully. She also does not have an official bite history, though she has had one close call and plenty of warnings (but warnings are good because it means she's communicating!).

Given the resource guarding, she should not go to a home with young children. She has done well with cats and other dogs in a previous foster home, but would do best as an only animal, again, because of the resource guarding. If you do have a friendly dog, it could potentially work as long as you have the ability to completely separate the dogs during feeding and treat time. A quiet home with one or two adults would work best, and she would LOVE a yard, though she can manage without one as long as she gets a solid hour of exercise plus walks.

Luna's foster reports that she's been doing great in his home with the help of medication for her anxiety and management of her triggers. She is sweet and affectionate and loves belly rubs - cuddling with Luna is like having an oversized teddy bear to snuggle with! She does well in her crate and has not shown separation anxiety when left alone.

Like most shelter dogs, Luna may need a refresher on housetraining and crate training. We ask all of DC PAWS' fosters to work on both house and crate training with their foster dog.

The adoption fee for this dog is $350. If you are interested in adopting Luna, please submit an adoption application at US & IMPORTANT DISCLOSURES:

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Our shelter partners provide a basic vet screening for each animal we rescue, which includes necessary vaccinations, deworming, microchipping, and spay/neuter (unless the animal is too young or otherwise deemed by the vet to not be a good candidate for surgery). Please note that this is not a comprehensive medical exam and as such, may not identify any and all medical issues, though our goal is to flag any obvious health issues through the basic vet screening. We share all medical records with adopters and are completely transparent about any known issues prior to adoption finalization.


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We partner with a local rescuer in Pickens County, SC, who saves adoptable cats and dogs from the three area shelters. For the animals in this rural area, rescue is a critical lifeline, and often the only lifeline. Our rescue partner not only works with DC PAWS to save as many dogs and cats as possible, but she has also established a successful spay/neuter program in the community to decrease the number of homeless and unwanted animals over the long term.


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Luna Mixed Breed Tomah, WI

Meet Luna

Luna here. I was surrendered as I was too much energy for my person. I would like an active family or person to join! I love having a doggy buddy to play with! I'm a diamond in the rough as many would say!! The shelter is closed to the public in general, but I can be adopted by appointment with an approved application.

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Luna aka Luna Bean Newfoundland Dog & Great Pyrenees Mix Lakeville, MN

Meet Luna aka Luna Bean

Luna, aka “Luna Bean” is looking for her perfect forever INDOOR home! She is a beautiful 6 month old Newfoundland/Pyrenees! Luna would love a home with another dog with some energy to play with! She isn’t a big fan of kennels, but we are working on it. Her foster doesn’t kennel her at night and she sleeps through the night. She would prefer a home where someone is home with her a lot of the day. She is one of the sweetest, most loving dogs I’ve ever met and cannot get enough snuggle time! If you are interested in Luna, please email [email protected]
Luna has been spayed, is up to date on vaccines, and microchipped. Her adoption fee is $450.

Petfinder \u0026 Purina Shelter Support

LUNA Labrador Retriever Mix West Palm Beach, FL


Hi! I’m so excited to be part of this rescue since I had a hard beginning, I’m ready for my new life…. My name is Luna, I am 6 months old and my foster mom tells me I am the smartest little girl… I pick up on training very fast and I’m so food motivated I’ll do anything for a treat… I’m a little scared of people when I first meet them. But if you have a treat. I’ll become your best friend… my Forster mom also tells me that I’m Beautiful and she can’t stop petting me because she says I’m so soft…. Foster mom says it would be nice to have someone work with me and take me to new heights because of how fast I learn.. I have a lot of love to give and I love my foster sister and all dogs….
Please come and meet me at Joann's in Delray Beach.


Petfinder luna

My dog Luna, was a very lucky puppy. She was born on the streets of Kentucky and someone from the NJ Puppy Rescue saw her and her siblings roaming the streets alone, so they had them shipped over to New Jersey. Meanwhile, I had been searching for almost 4 years to try and find the right dog. My mom had always told me " When we get a house" because we did not have enough room in our apartment for 2 dogs, 2 ferrets, and 2 guinea pigs. I finally found a puppy who fit my very active lifestyle and who really needed my help. My family cares so much for our animals, I was not surprised that she was willing to drive to New Jersey, a four hour drive, to get Luna, who was then known as "Fancy". We filled out a nine page form that took 2 hours, and the very next day, Luna's foster parents called and asked " So, when are you coming to get her?". We were shocked! It was so fast, and the woman was so exited about us getting her! And three days later, we found ourselves in our car with my mom, her friend Jimmy, our present dog Bozz, and me on our way to get my new puppy. After four hours of driving, I saw Luna in "dog" for the first time. As soon as I saw her little wiggly tail and her perky little attitude, I knew she was the one. Bozz was not at all happy. She was small enough to fit in a large box, but she always got car sick. For the last three hours, I held her in my lap while she was sleeping, and at one point she was actually snoring! You would never believe how much noise a 9 week old puppy could make! At last we finally made it home and Luna got all settled into her new home. She has now been living with us for almost 3 years and we actually found out what breed(s) she is! Turns out, she is 1/4 Cadaluna Hound and 3/4 Great Pryanese! At first they said she was a Huskey and Blood Hound, but she looked far from that. We are looking forward to many more years together and we hope that every animal on Petfinder finds a home like Luna did. Thanks NJ Puppy Rescue!


Luna- Adoption Pending Scottish Terrier Rockaway, NJ

Meet Luna- Adoption Pending

STCGNY Rescue is currently looking for a forever home for our rescue Luna. She’s an approximately 1 year old, black, female Scottie, also recently taken in after animal control confiscated a group of Scotties from a backyard breeder. She has now been fully vetted and is healthy- spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, on preventives, and dewormed. She is very petite at only about 18 pounds. One ear never came fully up, so she looks like a puppy. She’s also very sweet once she gets to know you, loves to be with you, sleep with you, go for walks. She’s very snuggly but also independent. An avid hunter, as she was bred to be. Energetic and athletic. Luna should be an only dog due to her history and reactivity. No cats or young children, we just don’t know. She does bark quite a bit, so condo living wouldn’t work. Has not had any accidents in foster.
Luna had a life where she was bred possibly a few times in her few years and neglected as to her own care. She was filthy, terribly overgrown and matted with bad eye and skin infections, all these things have been resolved at this point. Her hair will grow back in, but she’s been to our groomer to clean her up and make her look her best. Because of her past, she doesn’t want another dog near her. We’re happy to have her enjoy a new life with us until the right home is found.
If you think Luna might be your next best friend, you live in the northeast or middle Atlantic, and are age appropriate for about a 1 or 2 year old dog, please email [email protected] and let’s talk more ! Foster location is northern, NJ
Luna is a lovely little girl, very sweet and very clean. Just doesn’t want other dogs near her anymore so an only dog home.
With all due respect and appreciation for your interest, please don’t contact us about her if you have other pets or are out of our adoption area. We have only one volunteer returning all communication and they may only have time to return those which may result in an adoption.


Now discussing:

Luna, a yellow lab/spaniel mix, was at very high risk of being killed at a county shelter in Ohio until the Animal Rescue Connection rescued her and two other dogs in August 2007 and brought them to the Ferndale Pet Expo community event in Michigan for potential adoption. I went looking at adoptable dogs on a Saturday and thought her energy level and personality would be a good fit for our 1st rescued Petfinder dog that we adopted in November 2006. However, I wanted to be very confident that it would be a great match for both of them so I brought Diesel, our 1 yr old chocolate lab/border collie mix rescue dog, to meet her at the park where the event was held the next day. They got along great and started playing like I have never seen two dogs play together before. Many people stopped to watch and even took pictures. Luna has a lower key energy than Diesel but can keep up with Diesel at the same time so it is a great fit. Diesel is a patient big sister with Luna and has taught Luna a thing or two. Diesel, another petfinder alumni, was also rescued from a rural shelter in Ohio where she was quite malnourished and had been found wandering along side of a road. They have enriched our lives tremendously!

Kerry McGraw

Ferndale, MI

Animal Rescue Connection


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