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Moon Shadow Crochet Blanket

A modern, crochet blanket – The Moon Shadow Crochet Blanket – is a free pattern here on the blog. I share lots of extra details below, or if you only want the free pattern scroll down!

If you would prefer to buy an inexpensive, ad-free, large print, printable PDF pattern get one HERE.

Crochet blanket in basket

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Inspiration & Design

You know that feeling when you absolutely HAVE to make something? Even though it wasn’t what you planned to make next, an idea comes to you and you have to find a pattern or make it yourself?

This was me after watching an episode of How to Get Away With Murder a few weeks ago. I saw a grey, woven look blanket with cream fringe on a character’s sofa. So I immediately wrote in my notebook – make a grey, woven look blanket with cream fringe!

So, off to Google and Pinterest to search for “crochet stitch that looks like it’s woven”. I found the herringbone double crochet stitch and knew right away that it was perfect. Although it looks tricky, it’s just a repeat of a double crochet stitch but with a little added twist.

Herringbone double crochet stitch

Beginner Friendly

This modern, stylish blanket throw pattern is perfect for beginners. Like the Glass Pebble Scarf, it’s a one stitch repeat for the entire blanket.

Mindless Crochet

This is a really great project to complete while binge-watching your favourite TV program. The stitch pattern is easy and repetitive. Although this is a throw size blanket, with the chunky yarn, the blanket grows quicker than you would think.

Folded grey blanket with cream tassels on stool

The Yarn

I used the affordable, acrylic / wool mix yarn Stylecraft Life Chunky in the colour Grey with Cream for the tassel fringe.

This yarn is machine washable and comes in twelve different colours. Look at these modern but classic shades. I can definitely see me using this yarn again for another project. I love the shades Charcoal and Rose!

Stylecraft life chunky yarn colours

The pattern includes some substitute yarn recommendations or you could use to help you find an alternative.

Pin this modern crochet blanket for later!

A pinterest pin showing a grey herringbone stitch crochet blanket with cream tassels folded over the end of a sofa

Pattern – Modern Crochet Blanket

A cosy night in isn’t complete unless you’re snuggled under a big, soft blanket!

This simple, modern blanket is crocheted using one simple stitch – the herringbone double crochet. When this stitch is repeated it gives a beautiful woven-look to the fabric.

The project uses a chunky yarn that stitches up quickly without creating a blanket that is too heavy or bulky. The yarn chosen for this project is inexpensive and a classic, good quality acrylic / wool mix.

Perfect for beginners or if you are looking for an easy and modern project. 


  • Stylecraft Life Chunky – 75% Premium Acrylic / 25% Wool

Bulky 5 (US) / Chunky (UK) 

3.5oz / 100g, 162yds / 148m

13 balls in Grey

Amount of grey yarn used 45.5oz / 1,300g, 2,106yds / 1,924m

1 ball in Cream

Amount of cream yarn used 2.8oz / 80g, 130yds / 119m

  • Size 7mm crochet hook – my favourite hook brand
  • Tapestry needle – I use this so I don’t lose them!
  • Measuring tape – I have one like this
  • Scissors – I have a pretty pair like these
  • Blocking mats (optional) – these make blocking easy


Hayfield Chunky With Wool

James C. Brett Chunky With Merino

King Cole Big Value Poplar Chunky


Blanket size – throw (one size)


Working in stitch pattern with 7mm hook, after washing and blocking swatch:

10 stitches, 6.5 rows to 4″ / 10cm


52in / 132cm wide

64in / 162cm long


Level 1 / Basic


I chose to stitch into the bottom bump of the foundation chain.

Starting chains do not count as stitches.

An issue with the herringbone double crochet is that there can be a large gap between the edge and first stitch. This is due to the fact that the stitches have a natural slant to them. To minimise this we do not use turning chains in this pattern, instead we work a ch 1 at the beginning of each row (this does not count as a stitch).

Another issue with the herringbone double crochet is that the edges will not be completely straight. The ch 1, instead of the usual ch 3 for double crochet, minimises this as does blocking the finished blanket. However, I find the slightly scalloped edging to be a lovely design feature!


Ch – chain

HBdc – herringbone double crochet (see Special Stitches below)

St – stitch

Yo – yarn over

< > – stitch count


Herringbone double crochet (HBdc) yo, insert hook in st, yo and pull up a loop (3 loops on hook), slip second st on hook over first st (2 loops on hook), yo and draw through 1 loop on hook (2 loops on hook), yo and draw through 2 remaining loops on hook.


(US Terms)

SETUP  Ch 130 (129 st + 1 turning ch) in grey.

ROW 1HBdc in 2nd ch from hook, hbdc in each ch across, turn. <129>

ROW 2  Ch 1, hbdc in first st, hbdc in each st across, turn. <129>

Repeat row two 102 times more (104 rows in total), or until the blanket measures desired length.

FINISHING Weave in ends and block.

TASSELS Cut 260 strands of yarn, each 18in / 46cm long. 

The tassels are made of two strands of yarn, 130 tassels are attached to the blanket – 65 each end. 

  1. Take two strands of yarn and fold in half. 
  2. Insert your crochet hook through the first chain stitch at the end of the blanket, from back of work to front. 
  3. Now place the loop of the folded yarn over your hook, grab and pull the loop through the chain stitch to the back of the blanket. 
  4. As you pull the loop through try to keep the ends of the strand even. 
  5. Once the loop is far enough through, pass the ends of the strand through the loop. Pull the ends gently to make a tassel.
  6. Then pull the loop tighter to make your tassel snug and secure. 
How to attach a tassel to a blanket tutorial

Skip a chain stitch and add another tassel. Keep repeating across both ends. 

Trim fringe until it is even. 

Happy crocheting!



Moon Shadow Blanket


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I love you to the moon and back!

Disclosure: some of the links below are affiliated links, meaning, as an Amazon Associate, at no additional cost to you, I earn a small commission from any qualifying purchases.

Looking for a gender neutral blanket, this TO THE MOON corner to corner blanket will make your heart full!

What do you call a moon out of orbit? … a LUNAtic! And you are simply loony if you don’t love this TO THE MOON BLANKET … well … to the moon and back!

Looking for a neutral nursery design?  I am obsessing over this grey cloud, star and moon theme – and I don’t think is just a quick, trendy phase.  (Did you catch the moon-pun there, don’t worry I’ll point them all out for you).  In fact as my girls are getting a little bigger we are debating if its time to paint over the Dr. Seuss mural and turn the nursery into a big girl room full of stars, clouds and the moon.  I’m off to a good start with this beautiful TO THE MOON corner to corner blanket!

I’m sure you know by now, that graph paper and corner to corner projects make my heart full.  This blanket is bigger than a baby blanket, (perfect for my toddlers to grow into) but still only took about week to complete.  With only two colors this neutral blanket was rather easy to whip up.

Looking for a gender neutral blanket, this TO THE MOON corner to corner blanket will make your heart full!

This is a free pattern, but please do not share this pattern as your own.  You may make items to sell with this pattern, but please link back to this post.  Do not use my photos as your own sales photos.  Please feel free to tag CoffeeandCrochetGoals to share your projects.


Finished blanket measures 44in x 57in.


  • Size I (5.5mm) crochet hook
  • 1 skein of White Caron One Pound Yarn
  • 2 skeins of Medium Grey Caron One Pound Yarn


  • CH – chain
  • SC – single crochet
  • DC – double crochet
  • SL ST – slip stitch
  • PUFF STITCH – yarn over, insert hook, yarn over and DO NOT pull through.  Yarn over again, insert hook, yarn over and DO NOT pull through.  One more time!  Yarn over, insert hook, yarn over and PULL THROUGH ALL 7 loops on the hook. CH1 to close.
Looking for a gender neutral blanket, this TO THE MOON corner to corner blanket will make your heart full!

The graph below illustrates the color changes.  I started in the bottom left corner, but any corner will do.  I like to get the majority of color changes out of the way in the beginning of my blankets when I have the most motivation and enthusiasm.

Looking for a gender neutral blanket, this TO THE MOON corner to corner blanket will make your heart full!


WARNING: this crochet technique is very addicting!  You can make just about any design and it works up so quickly.  Do not be scared off by this technique, it really is only contains double crochets, chains and slip stitches.  This blanket only has two colors which makes the color changing process a little easier as well.  Here is a video tutorial by Mikey from the Crochet Crowd that I recommend if you are just starting out.  Once you figure out the concept you will be hooked.


ROUND 1: Keeping the grey yarn attached CH3, counts as first SC and CH2.  1SC in between the next two tiles.  CH2 and 1SC in between the next two tiles.  Continue all around the blanket, in the corner tiles place 1SC in the point of the corner and CH2 and SC in the same corner space.  SL ST to the first CH at the beginning.

ROUND 2: CH1, counts as first SC.  2SC in the same CH2 space.  2SC in the next CH2 space, continue around the blanket, in the corner place 1SC, CH2, 1SC.  SL ST to the first CH and tie off grey yarn.

ROUND 3: Attach white yarn and CH2.  PUFF STITCH, SK1, PUFF STITCH.  Continue all around the blanket, in the corners place 1 PUFF STITCH, CH2, 1 PUFF STITCH in the same corner.  SL ST to the beginning CH2.

ROUND 3: Repeat round two.  Tie off white yarn.

ROUND 4: Attach grey yarn.  CH1, counts as first SC.  1SC in every stitch around.  (You will have 1SC on top of the puff stitch and 1SC in between)  In the corners 1SC, CH2, 1SC.  SL ST to the beginning and tie off grey yarn.

Looking for a gender neutral blanket, this TO THE MOON corner to corner blanket will make your heart full!

I love you to the moon and back. A sweet, simple phrase that attempts to describe how big your love is. The distance from the Earth to the moon AND the return trip is 455,000 miles or so (according to google). That may eclipse any other attempt at describing my full heart.  I hope you found this TO THE MOON corner to corner blanket as sweet as I did.  What other trendy nursery designs are you currently obsessed with?

Like this:


Crochet New Moon Tutorial - Crochet Applique Tutorial

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Blanket crochet moon

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Part #1 Heart Baby Blanket Crochet, Bobble Stitch, Herz Babydecke Häkeln

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