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Clockwise.MD Review

Virtual Appointment System

Rather than having your staff take appointments through the phone all day, it is better to let your patients do it by themselves. Clockwise.MD has an online appointment scheduler that lets individuals view available time slots and reserve the one that is most convenient to them. This results into an increase in productivity among your team members and into time transparency for your patients.

Patient Loyalty Improvement

How you approach your patients is crucial to retaining them. With Clockwise.MD, you can immediately know what they think about the appointment and about you with its SMS survey feature. This creates a feedback loop that allows you to pinpoint areas of concern and things that patients like the most. Furthermore, having surveys lets you identify promoters and detractors, as recognizing them is essential in growing your patient base and in ensuring your pristine reputation.

Online Reputation Management

Once you receive positive feedback about your clinic and services, you can route them online. This allows you to attract more patients and to increase repeat appointments from your existing patients. Additionally, this enables you to track negative reviews and take them down if needed, as well as follow up with dissatisfied patients to make rectifications and turn them into happy patients.

Improved Two-way Communications

Having Clockwise.MD as your scheduling and communications assistant helps the flow of communication between your clinic and your patients. The application alerts them of their upcoming appointments and tells them how long they need to wait for their turn too. The latter is especially significant as this reduces the uncertainty of waiting times, thus enabling them to be productive during that period.

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  • Online Self-scheduling
  • SMS Reminders
  • Online Schedulers & Walk-ins Management
  • Performance Feedback
  • Real-time Satisfaction Data
  • Proactive Service Recovery
  • Patient Paging
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SaaS Application Configuration Guide : Clockwise.Md

Clockwise.Md Configuration in Guided Configuration Workflow¶

The SaaS Application screen displays a list of applications from which you can select to configure SAML Service Provider applications. Select a specific application and click Add.

For example, to configure Clockwise.Md, select Clockwise.Md and click Add.

Common Application Properties¶

  1. Specify the application name. The system uses the name internally, to identify configuration details for the application and the SAML service provider for it.
  2. Select whether the application supports IDP Initiated requests. Select the IdP Initiated option to display the application resource on the Webtop.
  3. Specify or modify the caption. The Webtop uses the caption to display the application resource.
  4. Specify an optional description for the application.

Application Specific Properties¶

To configure Clockwise.Md provide following inputs:
  • Login Domain Name : Provide the login domain name

Additional SAML Attributes and ACS Properties¶

  1. Configure any additional attribute values to include in the SAML assertion to SaaS Application. Each SAML Attribute has an attribute name and attribute value. The session variable values can specify attribute values. Configure an AD or LDAP query to include specific attributes in session variables.
  2. Configure an additional Assertion Consumer Service URI if the application requires such a URI.

Security Properties¶

  1. Specify whether to sign the assertion and response, and specify the signing algorithm.
  2. Specify whether to require a signed Authentication Request. If required, select a signing certificate.
  3. Specify whether to encrypt assertions. If required, speciofy the encryption algorithm and select the encryption certificate.
  4. Complete the workflow configuration by configuring optional endpoint checks and customization.

Deploy the Configuration¶

  1. Deploy the configuration from the Summary screen.
  2. To retrieve the metadata for this configuration, navigate to .
  3. Select the SAML SSO object created for Clockwise.Md, and click Export Metadata.
  4. Use the exported IdP SAML Metadata to configure the IdP Provider configuration in the Clockwise.Md service.

Setup Clockwise.Md as SAML Service Provider¶

Refer to Clockwise.Md documentation to set it up as SAML Service Provider.

Test the Configuration¶

  1. To test the configuration, click on the link Click to test configuration on the Summary page.
  2. A succesful logon should display a Webtop that includes the IdP Initiated Applications.
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DocuTAP Announces Acquisition of Clockwise.MD

Apr 27, 2017

News provided by 08:00 ET Share this article SIOUX FALLS, S.D. and ATLANTA, April 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- DocuTAP, one of the nation's fastest growing healthcare technology companies and provider of electronic medical records (EMR) and practice management (PM) software for urgent care clinics, today announced that it has acquired Clockwise.MD, a patient engagement software provider of online scheduling and wait time transparency solutions for healthcare organizations. The combination brings together the complementary strengths of both companies to form an industry leader in the on-demand healthcare market. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Founded in 2012, Clockwise.MD's online scheduling and virtual queuing functionalities are used by more than 1,600 urgent care clinics, emergency departments, primary and specialty care clinics, lab facilities, imaging centers, and more to help boost patient satisfaction, manage online reputations, and improve patient retention. Clockwise.MD's suite of tools will enhance DocuTAP's software products with a robust patient-facing product suite, offering urgent care providers a more comprehensive approach to workflow management and greater convenience for patients and clinic staff. "We are excited to combine with Clockwise.MD, which has built one of the most recognizable brands for patient engagement solutions in the urgent care space and beyond," said Eric McDonald, CEO of DocuTAP. "This transaction is an important step forward in DocuTAP's growth trajectory and we look forward to working with the Clockwise.MD team to advance our combined leadership position in the on-demand healthcare market." "DocuTAP shares our entrepreneurial approach and commitment to providing a better experience for patients and providers alike. We are pleased to join forces and integrate our products to reach more customers and serve more patients across healthcare markets," said Mike Burke, Founder and CEO of Clockwise.MD. About DocuTAP DocuTAP's team of 300+ employees serves over 1,300 urgent care and on-demand primary care clinics. DocuTAP provides urgent care practices with an innovative approach to workflow management. Its flagship product, DocuTAP's EMR and Practice Management software, fully integrates practice management and electronic medical records capabilities in one complete system. DocuTAP's complete urgent care solution includes revenue cycle management services—along with DocuTAP Analytics, a business intelligence tool with custom reports and built-in industry benchmarks. Craft a better urgent care experience with DocuTAP. Begin at . About Clockwise.MD Clockwise.MD provides online self-scheduling and queue management solutions for healthcare organizations, helping providers to manage their patients' experience of waiting for care. Clockwise.MD customers realize a measured increase in patient satisfaction scores and patient volume. For more information about Clockwise.MD, please visit . Contacts


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