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Cover Lifters for Hot Tubs and Swim Spas

When picking out a cover lifter for your spa, know that you have options! Take a look at our assortment spa cover lifters below to see which best fits your spa needs:

CoverMate: CoverMate provides you with cover lifts that are stylish, easy to install and exceed consumer and dealer expectations! From the standard CoverMate 1 that requires minimal space behind your spa, to CoverMate Vanish that has hydraulic shocks, CoverMate has every type of cover you need to fit your lifestyle.

UltraLift: UltraLift offers you different types of cover lifters that cater to your specific wants and needs. Whether you’d like a hydraulic cover lift mount, undermount (to slide bars under your hot tub) or options and conversion kits to turn your normal cover lifter into something a bit more advanced – UltraLift has it for you!

Smartop: Smartop is both a cover and a cover lift in one! It has a hydraulic lift system for your hot tub that is one-of-a-kind. Made of a strong polymer material, the Smartop’s durability is truly unmatched. The durability is unmatched, as they are made of a strong polymer material. Smartop spa and swim spa cover lifters and covers come in two different styles: Upright and Vanish.

Questions About Master Spa Cover Lifters?

You can browse through our selection of CoverMate, UltraLift, and Smartop hot tub cover lifters below. If you need help ordering a cover lift for your Master Spa, call our Customer Service team today at (855) 308-2149!


True Automated Lift™

The True Automated Lift (TAL) is a robust and totally unique automated spa cover lift, that with a turn of a switch, opens and closes the cover on spas, hot tubs, and swim spas. TAL’s innovative design is like no other motorized cover lift on the market. It replaces the outdated manual lift and is favored by dealers and consumers alike for its exceptional reliability, unobtrusive and compact design, and its simple functionality. TAL makes life easier for every spa owner, and is a safe and simple solution for any individuals with limited strength, handicaps, or those who just want the convenience.

TAL Solves These Problems:

  •  Physically unable or struggling to open a large heavy waterlogged spa cover.
  •  Limited space for a spa cover or unwanted gazebos or large bar cabinets.
  •  Many spa design features can prohibit automation. TAL fits all spa shapes, sizes, and features.
  •  Re-investing in out-dated manual lifts vs. a modern innovative long lasting solution.
How Does It Work?

True Automated Lift App

  • Open and Close by iPhone App. (Following a Safety check)
  • Remote security lock.
  • Remote setting times of operation.
  • Troubleshoot lift and report to Nerok.
  • Update System Software.
  • And more to come.
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Advanced Spa Cover Lifts

This cover typically installs with glue only as your only means of attaching the cover to this lift, but with all ASC covers we embed metal anchors into our covers allowing this lift to be screwed to the cover instead of simply relying on glue! We provide solutions to your cover needs!
The CoverMate Vanish XL provides smooth, fluid opening and
closing, with a contemporary design that visually incorporates
the lifter into the spa cabinet and offers a 360 degree view by
positioning the cover behind the spa when in the open position.
Effortless operation and function with integral design makes
the Vanish XL the future of spa cover lifters
Requires just 25 inches of clearance behind the spa
Low-profile positioning provides a near zero-obstructed view
Ultra-modern, sleek and compact design that visually
incorporates the lifter into the spa cabinet
Made of strong polymer resin
Simple, quick and easy installation
Low-profile design offers 360-degree open viewing
Hydraulic shocks provide effortless opening and closing
Smooth, fluid opening and closing of the spa cover

RollOver - Automatic Cover for spa's.

As spa sales have slipped, manufacturers of covers and removal systems have increasingly turned their attention to the replacement market. To increase appeal, they've incorporated new materials, increased thermal efficiency and in one case even eased removal by adding a remote control.

These new benefits join the old ones, making a rock-solid case for replacing old, worn covers. A fine-tuned sales pitch, up-to-date customer contact list and offering the latest lines of merchandise (which follow) are all that stand between you and an increase in cover and lifter sales in 2012.

Commercial FabricsCommercial 695-9438

Commercial Fabrics has been making spa covers since 1985 to protect customers' spas and save them money in heating and maintenance costs. Commercial Fabrics spa covers feature premium marine-grade vinyl and a range of tapers and densities. Cores are heat sealed in 4-mil-thick poly and double wrap is available for extra protection against moisture. Available accessories include cover lifters, spa steps, custom spa pillows and more. 520-5202

Coverplay says its Airframe spa cover uses no expanded polystyrene foam and is constructed of a rigid aluminum frame with a banded core that insulates with layered chambers of air. It's designed not to retain water and to last for more than 10 years. The multi-chambered frame is covered in fitted, water-repelling and gas-permeable fabric rather than vinyl for durability, the company says. It uses no expanded polystyrene foam.

Be Lite By Pool Covers IncBe-Lite by Pool Covers 662-7665

Be-Lite's spa covers feature compressed Styrofoam encased in heat-sealed aluminum. The covers hold 275 pounds of pressure per square foot and have an R-Factor of between 12 and 14, the company says. An aluminum cover won't puncture and get waterlogged, it will not fade and it stands up to harsh weather and harsh treatment by pets, Be-Lite says.

Spa 781-8154 says it offers fast service, top-quality materials and workmanship and that it specializes in the kinds of custom-made covers others don't even want to attempt. Manufacturing is done in-house with computer-controlled cutting so speakers and freeform covers are not a problem.

Core CoversCore 471-0410

Core Covers (also known as Robert's Hot Tubs) is both an OEM and an aftermarket supplier. The company says its consistent quality and value is derived from automation, in which all raw material components, including foam, vinyl, plastic, metal and boxes are produced using CAD-based cutting machinery.

A&B AccessoriesA&B 637-0609

The Easy Slider cover carrier, from A&B Accessories, is designed to make taking a spa cover off and putting it back on easier. To use, simply fold the cover once then glide back. The Easy Slider arms open with the friction of the cover against the arms. Push the cover back onto the spa, and the spring-loaded arms retract against the spa.

Prestige Spa CoversPrestige Spa 341-7661

Prestige manufactures custom-made spa covers, and offers a complete line of upgrades to choose from. The company's featured product, the Altima Cover, is manufactured with 5 x 3 tapered foam, four box "X" tie downs with keyed lock fasteners, aluminum channeling, four padded handles, reinforced top stitch hinge with nylon webbing, enhanced thread throughout, full-length steam stopper and a vapor barrier to help protect against chemicals, Prestige says. The Altima is available in 14 different colors and is shipped within five to seven business days.

Sterling Leisure ProductsSterling Leisure 278-8010

The Covana is an automated privacy gazebo and cover enclosure that rises above a spa at the turn of a key. With the Covana automated privacy gazebo and cover enclosure, Sterling says safety and privacy are no longer a concern.

Cover ValetCover 730-7727

The Cover Rx, from Cover Valet, is designed to work with all spa brands, models and shapes. The Cover Rx's unique design allows for installation within minutes on any of today's aboveground spas without screwing into the spa cabinet, according to the company. It requires only 14 inches of rear clearance to easily and safely remove the spa cover, according to Cover Valet.

Blue Water Spa CoversBlue Water Spa 321-4694

Blue Water says its quality crafted spa covers can be shipped in three to five days, come in 17 different colors and fit all hot tub makes and models. The company also says it offers excellent shipping rates and that its covers meet ASTM safety standards. 772-5438

SPAccessories markets a wide selection of hot tub cover lifts under the Cover Removal Systems (CRS) name. Models include easy-mounting foot-assisted and hydraulic lifts. The company's newest CRS is the Cover Roller (CRS-5). No assembly is required. It mounts easily to the spa and features maintenance-free fiberglass-reinforced polycarbonate construction. SPAcessories says the lifters help covers easily roll on and off the spa and that they're great for swim-spas.

Merlin IndustriesMerlin 289-1836

The Thermo-Light floating spa cover, from Merlin Industries, is designed to provide a stylish way for owners of intricate or large hot tubs to retain heat and fend off debris. Thermo-Light covers feature an approximate R-value of 8, can be made to fit the contour of almost any spa and are available in 13 colors. Thermo-Light floating spa covers are not designed to be a safety cover.

Aquatic Specialty Manufacturing LLCAquatic Specialty Manufacturing 940-9457

The Cover Butler has been the industry standard in removal systems for 20 years, Aquatic Specialty Manufacturing says. It's been redesigned to accommodated today's heavier spa covers, and installs in minutes, according to the company. ASM offers a POP display box to help dealers sell the units.

Sunstar Spa Covers and AccessoriesSunstar Spa Covers and 438-8677

Sunstar spa covers feature virgin foam cores covered by marine-grade vinyl with mildew- and UV-inhibitors and come with a three-year, non-prorated warranty. The covers feature 28 points of internal reinforcement, according to Sunstar. The company ships from the east and west coasts, and from the Midwest.

AccuLok Hot Tub CoversAccuLok Hot Tub

AccuLok says its hot tub covers use patented technology that significantly resists water absorption and weight gain, with a 400 percent improvement in water vapor resistance over existing hot tub covers and a 7-year warranty against water weight gain. AccuLok covers also feature a patented "no-split" skirt design that reduces escaping heat from the cover by up to 30 percent, minimizing energy use over traditional cover designs, according to the company.

The Cover CompanyThe Cover 707-1122

The Cover Company's hot tub covers are available in eight color variations, and all covers are custom made and are available with a variety of upgrades and options. Quick ship times and competitive prices are available.

Auto Spa CoverAuto Spa 226-5030

The ASC-2 Auto Spa Cover System utilizes a remote control for opening and closing the cover, allowing the spa owner to manipulate the cover with ease, the company says. It is specifically designed for anyone who has trouble lifting heavy spa covers. With the touch of a button a cover will open automatically.

Caldera SpasCaldera 669-1881

Caldera says its custom-fit spa covers and exclusive cover lifters offer comfort, performance and style and are uniquely designed for Caldera spas. Four cover lifters, ProLift, ProLift II, ProLift III and ProfLift IV, provide a streamlined appearance and offer consumers a choice to fit most applications.

Hot Spring SpasHot Spring 999-4688

Hot Spring Spas says it pioneered the first rigid vinyl cover, creating a higher standard for energy efficiency. Each cover is custom-fit and built with superior construction, including 24-points of internal reinforcement. The company's exclusive retractable cover-removal system makes it easy to access the hot tub, and work for nearly any application.

Leisure ConceptsLeisure 469-2428

Leisure Concepts says it builds the highest-quality line of spa cover lifts, steps and accessories in the industry. The company's stated goal is to deliver innovative, stylish and durable products designed to keep customers happy and dealers successful.

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Cover auto spa


Here are a few of the reasons why we love The Covana:


With the turn of a key you can raise or lower the top of the Covana. When it’s lowered it provides a protective seal for your hot tub, keeping the heat in and the weather outdoors out!



The Covana will not operate without the key, so when it’s locked, no one can enter. Plus it supports up to 600 pounds



With the addition of the optional shades, you can surround yourself in complete privacy inside the Covana while the optional screens provide privacy with the ability to still see the elements outdoors!



If you’re tired of purchasing a new hot tub cover every 3-5 years, The Covana will be your last! While the Covana looks like a gazebo, it functions as a hot tub or swim spa cover, fitting perfectly over your spa!

The Covana is fully automated and can be raised and lowered using the safety key switch. You no longer have to fight to remove the cover manually!


Auto Spa Cover Video


  • Pioneer Pools Safety Cover CheckmarkEFFORTLESS

    This fully automated cover allows you to sit back and relax as the cover opens and closes with the turn of a key

    Optional retractable shade provides additional privacy and protection from the elements

    An engineering masterpiece that’s quiet, modern, and sure to make your ownership experience better

  • Pioneer Pools Safety Cover CheckmarkEFFICIENT

    Protect either your hot tub or swim spa with this innovative product that blends practicality with efficiency and design

    Maintain your seamless view when the Covana cover is in the closed position which sits directly on top of your spa

    You’ll receive insulation like no other with the engineered seal that helps you save on water, energy, and maintenance products

  • Pioneer Pools Safety Cover CheckmarkRELIABLE

    Covana completely covers the spa and locks in place to secure the spa from any unwanted intrusion

    Ideal for Canadian winters with the ability to withstand weight of up to 600 lbs. (perfect for snow fall)

    Aluminum structure is paired perfectly with the ABS thermoplastic hardtop that provides unparalleled strength and durability

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