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5 Amazing Nigerian Movies That Showcase Powerful Women Characters

From its roots in TV dramas, produced by the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) in the 70s and 80s, the Nigerian movie industry has grown into the second largest movie industry in the world (by volume of films made) and Nigeria’s second largest employer outside of agriculture. 

In the past decade, Nollywood (a term used to describe Nigeria’s movie industry, coined by New York Times journalist Norimitsu Onishi in ) movies have generated millions of dollars in box office numbers and the popularity of Nigerian movies have reached global levels. 

Unfortunately, as with many things in Nigeria, women have benefited the least from Nollywood’s success. Roles in front of, and behind the camera, are still heavily dominated by men while considerably more male-led productions are greenlit or able to secure funding relative to the female-led options. 

Perhaps most egregious is the fact that Nigerian women are mostly portrayed in Nollywood movies through the lens of harmful and dangerous stereotypes such as subservience, dependence on male figures, and a lack of ambition. 

It is common to see female characters in Nollywood films portayed as homemakers, child bearers, cooks, care givers, sex workers, and other background roles that only serve to reinforce traditional gender roles for women. 

“Considering that women make up 60% of the Nollywood film audience, it is important that women are represented better in films, rather than telling the story from the male gaze: from characterization to story, costumes, and more,” actor and producer Eku Edewor told BusinessDay in April  

These stereotypical portrayals of women impress on Nigerian society and are harmful to women in that they encourage the audience to continue to promote the same norms that have allowed gender inequality to flourish in Nigeria. 

Fortunately, there are Nigerian movies that have not toed this line but rather the opposite: showcasing powerful, well-rounded, and more representative women-led characters. We’ve put together a summary of five of such movies and we can guarantee you that they are worth a watch!

Lionheart ()

Nigerian film legend Genevieve Nnaji’s directorial debut is the first Netflix original film to be produced in Nigeria. Lionheart was also selected as the Nigerian entry for Best International Feature Film at the 92nd Academy Awards in — the first Nigerian movie to be submitted to the Oscars for award consideration. 

The movie follows Adaeze Obiagu (played by Nnaji) as she steps up to the challenge of running her father’s business and saving it from debt and the threat of takeover after he has to retire due to health issues. 

With support from her uncle Godswill (played by Nkem Owoh), she challenges the status quo in the male-dominated world that is Nigeria’s transportation industry. 

Muna ()

Nollywood is not known for action thrillers and in the few movies where there are some action scenes, they are often poorly choreographed. So Muna was a breath of fresh air in that it attempted to do something thousands of Nollywood productions couldn’t. And it did well — taking second place on the Nigerian box office chart in its second week, only behind Disney’s Frozen 2.

Muna, a survivor of sexual abuse and trafficking on a revenge mission, is played by Adesua Etomi-Wellington who also plays the lead character in ’s The Wedding Party, which holds the record of Nigeria’s biggest box office opening to date.

The film's main theme centers around child trafficking, sexual violence, and revenge with a cast that also inludes Hollywood actors like Robert Miano.

King of Boys ()

Also starring Adesua Etomi-Wellington, alongside veteran actor Sola Sobowale, King of Boys is acclaimed director Kemi Adetiba’s second film and she wrote, co-produced, and directed it. The film is the sixth-highest grossing Nollywood movie of all time in Nigeria.

It tells the story of powerful businesswoman Eniola Salami (played by Sobowale, to critical acclaim), whose political ambitions are threatened by the underworld connections responsible for her wealth and prominence. 

The power struggle that follows will cost her everything. Adetiba recently announced that the King of Boys sequel will be released as a seven-part limited series on Netflix on Aug. 27 — and we have a feeling it'll be a must-watch. 

93 Days ()

One doctor’s action was critical to the containment of the Ebola virus outbreak in Nigeria in Dr. Stella Adadevoh, who unfortunately passed away from complications after being exposed to the virus. 

93 Days is based on the incredible act of commitment and professionalism she gave her country, saving millions of lives in the process. 

Acclaimed actor Bimbo Akintola plays Adadevoh and the film follows the actions and sacrifices made by men and women who risked their lives to ensure that the Ebola virus was contained. 

The film also stars American legend Danny Glover and Alastair McKenzie, as well as Nigerian stars Somkele Iyamah-Idhalama and Keppy Ekpeyong Bassey (who plays Liberian diplomat Patrick Sawyer, the index patient who carried the virus into Nigeria). 

93 Days was shown to sold out audiences at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), Chicago International Film Festival (the only Nigerian film to show there), Johannesburg Film Festival, and LA Film Festival.

Wives on Strike ()

Produced and directed by Omoni Oboli, Wives on Strike is a satirical film about a group of four market women who decide to deny their husbands sex (and other things) to push them to stand up for a young girl who was being forced by her father to marry a man against her will.

The cast includes some of Nollywood’s most prolific thespians like Ufuoma McDermott, Chioma Akpotha, and Kehinde Bankole.

Although it’s a comedy, Wives on Strike does a great job of highlighting cultural practices that are harmful to women and girls, and especially child marriage and sexual abuse of minors.

You can join the Global Citizen Live campaign to defeat poverty and defend the planet by taking action here, and become part of a movement powered by citizens around the world who are taking action together with governments, corporations, and philanthropists to make change.


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Download Nigerian Movies Latest Nollywood Movies

Filed in Articles, Technology by Peters Edi on August 15,

On this post we will show you how to download Nigerian Movies and have the latest Nigerian movies on your devices, have to watch the latest Nigerian Movies by spending less.

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Download Nigerian Movies

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Our decision is to create this post on Nigerian movies download to let you know how you can download and how you can have latest Nigerian movies

Internet with Airtel, Etisalat and MTN Data plan has made downloading very easy and simple and since its inception, lots of movies have been put online for downloading and online streaming.

Numerous sites like Wapka, waptrick, VOD and other VOD site have made download very easy on a daily basis, numerous and millions of Nigerians and NON-Nigerians searched every day to get the latest Nigerian Movies.

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Nigerian Nollywood Movies YouTube

Most people think that to get the best Nigerian movies in , they need to surf YouTube.

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Download Nigerian Movies

Download Nigerian Movies

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While these are some of the top apps for latest Nollywood movies in Nigeria and Africa, you can find all the latest movies showing in Nigeria cinemas.

See &#; Latest Nollywood Movies Showing at Nigeria Cinemas

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The 20 Best Nollywood Movies of All Time

This Twitter page is on a mission to preserve the legacy of Nollywood while sharing relatable, viral memes from the film genre's golden age.

We touched base with the creator of the @yungnollywoodaccount (who has requested to remain anonymous), to learn more about the inspiration behind the curation of the content that's made rounds on Twitter, as well as list what she thinks are the 20 best Nollywood films of all time.

The creator tells us that she was encouraged by her friends, who often call her by the nickname "Nollywood," to create a space online where she could post her own Nollywood musings, after she came across the nolly.babes Instagram account and submitted relevant content to the platform to no avail.

"I often posted about Nollywood on my personal page, but it never occurred to me that I could use social media as a platform for archiving," she says.

The page went live in February of this year and has gained 11, followers and counting with no social media strategy other than posting organic content. Using Twitter as the space to encapsulate Nollywood culture was intentional for the creator: to give nolly.babes their due space on Instagram, the ability to layout photos side-by-side or in groups and to engage with the wit of the Twitter community.

"I like to consume as much as I like to create and Twitter makes it easier for information to travel back and forth between us," she adds.

She also emphasizes that she's grown up with the genre since Nollywood began in It's been a key part of her upbringing in Nigeria, especially when it came to family bonding.

"As a child I spent a lot of my free time at home being creative and consuming different art forms: reading, watching television and listening to music. Since I didn't have many options other than what was around me, I found myself absorbing a lot of local subject matter," she says. "I remember one summer my aunt came to visit, and we always went back and forth to home movie rental kiosks [what Nollywood was referred to back then] in Ajah Market and we must have watched over movies that summer."

Her parents owned classics including The Rich Also Cry and Diamond Ring, "and our dad owned every Nkem Owoh movie ever made, or at least an obscene amount of Nkem Owoh CDs," she adds.

The mind behind yungnollywood recalls being fascinated by the women in the film who looked liked her and has even developed her sense of style after them. "[They] were very glamourous, daring and feisty in a culture where strong women were seen as unwomanly," she says. "I've always had a thing for female villains."

The aficionado's goals for this platform are simple: to provide receipts that the film genre deserves its overdue accolades and to create a community for Nollywood fans all over the world.

"After the viral reaction to the first meme I posted, I realized that there was a huge demand for my style of content," she adds. "I kept on creating because I wanted to drown the belief that Nollywood was 'razz' or only one type of West African content was good enough to be considered art."

She continues:

"Hopefully I can continue to show that Nollywood is a legendary industry, something to be proud of and celebrated as Nigerians. I want everyone who contributed to the creation of these movies to be immortal, and if our platform can help, then that is satisfying enough because they changed my life."

Dig into the 20 best Nollywood movies of all time (thanks to the many YouTube pages keeping the flame alive), according to yungnollywood, below. This list is in no particular order.


You'll see the lives of three friends and how their love lives play out after they play a game with irreversible consequences.

Here's part two, part three, and part 4.

2.Girls Cot

Four babes in university end up blackmailing and scamming most of the government officials in the country. What's not to love about a scamming squad?


Screenshot via Nigeria Movie Network.

We put this here because it's the most popular Nkem Owoh movie and it's the film that gave him his nickname. However, you should watch every Nkem Owoh movie you can find.

Here's part one, part two, and part three.


She's the greatest player who ever lived. There are also two sequels because, clearly, no one could get enough of Sharon.

Here's part two.


Here you'll see a group of women more powerful than their husbands; dedicated to acquiring more power over each other. We stan powerful career women.

Here's part two, part three and part four.


The only thing sweeter than the romance in this movie are Jim Iyke and Chidi Mokeme's character's outfits.


I think the movie title says it all.

Here's part two.


We like this movie because we relate to the short time Richard Mofe Damijo's (RMD) son left school and had fun partying in university. Everything else is pretty much scary and a lesson on avoiding peer pressure.

Here's part two.


'Karashika' is one of the most popular horror movies in Nollywood. This film is included because the fashion choices of the prostitutes were exquisite. Also, Karashika is the queen of seduction. Minus the demonic part, it's pretty impressive.


We loved Regina Askia's character's fashion choices, but she was definitely crazy for using juju to put RMD's character in a bottle, in the name of love. She also turned into a dog at the end, that was pretty memorable.


Movies youtube naija

"What are you guys!" - I was indignant - what a stupid joke. We're not kidding, said Volodya. If you want to get to your home without any problems, and besides, make good money, then you need to obey. And do what we tell you.

COVENANT CHILD (SEASON 8) 4K FILM - New Trending Movie 2021 Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movie

The nodding driver. - Valentine's Day, after all. We continued kissing in the elevator, Harry brought us to Misha's apartment.

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