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The strategy of "Funneling" can be described as building structures near an objective in such a way that will take advantage of the path-finding AI mechanics of Husks and purposely force them into a "funnel" or "killing tunnel". This can be done by locating the center of the husk spawn, and building a 3-4 tile long tunnel, making sure the end of the tunnel that is closest to the the husks spawn has walls either side of the opening to the tunnel. This ensures the husks will not simply walk around your funnel, making it redundant.


A funnel is nothing without traps. Having all the husks walk down a single tile is great, but you're going to need some assistance in the later zones to do the work for you. Here is a little guide I personally use in-game that may help you take down the husks in the best way possible!


A Gas Trap at the entrance of your funnel is essential, this afflicts the target and does DOT (Damage over Time) which is highly effective, especially if your weapon, or anyone else's weapon has "x Damage to Afflicted Targets" where x is the percentage. I would recommend using Ceiling Electric Fields, as these provide good damage in a 3x3 area. If you're not into those, Ceiling Zappers may be the way to go.


Wall traps are tricky. You need to balance Damage with Stunning. Wall Dynamo are the go-to for flat damage. I usually put one on each wall. For a 3 tile long funnel, I would use 4. One on each side at the very end of the tunnel. On the opposite wall(s) to the Wall Dynamo, I like to use Wall Launchers or Wall Lights. The Wall Launcher is great for hindering the husks, knocking them over, keeping them in the tunnel longer. Wall Lights are just as, if not more effective. Very underrated trap in my opinion.


Floor traps the most important in a funnel. Especially Wooden Floor Spikes, because of the slow effect. Since all rarities of Wooden Floor Spikes slow down any husk that walks on it, finding Epic or Legendary variants isn't so important. It's common to see funnels filled with Wooden Floor Spikes, but if you're feeling indifferent about it, Freeze Traps may be helpful, as they will freeze the husk in place allowing for a damage-dealing trap to reload and strike.

Additional Techniques

Other ways you could keep the husks inside your tunnel, include using a Slow Field. Putting this somewhere in the tunnel will slow them down greatly and will help a lot if your tunnel isn't that long. Putting a Wall Launcher at the end of the tunnel, facing the tunnel is a good way to keep them in there. If your tunnel is very effective, it's unlikely that husks will make it through, but should they, the Wall Launcher will aid in hitting them back in.

You're also able to hinder their progress to your objective even further by putting down a half-side-wall on the wall tile of the inside of the funnel. This will create a fence-like structure roughly the same height as your character, but it will not entirely block your funnel. If you do the same thing on each wall tile, alternating them each time, you create a zig-zag formation that the husks will be forced to walk down.

Because this fence is high up (Roughly the height of your character), this will prevent Blasters, Propane Husks, and Pitchers from targeting you. The benefit of this is they will need to walk through your funnel to get to you, there-by killing themselves in the process.

Different Types of Funneling

Funneling doesn't always involve traps. If your objective is near a large pit, or a house with a basement, take down the house, leaving a large pit. Funnel around the pit, leaving the inside wall of the funnel exposed. You're able to use Wall Launchers to launch most husks into the pit / basement where they will either die, or just stand there.

You can combo Wall Launchers with Floor Launchers too. Rather than putting a flat roof on this kind of funnel, you're able to put inverted stairs on them, acting like a re-director for husks that are flung into the air by the Floor Launchers. The husks will be launched into the air, and will rebound off the inverted stairs into the pit / basement. Double the action, in 1 single tile.


Fortnite building guide: How to build with materials and traps in Fortnite

Fortnite building is a skill that's worth learning if you want to compete at the higher levels of the game.

Though finding top-tier weapons and loot is the most important task in the game - since the goal is to rack up as many kills as you can - mastering the assembly of structures and walls is a skill that will definitely save your skin in combat and improve your chances of obtaining a coveted Victory Royale.

If you're new to building, this article contains everything you need to know, from the ins and outs of how to build, to the best structures to construct in certain situations.

Latest update (July 23rd): Material strengths have been slightly adjusted, meaning the health and build time of certain elements might not be what you're used to. Read the relevant section for more!

On this page:

How to build in Fortnite and get your building controls right

There are four building types available in Fortnite: walls, floors, roofs and stairs, all of which can be manipulated and modified to build almost anything you can think of. The fifth type, the Trap, can be collected as loot during a match.


Whether playing on PC, console or mobile, there are dedicated build controls - defaulting as Q on a keyboard, or B on Xbox / Circle on PlayStation - but getting your control scheme and settings in order first is important.

Regardless of what platform you're playing on, if you're using a controller then the first thing you're going to want to do once you've mastered the basics of building is to switch over to 'Builder Pro' control layout, which can be done by going to Settings > Wireless Controller > Configuration.


Builder Pro is vital for builders because it speeds up building times greatly as structure types are set to a face button and materials are selected using the D-Pad instead of making you cycle through various building menus. The new layout can take a bit of getting used to, but once you've become accustomed to it, you'll find that it gives you an edge over opponents who aren't using it during combat as it allows for a speedier build output.

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Additionally, it's worth hopping into the game settings and turning out two things if they aren't already active - Turbo Building and Automatic Material Swapping. The former allows you to hold down the fire button to continue to build items quickly ('painting' them around you), while the latter means if you run out of a material, it'll jump to the next available. Both are great during a firefight, when you're more concerned with getting something constructed than what it's made of and the exact composition.


Finally, as well as simple walls and floors, you can specifically edit them before they are placed, creating more detailed structures. You do this by pressing the specific button prompt when the building blueprint appears. This is to create specific types of buildings that are more aesthetically pleasing, say in Playground LTM mode, since you won't be concerned with it in a firefight, and we go through all these specific types later in the article.


If you want to practice building - without the use of a third-party Fortnite building simulator - then the best way is to wait until the Playground mode is available. This gives you huge amounts of materials and a map devoid of enemies to mess around with freely, allowing you to experiment with building with no pressure.

It's a Limited Time Mode, however, but based on the current rollout of the mode, it'll likely feature once more month, so if you're missed it, it'll likely be back around sooner than you think!

Fortnite materials explained, from differences to sources

There are three types of materials which can then be used to build, with each type of material having its own separate build time and health:

  • Wood: five-second build time per panel, starting health at 100, has 200 health
  • Stone: 12-second build time per panel, starting health at 90, has 300 health
  • Metal: 20-second build time per panel, starting health at 80, has 400 health

Destroying things like brick walls, trees, rocks and cars will get you the respective material. You can also find them wherever you find loot - such as out in the open or in chests. The fastest way to accumulate loot in a match is by killing other players, allowing you to collect their materials when you run over their dropped items.

It's a good idea to learn what materials work best in different situations and build to your advantage. For example, wooden structures are the quickest to construct but are the weakest against enemy fire so it wouldn't be wise to use it over a stronger material when you're in a final circle, and using metal during the early stages of a match when you're constantly shifting due to circle shrinkage would just be a waste.

Be careful, though, as the longer the build time, the bigger the window for opponents to shoot down your panels so if you're engaged in a small one-on-one battle, we recommend that you use wood to build a small defense system as it's quicker to replace.

Use stone and metal to build a larger fort during the later stages of the game so you've got somewhere that's more reinforced to camp out in, plus being higher up increases your chance of landing deadly headshots. Just remember to reinforce the base of any high towers you build as opponents will often try and topple your structure from the bottom up.

How to build structures in Fortnite

Once you're familiar with building materials and types, you're ready to construct yourself some actual structures. Whilst you can build almost anything you can think of in the game, it pays to know some specific structures and builds that give you the edge in certain situations.

Panic wall

You'll probably encounter opponents who scramble to throw up the famous 'panic wall' during combat encounters several times throughout a single match. Depending on build material. they're great for getting a couple of extra seconds to hide so that you can either reload, heal up or run in the opposite direction during a fight. To build one, simply construct a standard wall.


Panic ramp

Similar to panic walls in that players often quickly build them during close-combat, panic ramps are fantastic for getting up higher than your opponent and implementing a surprise attack by dropping down on top of them.

Due to the slope, you can dip in and out of enemy sights by moving up and down the ramp, giving you added protection. If your foe is further away, panic ramps also make for an excellent sniping spot due to the added height. You can construct one by building three standard walls in an upside-down U shape and then placing a set of standard stairs between them.


V-shaped ramp

V-shaped ramps are similar to panic ramps except they consist of two sets of stairs instead of one, making the 'V' shape. They're best placed at the very top of a tower as you can move up and down the ramps on either side as needed and are a great vantage spot to look out and to snipe from. Build one by constructing two panic ramps opposite each other.


Sniper tower

If you've got a good aim, building a sniper tower will be a big advantage to you during a game's final circles as you can camp out at the top of one and pick far away players off with headshots. Construct one by boxing yourself in with four standard walls (or more if you want a bigger space), then build a set of standard stairs and move up higher. Rinse and repeat. Make sure to build a v-shaped ramp at the top if you want to snipe.


If you're more confident in your building abilities, you can even swap one of the bottom standard walls for a wall with a door and then place a trap in there, using the door to lure in unsuspecting players expecting to sneak in and kill you. Just remember to reinforce towers with stronger building materials at the bottom to lessen the chances of it being shot down and you falling to your death.


Healing room

Regardless of your ability, healing rooms should be something you incorporate into your play style as they give you an extra line of defence if you can't find a place to hide and heal up. To build one, surround yourself with four standard walls and then throw a roof over the top. They're pretty obvious to opponents and they'll more than likely try and shoot it down if they see one but at least you'll have nabbed yourself a few extra seconds to recover your health, improving your chances of survival.


Fortnite Traps and other objects explained

Whilst building different structures is incredibly enjoyable in itself, adding objects such as traps to them cranks up the fun meter by 1000, especially when they result in silly and surprise.

Like other loot, objects and traps can be found all over the map, whether it's on the floor, in loot chests and llamas or in supply drops.

Launch Pad

The Launch Pad is an Epic rarity item that hurls you high into the air, allowing you to use your Glider to fly away quickly and easily from enemy attacks or to outrun the storm. In order to deploy the pad, you must place down a floor tile first - make sure you install it away from any trees or buildings that could obstruct your jump.

You can't move or pick it back up again once it's been planted and has unlimited uses meaning your opponents can use it too, so make sure you're strategic with its placement to avoid being followed and killed. If you've built a sniper tower, using a Launch Pad can be a great way to escape quickly into the air if it's being sabotaged by another player.


Damage Trap

There used to be three types of trap in the game: the Wall Zapper, Ceiling Zapper and the Retractable Floor Spikes, but they were removed and replaced with the Damage Trap, an Uncommon item which incorporates all three traps into one. Because of this, it switches its placement automatically between wall, floor and ceiling tiles.

The best way to use it is to place it somewhere such as inside the room of a house or the bottom of a fort, hoping an unsuspecting foe will accidentally stumble across it and meet their demise but more skilled players can actively box an enemy in with their own structure and place the trap with the enemy still inside for an easy kill.


Bouncer trap

The Bouncer Trap is an infinite-use Rare item used mainly by the player themselves to launch off of high places such as mountains or sniper towers as it negates fall damage. Whilst it doesn't deal any damage when stepped on, it can be used as an aid to kill enemy players when placed strategically as it can send them flying into Damage Traps or high enough into the air to get sniped by either you or other opponents.


Cozy Campfire

The Cozy Campfire is a one-use Rare "trap" used to heal up any surrounding players at a rate of 2HP per second for 25 seconds. Whilst the it isn't a damage-dealing item, it's useful when combined with a healing room structure if you either don't have any other healing items or multiple teammates need to recover health quickly.

Try and save it for the later circles where loot is more barren as there's nothing worse than running out of recovery items late in the game, especially if you're in a team and nobody has anything.


How to build specific walls, floors, stairs and roofs in Fortnite

If you want more advanced, specific types of structures, you can 'Edit' the wall or floor you are currently blurprinting, giving you a tile grid which you can then edit to create different structure types: walls and stairs consist of six squares (3x3) and roofs and floors contain four squares (2x2).

By removing tiles, you can manipulate the original structure into different forms, such as a wall with a center door or a set of U-turn stairs and you can edit any structure you build, regardless of form.

It takes a lot of practice to build different structure types quickly so make sure you hone your building skills before trying to create advance builds, especially during combat.

Building walls:

Building Floors:

Building stairs:

Building roofs:

Season 8 and The Sideways have arrived in Fortnite. You can now start collecting the Season 8 Battle Pass skins, using the Sideways weapons, partaking in Sideways encounters, investigate the map changes and obtain the new Victory Umbrella! Make a start on the Season 8 questlines, with the IO Heist and finding IO guards and mending locations for Baba Yaga. You can also start collecting colour bottles for Tonna Fish and completing the new character collection.

Everything else you need to know about building in Fortnite

As well as the essentials above, other things to know about building includes:

  • Building doesn't have to always be used for defense, it can be used to get to high places to reach rare loot - such as inside the roof of a building - or to scout the map.
  • You can also use building as an offensive tactic. Once you get good enough at building structures quickly, you can box your opponents in by building four walls and a ceiling around them. Have a trap handy? Use that while they are inside. Or if from the outside, chuck in a Stink Bomb. Otherwise, this is also a great way to escape a fight.
  • Learning to build quickly can be the difference between escaping the storm and being eliminated early as you run for the final circle. Using materials to quickly scale mountains is essential if you are on the edge of the map.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings when harvesting building materials as players can hear you from a long distance. It's best to harvest once you've killed your opponents and an area is cleared or if you are in a remote area of the map away from the circle. Also, be careful when mining cars for metal as it will set the car alarm off, notifying nearby foes of your presence.
  • When harvesting materials, aim the pickaxe at the blue circle to mine faster. You'll hear an audio cue when you've hit the right spot.
  • Getting good at building requires a lot of practice. Try landing away from other players in remote areas and focus on harvesting materials and building structures - or make use of modes like Playground LTM where the pressure from competing players is off.
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How to use the Fortnite spike traps to get some quick and easy kills

Spike traps are one of the most enjoyable and easy to use items in Fortnite, they do a ton of damage and are easy to conceal in houses, caves, and self-made forts. They aren’t used as much as they should be in my opinion and this guide is here to help change that. 

The Fortnite spike traps are just like bounce pads in that they are single use traps they take up one flat space on the ground, wall or ceiling. They deal out 150 damage when an enemy walks into, under or next to them and they are remain in the same spot for the rest of the game once placed.

Let the spikes watch the door 

The hardest thing to deal with in Fortnite is getting unexpectedly killed after spending 15 minutes gearing up and getting great placement in the circle. It’s something that everyone has experienced when an opponent sneaks into your hideout and shotguns you from behind, it’s also something that spike traps can help avoid. 

When you make your way into any building for the first time be sure to place a spike trap on the ceiling in front of the main entrance. Build a ceiling if the original one is too high or not there at all. Do this before clearing the building since the trap will still remain if you die or decided to flee, and could even take out your assailant when he leaves. If you forgot to lay it on your way in a spike trap can be a nice way to get someone to stop chasing you for a few moments if you quickly place it on your way out as well.

Building a hidden spike fort 

Little wooden, steel, and brick built shacks and towers will be a dime a dozen across Fortnite’s open fields and hills. Most of them will be the remnants of an old fight, someone making cover to heal, or staircases and towers made to traverse big obstacles. No one will think twice if they see weapons and items lying around a few walls. 

That also means they won’t check for traps. Placing a spike trap among a tower, insta-fort, or even a few independent walls can lead to an easy kill. The key is to make it blend it, build a couple walls or a box with an easy way to enter. PLace a weapon or item that can easily be seen from outside the structure and just wait for people to meander in. 

Spike on the run

Whenever you know someone is pursuing you, whether or not you think you can handle the bullet exchange, use a spike trap as soon as they lose the eye line to you. The few seconds the take to either go around the trap or destroy it will give you time to reposition or escape. 

This works particularly well anywhere that’s not out in the wide open. Placing the trap on either self-built wall or a regular one will do. It may even take them by surprise and take them out for you. 

If you want moreFortnite tips, there's an extensive guide to thebest Fortnite weapons, a breakdown of the best places to drop on theFortnite map, and even a guide to the most likelyFortnite llama locations 

Fortnite News \
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This page may contain information affected by the Hero Loadout update.
Some content on this page may contain information about subclasses, perks, or heroes that no longer exist or have been significantly altered. See the Hero Loadout blog for details.

If you are looking for Battle Royale traps please go here !

Trap icon.png

Traps are items used to fight off monsters from the Storm. They can be found in the world, received as rewards, or crafted. They are one of the core mechanics of the game, used for fort protection. There's a great variety of functions and placement options available. Upgrading Tech in skill tree and survivor squads will increase the damage dealt by traps.

There are 3 different types of traps based on what they are attached to : Ceiling Traps, Floor Traps, Wall Traps

In each different types of traps depending on which platfrom they are placed on, they are divided into 2 categories :

  • Defensive traps will deal damage to enemies when they walk within range.
  • Utility traps will either hinder husks spawning or provide assistance to the players.

Ceiling Traps

There are currently 4 ceiling traps available in Fortnite.

Defensive Ceiling Traps

Floor Trap

There are currently 14 floor traps available in Fortnite: Save the World.

Defensive Floor Traps

Utility Floor Traps

Wall Traps

There are currently 7 wall traps available in Fortnite: Save the World.

Defensive Wall Traps

Name Image Rarity Description
Wall SpikesWall spikes icon.pngCommon





Best trap to use for any section that is going to be attacked directly. Can be attached to any height of wall but it has to be full width.
Wall DartsWall darts icon.pngUncommon




Launches darts at enemies that are up to 3 tiles away horizontally. The darts pass through all enemies and damage everything within the range until it collides with a wall. Can only be attached to full walls.
Wall DynamoWall dynamo icon.pngUncommon




Deals extremely high damage and stuns momentarily. Can be attached to any height of wall but it has to be full width.



This trap shoots out high damaging cannonballs with good impact.

Utility Wall Traps

Name Image Rarity Description
Wall LauncherWall launcher icon.pngUncommon




Launches husks several tiles laterally. Can only be attached to full walls.
Wall LightsWall lights icon.pngRare



Stuns husks for a very long time when they're in close proximity. Can be attached to full walls even with windows.
Sound WallSound Wall.pngUncommon




Deals no damage, but causes husks to dance for a few seconds when activated. (Does not affect Mist Monsters or husks that have recently been dancing. Also causes Propane Husks to drop their tank

Trap Game Mechanics:[1]

  • Traps have a trigger range and an effect range. For most traps this is one tile for both. (In this text assume trigger and effect range is 1 unless otherwise stated).
  • Traps have a reload time, which is the time between the trap triggers. Some of the bigger, more powerful traps can take up to 12 seconds to reload.
  • Traps have durability, which is the number of times a trap can trigger.
  • Once a trap has run out of durability it will disappear.
  • Traps cannot be repaired, but the surface they are attached to can.
  • Traps cannot be removed. You must remove the surface they are on or wait until their durability has run out.
  • The surface a trap is attached to cannot be edited until the trap is destroyed or runs out of durability.
  • If the wall that a trap is installed on is destroyed by husks, the trap dies too.
  • Traps cannot harm players. *


*Player launcher traps can potentially be used maliciously to direct an unsuspecting player towards their doom ie: cliff-side


Fortnite Live - Weapons, Traps and Bullet Snacks (How Weapons and Traps Function)


Patch 1.10 (December 6, 2017)
  • Traps no longer set off propane tanks. This allows players more control over when the propane tank explodes and will prevent the explosion from damaging the players own traps.



Traps guide fortnite

Fortnite: How to Build Traps in Battle Royale

Published onAlex Gibson

Home » Guides » Fortnite: How to Build Traps in Battle Royale


The ability to build forts and traps in Fortnite Battle Royale is a key difference between other games of the same genre. It totally changes how players both interact with the environment and the tactics that shape each match. A word of warning to those migrating from PUBG or other similar games: do not ignore the ability to build and lay traps, it must be learned and implemented effectively in order to achieve Victory Royale.

But while building structures is intuitive enough, traps can are a bit more cumbersome. In order to lay a trap, once you have located one and picked it up, access the building menu by pressing Triangle (PS4) or X (Xbox One). Instead of cycling through the building structures, hit Circle (PS4), B (Xbox One), or F5 to bring up your traps. Then select the trap you want to build, which will bring up a new circular menu that presents four different options: wall (left and right), floor, ceiling. Depending on the trap you have selected, you’ll be able to opt for different setups, but most traps are quite specific on where they can be placed.

Depending on the trap, you’ll be able to opt for different setups, but most traps are quite specific on where they can be placed. If you are unable to select your desired placement, it’s because what you have selected isn’t compatible. Wall Dynamo’s, for example, cannot be placed on the floor or ceiling. Traps such as floor spikes will also require you to mine the floor of a building in order to clear a space for them. Ceiling Zappers, too, sometimes need a wooden ceiling built before one can be laid underneath.

To place the trap, simply press the right trigger on consoles or click the left mouse button on PC.

That’s everything you need to know in order to build a trap in Fortnite Battle Royale. For more useful tips and tricks, be sure to check back with Twinfinite.


How to use Fortnite's spike traps to rack up quiet kills

Fortnite's a game about running, jumping, shooting, and a whole lot of building. There isn’t much downtime or the kind of silent suspense you see in PUBG, and you really only get some alone time if you land somewhere far away from everyone else. That downtime is perfect for using the spike trap, a tool that’s ideal for collecting a few passive kills. Our guide to Fortnite's spike trap will help you nab some of your own.

The spike trap is an alternative building tool you can collect, similar to the bounce traps, campfires, and launch pads. They can only be placed on flat surfaces, and spike traps are best on walls and ceilings.

Be sure to keep in mind: Your own traps can’t hurt you, but traps left by eliminated players are still as deadly as ever. Keep a watchful eye on ceilings, floors, and walls before bursting into a building. 

Put it at the entrance of your hideout to watch your back

Solo play can be intimidating: you don’t have that extra pair of eyes watching your back, something that’s incredibly useful when your planning your next move from the comfort of your best hiding spot.

The spike trap can act as a pseudo bouncer wherever you’ve set up shop for those final circle moments. If you go into a building or house, especially in the late game sprint, leave the front door open and place a spike trap on the ceiling right above the door. You can even build a ceiling if there isn't one there already. This can easily give you and extra kill or two if done right since there are only a few, if any, buildings within the final circle and few players actually prepare for a trap within the building they’re about to run into. 

Hiding a surprise in your fort

Little forts are a dime a dozen across Fortnite’s deserts and forests. Finding a small wooden, brick, or steel constructed fortress is usually a clue that a fight went down and there may be some extra loot lying around. A lot of players tend to explore these wreckages with little worry about whether or not the player that built them is still around. This is another great opportunity to set a trap.

Either in one of the late stages of the game, or while you’re making your way to a new circle and know some players may be trailing behind you, build your own quick one or two story box. Make a door on the front, set a spike trap on the top, and drop an item or two inside so they are visible as people walk by. If you’re lucky, this will lure in at least one unsuspecting victim and skewer them before they have a chance to check out the sweet loot you left behind.

Lead them to the spikes 

A lot of times you’ll find yourself on the run when you're outgunned and low on ammo. This can feel frantic, but the spike trap is a perfect distraction and countermeasure for someone hot on your tail. 

If you’re running across a narrow wooden bridge, into a house, around the corner, or even in a space with defined walls, place a spike trap as soon as you make a turn. This can distract the enemy by forcing them to avoid or destroy the trap, giving you extra time to reposition or escape. It also could end up killing them if all goes well.

Hey folks, beloved mascot Coconut Monkey here representing the collective PC Gamer editorial team, who worked together to write this article!


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Fortnite Wiki Guide

Damage Trap Uncommon Causes 150 damage to anyone who passes it.
Cozy Campfire Rare Heals anyone near it for 2hp/tick up to 50 health. 
Launch Pad Epic Allows you to jump high into the air and deploy your glider.

Retractable Floor Spikes

Place these deadly and silent spikes on the floor inside a door or in an unexpected place with some juicy loot in front of it to catch unsuspecting players off guard.

Launch Pad

The launch pad resembles a trampoline, and will fling you high into the air and let you Skydive and redploy your Glider after you've already landed the first time. Be careful though, as a random human flying up into the air can be easy to spot for those on the ground.

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