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I just have the one 1993 hatch. Everything from the front seats back has been stripped out of my car and I want to put the rear seats and belts back in it like factory along with the interior trim panels and rear cargo carpet. I am not into the drag/drift theme and like my cars with full OEM interior.
I realize that the back seats are not suitable for full size adults, but I do have 3 grandchildren that love to ride around with me when they get the chance.
I found a guy that had a coupe and was offering me his rear seats and was just wondering if they were the same. I was thinking that they would probably be different, just wanted to know for sure.
I will just keep looking for some more hatch rear seats and belts. Seems like all the younger guys are pulling them out anyways so I am sure I will come across some nice ones eventually and get all my interior back together.

Thanks everyone for all the help.

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S15 Lower B-pillar strengthening brackets
180sx/S13 Manual Seat Belt B-Pillar covers
Bride Zeta 1 bucket seat
Garage S FRP Full Bucket Seat
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S15 Spec R seat R side
JDM S14 cloth pattern seat L side #1
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S15 Spec R rear seats
S15 Spec R rear seats
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S14 Rear Seat Delete

We’re happy to release our Rear Seat Delete for the S14 240SX!

-Engineered and manufactured in house in the USA!

-CNC Plasma cut from 0.063″ (1.5mm) aluminum, finished with an even brushed finish

-Ready to be painted, powder coated, wrapped, or can be left raw to match your interior/build

-Uses all factory mounting locations so there is no drilling, cutting, or modifying your car

-All necessary mounting hardware and installation instructions are included

If you have a fuel cell in the trunk, this is great for sectioning it off from the cabin. It also offers a reduction in weight from the stock rear seats (approx. 25 pounds for stock vs. 14 pounds for our seat delete), while also providing a clean finished interior look!


-If your interior is gutted (no carpet) you may want to consider purchasing the add on foam tape option to quiet it down!

-In some models of S14s there is an air bag computer that mounted underneath the rear seat. This interfered with the seat delete so it will have to be removed. Remember this is for offroad use only!!

-INTERNATIONAL-FRIENDLY VERSION NOTE: Due to international shipping size restrictions via USPS, we created a rivet-together rear seat delete so that we are able to ship to countries that we normally wouldn’t be able to! The seat delete will look just like our standard rear seat delete, it will just be in 6 pieces that will rivet together. All rivets and the proper drill bit are included with this option!


*For track or offroad use ONLY! Do not allow any passengers to be in this area while the vehicle is moving. We cannot be held liable for any damage, injury, etc. from improper usage.*

*All products are made to order in house by Landon and Rebecca, so we currently have a 15 business day (3 week) build time for standard Priority Mail orders. If you need to receive your order sooner, please either check out with Priority Mail Express shipping or write to us prior to placing your order to see if we are able to rush it out and meet your deadline! Thanks for understanding! 🙂 *

Sours: https://lrbspeed.com/product/s14-rear-seat-delete/
Street Faction Rear Seat Delete - Nissan 240sx S14

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Seats s14 rear

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S14 DRIFT CAR UPGRADES! - Street Faction Bash bar, seat bracket and heel plate install!

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