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Taiwanese supermodel Lin Chi-ling's marriage to Japanese boyband Exile's member Akira was prompted by her ailing mother's sickness.

Lin announced their marriage on Chinese microblogging site Weibo on June 6, eight years after they first met on the Japanese stage play production of Red Cliff.

China Press reported that Lin's mother, Wu Tzu-mei, had been suffering from Alzheimer's since 2015, and was frequenting the National Taiwan University Hospital for treatment.

Lin reduced her workload last year to be with her mother but when her mother's condition improved, Lin spent more time with Akira, whose real name is Ryohei Kurosawa, The Star reported.

When Wu made known her wish to see her daughter walk down the aisle, Lin decided to get married.

It is also a Chinese belief that an auspicious occasion would bring good luck to a mother's health.

Lin and Akira's marriage was a surprise to many, as there were no earlier rumours of their romance.

Lin was linked to Taiwanese actor Jerry Yan previously. The two were in an on-again-off-again relationship and were photographed vacationing together in 2017, sparking talk of reconciliation.

When asked about Lin's marriage, Yan did not comment much, and simply told the journalists: "I truly wish her happiness."


Being a celebrity often means being watched closely by the media.

And Taiwanese supermodel Lin Chi-ling has asked for some understanding from reporters after she shared that she gained weight recently.

But it is hard to tell — she showed off a trim figure in an off-shoulder gown at a public appearance in Taipei over the weekend.

Responding to comments that she looked radiant at the event, Chi-ling said: "I didn't look like this when I got off the plane, I've been working hard so I could meet you."

She also revealed that she lost about three kilograms through exercise while serving the 14-day quarantine.

Following her marriage to Japanese actor and dancer Akira last year, she cut down on work commitments and moved to Japan to turn her attention to family life.

Since then, the 46-year-old has been eating regular home-cooked meals, adding: "Weight doesn't matter, a strong immunity is most important at this time."

And it is during the pandemic that she realised that having her husband to lean on has given her a sense of stability, something she said she didn't feel before marriage.

Ever since she tied the knot, Chi-ling has made no secret of her plan to start a family.

In preparation for motherhood, she was said to have frozen her eggs in 2014 and gone for in-vitro fertilisation in 2019. She was also dogged by pregnancy rumours which she shot down with some humour.

When asked about her plans for 2021, Chi-ling shared: "Pregnancy has been in my plans for some time. Little angel, are you queueing up (to be born)? Please come to us soon."

Confirming that her doctor told her putting on weight would help boost her chances at pregnancy, she quipped: "But once I put on weight, the media will…", earning chuckles from the press.

"We're all good friends, please don't say I've put on weight anymore."

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Taiwanese supermodel Lin Chi-ling dispelled rumours that she has gone for plastic surgery after Chinese netizens said they could not recognise her in a recent video.

Lin, 45, was seen in the video congratulating fashion label StayReal on its 13th anniversary. The brand was set up by Taiwanese singer Ashin, frontman of rock band Mayday, and Taiwanese designer No2Good in 2007.

In the video uploaded on Tuesday (July 7), Lin was seen wearing a black cap as she walked about.

The actress-model said: "Hello, StayReal, I am Sister Chi-ling. I would like to wish you happy birthday on your 13th anniversary. Happy birthday. Congratulations, you will reach adulthood in a few years."

The video became a trending topic among Chinese netizens after its release, with many of them saying that they would not have recognised Lin if not for her girlish voice.

Some wondered if she has gone for a plastic surgery after her wedding in 2019. Other netizens felt that it could be due to the light effects or make-up filters.

Amidst the comments, Lin on Wednesday posted a close-up photo of herself on her Weibo and Instagram accounts, with the caption: "Fresh 'close-up photo'".

Lin, who made a cameo in the Mayday movie Mayday Life (2019), has cut down on her work commitments since her marriage to Japanese actor Akira, 38, in June 2019. She has also not appeared in public for some time partly due to the coronavirus pandemic.

2020年還是要相信愛情!志玲姐姐與Akira終於幸福結婚全記錄(特輯)|Vogue Taiwan

Lin Chiling Dethroned As The Most Beautiful Chinese Celebrity In Japan

Taiwanese model-actress Lin Chiling’s not known as 'Taiwan’s top model’ for no reason. The 46-year-old’s good looks and sweet personality has endeared her to the hearts of many, even if she’s kinda faded out of the spotlight ever since marrying Japanese pop star Akira.

But when a Japanese site known for letting the public vote and rank literally everything entertainment-related, from anime to celebrities, made a poll allowing the public to rank the most beautiful celebrity from China, Hongkong and Taiwan, the results weren’t so pretty for Chiling.

The poll, which saw close to 500 participants, ranked 26 celebs in total, with some sharing the reason behind their choices.

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Ling lin zi

Lin Chi-ling

Taiwanese actress and model (born 1974)

In this Chinese name, the family name is Lin.

Lin Chi-ling (born 29 November 1974) is a Taiwanese model, actress, singer and television host.[1][2]

Early life[edit]

Lin Chi-ling was born on 29 November 1974 in Taipei, Taiwan. Lin's father, Lin Fan-nan (Chinese: 林繁男), and her mother, Wu Tzu-mei (Chinese: 吳慈美), are both from Tainan in southern Taiwan. Following their marriage, they moved to Taipei where Lin and her elder brother Lin Chi-hong (Chinese: 林志鴻) were born. Lin attended Taipei Municipal Zhongzheng Junior High School and at the age of 15 was discovered by model talent scout Lin Chien-huan (Chinese: 林健寰).[3] She later attended Bishop Strachan School in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, then attended the University of Toronto until 1997, when she completed her bachelor degree, double-majoring in Western art history and economics.

After graduating from university, Lin returned to Taiwan.[4] She intended to pursue a career in fine art and sought a position at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, but was turned away because she lacked a postgraduate degree in the field.[5] Lin continued to model part-time before leaving the industry and working as an administrative assistant for the Fubon Cultural and Educational Foundation (台灣海外援助發展聯盟). In 2000, Lin left Fubon and spent three months studying in Japan, then returned to Taiwan and modeling, with Catwalk Production House.



2009 Asia Model Festival Awards, South Korea

In 2002, Lin was invited to model in a television advertisement in Hong Kong. The advertisement received attention and discussion on the internet, and interest in Lin began to grow.[6] The following year, noted television producer Ge Hongfu offered Lin a position as hostess of a fashion program on Shanghai Oriental Television. In 2004, Lin starred in a broad series of advertisements in Taiwan that included big giant building-size posters, billboards, and television commercials. Almost overnight, Lin skyrocketed to national fame and became an instant celebrity model. Her rise to fame initiated a Taiwanese craze for supermodels, an effect commentators named "The Lin Chi-ling Phenomenon" (Chinese: 林志玲現象; pinyin: Lín Zhìlínɡ xiànxiànɡ).

Lin's popularity grew throughout the rest of 2004, as she began modeling in Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese advertisements, and continued when she began doing Japanese advertisements in 2005. From 2004 to 2006, Lin served as Taiwan's goodwill ambassador to the Japan Tourism Association.[7] One of the unintended results of Lin Chi-ling phenomenon is that due to Lin's popularity among her Chinese fans, some Japanese pornographic actresses resembling Lin have become more famous and more popular among Chinese fans than their native homeland Japan, and received nicknames given by their China fans in association with Lin Chi-ling,[8][9] such as in the case of Yui Hatano, who is frequently referred by Chinese fans as AV Lin Chi-ling,[8] and Nozomi Aso (麻生希/あそう のぞみ), who is frequently referred by Chinese fans as AV little Lin Chin-ling.[9] On 8 August 2005, Lin was in Dalian, China, shooting an advertisement for Procter & Gamble home products when she fell from the back of a horse she was riding and was inadvertently trampled. Workers rushed Lin to a nearby hospital where doctors discovered that she had suffered six broken ribs, a punctured left lung, and an accumulation of blood in the pleural cavity.[10] Lin underwent four months of treatment and therapy, and announced in November 2005 that she had completely recovered.


Lin has had numerous roles in television over her time as a model, being the host of TVBS-G LA Mode News, TVBS-G Fashion Track, the Golden Melody Awards and the Top Chinese Music Chart Awards in 2005.

Lin starred as one of the three female leads in the 2010 Fuji TV Japanese television drama Tsuki no Koibito. The male lead is a popular actor Takuya Kimura.


Lin made her film début role in a historical epic directed by John Woo entitled Red Cliff. Playing the role of Xiaoqiao, it was her first time acting. In 2009, she starred together with Jay Chou in the action-adventure film The Treasure Hunter.


Lin Chi-ling at a Christmas tree lighting charity event, hosted by Longines Taiwan, at the Taipei 101 shopping mall on 5 December 2014
Andy Lauand Lin Chi-ling at Beijing Film Festival 2013

As of 2006, Lin has served as an official spokesperson for both China Airlines and Longines.[11]

Taiwanese media reported Lin as #1 model in the "Richest Celebrities [in Taiwan]" list in 2007, with estimated earnings of NT$60,000,000 (≈ AU$2,100,000 ≈ CA$1,900,000 ≈ UK£906,000 ≈ US$1,900,000), in which Jay Chou appeared as #1 male singer (with over NT$100,000,000) and Jolin Tsai appeared as #1 female singer (with nearly NT$100,000,000).[12]

Hong Kong press reported she was 2009's #1 highest-paid model in the Greater China region, followed by Chinese Jennifer Du (#2), Hong Kong's Gaile Lai (#3) and Lynn Hung (#4).[13] She has continuously ranked #1 on Taiwan's "Highest-earning models" list since 2004. Her earnings was estimated to be NT$160,000,000 (≈ AU$5,400,000 ≈ CA$5,400,000 ≈ UK£3,370,000 ≈ US$5,320,000) in 2010, which consisted of those from advertisements (NT$120,000,000) and various such as TV-series appearance in Japan (NT$40,000,000),[14] and NT$200,000,000 (≈ AU$6,600,000 ≈ CA$6,800,000 ≈ UK£4,240,000 ≈ US$6,600,000) in 2011.[15]

In the same year, she established a charity fund Chiling Charity Foundation (財團法人臺北市志玲姊姊慈善基金會),[16] which supports child welfare.[17]

Personal life[edit]

Lin was in an on and off relationship with Taiwanese actor Jerry Yan for many years.[18] Yan admitted to reuniting with Lin on 10 November 2017, but this was neither confirmed nor denied by Lin.[19][20] Around one year later, however, Yan refused to comment[21] and Lin denied dating.[22] On 6 June 2019, Lin announced her marriage to Akira, a member of the Japanese pop band Exile.[23][24]





  • "International Artist Credibility Award", 2nd International Television Commercial Arts Festival in 2006
  • "Hong Kong Style Icons", Hong Kong Trade Development Council in 2006
  • "Top Ten China Beauty", 5th International Beauty Week in 2006
  • "Best Fashion Icon at the 2nd Entertainment Award at Beijing in 2007
  • "Most popular New Actress", Baidu Award in 2008
  • "Best New Actress", Sina Award in 2008
  • "Best Asia Star Award", Asia Model Festival awards at Korea in 2009
  • "Most Influential Charity Icon", Charity Star Award in 2009
  • "2017 University College Alumni of Influence Award", University of Toronto at Canada in 2017


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