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Warframe’s latest Sisters of Parvos ads new quests, weapons, a Warframe, and much more to the game. One of the new additions is the Corrupted Holokey item that you can get in Void Relics. You can use these items to buy the new Tenet weapons for yourself. This Warframe guide will include all the details on how you can get Corrupted Holokey. 

How to Get Corrupted Holokey in Warframe

Corrupted Holokeys is one of the new items that you can get in Void Relics. Corrupted Holokeys are not that rare but still have a 37% drop rate. You will have to open multiple boxes before having a chance of getting the item. As far as the Void Relics go, you can acquire them in Void Storm missions. Even though these missions are quite tough to complete, the reward of Corrupted Holokey makes doing them worthwhile. 

After multiple missions, you will have accumulated quite a lot of Corrupted Holokey. Once you have many of them, you can go to Ergo Glast to acquire one of the new Tent melee weapons. Ergo Glast also has ranged Tenet weapons, but they require a different currency or item in exchange. Each week you can buy a new Tenet weapon using your Corrupted Holokey. If you miss out on a melee weapon in a week, you might not be able to get it for the next few weeks or more. 

This is how you can get the Corrupted Holokey in Warframe. If you want to learn more then you can check out our guide on how you can get Thermal Sludge.

Sours: https://primewikis.com/guides/warframe-corrupted-holokey-guide-how-to-get/

Warframe Podcast Episode 145 – Sisters of Parvos

“Sisters are doing it for themselves! Standing on their own two feet…”

Wait… Wrong song.

Finally, the Sisters of Parvos update has seen fit to grace our servers, and what an update it is. Not only does it bring the Sisters themselves, and a whole raft of weapons, but there’s a brand new Warframe in there and a major weapon rebalance.

Listen to hear our thoughts, and we’ll see you again next week for our TennoCon follow-up.


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  • Discussion: Sisters of Parvos update

Warframe Podcast

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Has Destiny fixed Xur’s new home, The Tower?

Ok, the title of this article is a bit of a joke, as Xur has been spotted in the Tower Hangar 4 or 5 times in a row now, and we find that really funny.

Bungie back at it again with the fixes. Now it addresses one of the central hubs in the game. The Tower, what is the tower you might ask? Let us try to take a closer look at what is the Tower, what it means for Guardians, and what role it plays in this first-person shooter.

We Built This City

Home of the guardians, where you can regroup, rearm and form new alliances. The Tower is a location in the Last City. It was the Headquarters of the Vanguard, home of the Speaker, and where Guardians report and rest between missions. Think of it as an airport layover, a place where you kick off your boots after a round of enemy blasting and grinding. This is the place where you buy weapons, armor, and even emotes. Interaction with other guardians with the same vision as you, The Tower acts as the central point for any player worth their weight in engrams. According to Tyra Kam, at the height of The Last City’s militarization, it was defended by eight total Towers manned by Titans. The Tower was first attacked by the Cabal Red Legion during their invasion of the Last City, one year after the SIVA Crisis. Guardians stalled the Red Legion troops while civilians were evacuated, but the Speaker went missing in action.  In the game, The Tower acts as the main hub for Guardians in between missions or Crucible matches. It is one of the Social Spaces available in the game, the others being Vestian Outpost in the reef, The Lighthouse, and the Iron Temple. Activities that you can do but not limited to are, purchase gear from vendors. Sell artifacts and decode engrams with the cryptarch, acquire bounties and quests. Store or retrieve gear from Player vaults or collections kiosks. Receive rewards from quests, completed bounties, and public events. Ask other Guardians to be part of your fire team, pledge your allegiance to factions for additional rewards.

We are going on a trip.

The Tower is a sprawling location that most players would go to at the start of the game, and this is an integral part of the story for Destiny 2. It acts as a launching pad for the player and many mundane activities can be done here as well. Have you tried looking for different balls that you can play with? Kicked it to your heart’s content. Play pranks on others by turning on that big fan and blasting other guardians to the air.  Play the Lava challenge, activate the challenge, and play a game reminiscent of the floor is lava. Take part in the ball puzzle and kick the ball to a specific location. Occupied by the Red Legion in the first game, the Tower lives long in the hearts of any Destiny player as a place where everything else is just normal. Various other holiday events take place in the Tower and you will be pressed to miss any of them. Especially if you are looking for that exotic or just additional engram that you can use on your journey.

Fixer Upper

Lately, players have reported an issue where they spawn in the Tower and get disconnected. The error code is called CALABRESE and a pop-up would show “Bungie is actively tracking this general networking error. Your disconnect was reported the moment it occurred. If you continue to receive this error, please consider following the suggestions in our Network Troubleshooting Guide”. Many players have reported this as a major hassle since most activities begin at the Tower. Players started looking at their local internet connection as the main source of the problem but as the community goes, more and more players are experiencing this error.  Bungie has now released a patch called which fixes this issue, albeit the occasional crash, most players would just need to restart the game to avoid future crashes in the future. With most of the hype of the game still raging from previous events, a small respite would be a welcome addition even for hardened Guardians.

Final Thoughts

As the year starts to get to its halfway mark, Developers from Bungie are doing the best they can to seize a hold at its community. Whether its addressing the unfair advantage some players gain from the PVP events or just loot not feeling as rewarding as before. Bungie has their focus on all fronts. Player experience is the first order of business.  Most of the updates and fixes come in small patches, so no cutting off your precious playing time just to wait for the bug to go away. The developers have also been vocal about reporting such issues to make the game more fun. With a lore that is complex and action packed events to take part of, Destiny 2 continues to be one of the first person shooters to try.

Sours: https://warframe.today/has-destiny-fixed-xurs-new-home-the-tower/
Warframe - Lenovo Legion 5 (2020) benchmark gameplay - GTX 1650 Ti + i7-10750H -

Lightforged Warframe

Lightforged Warframe

Family: Mechanical

Type: Reputation

Faction: Neutral

Zone: Argus

Reputation: Army of the Light

Sold By: Vindicator Jaelaana

Recommended Level: Level 45

Skill Level: 1/10

Lightforged Warframe


The Lightforged Warframe is purchasable once you reach Exalted with the Army of the Light from Vindicator Jaelaana for 530,000g.

Vindicator Jaelaana can be found within the Vindicaar in Argus.

Getting Exalted with Army of Light isn’t too bad at all. You’ll firstly want to complete the yellow story quests found on the Vindicaar in Argus, these will give you a large chunk of reputation and unlock World Quests in the three zones within Argus.

At this point you have four main ways of getting reputation with Army of Light

Weekly Quests

There will be two weekly quests available if you’ve progress far enough in the story. Fuel of a Doomed World which is to collect 50 Pristine Argunite from Invasion Points, Rares or Treasures across Argus, this awards 1000 reputation. The second is Invasion Onslaught which is to complete 3 Invasion Points in Argus (indicated by the Green Portal on the map), this also awards 1000 reputation.

World Quests and Emissary Caches

Completing World Quests across the three zones in Argus can award between 150 and 350 reputation. So ensure you are completing all the World Quests that are tied to Army of Light which are generally found in Antoran Wastes and Mac’Aree but the Elite Kill quests in Krokuun also provide Army of Light reputation.

You also have the Emissary Cache if this is available, you will be given a new Emissary Cache for a Legion faction each day, there is a chance this will be Army of Light. If it is then simply complete 4 World Quests in Argus and hand in the Emissary for 1000 reputation.

Reputation Insignia

The Army of Light Insignia and Greater Army of Light insignia can be awarded from your Class Order Hall mission table missions if you’ve progressed the story in Argus far enough.

They can also be obtained from the bonus loot of mission table missions in the Greater Tribute of the Broken Isles.

You can also find them as World Quest rewards in Argus and these will be Bind of Account meaning you can complete the World Quest on an alt and then send the reputation token to your main character.

Demon Soulstone

This is an item you will rarely get from the Elite enemies found across Argus that can only be killed for their loot once per day. This will award 1000 reputation when used.


Humans receive 10% extra reputation from all sources due to their racial buff. Additionally, countless reputation buffs can be utilized to speed up your reputation gains further, such as the WHEE! (DMF is around for one week every month), WOW Anniversary buff or other mini-holiday related buffs such as Grim Visage.

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Legion warframe

Lightforged Warframe

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Warframe -Belenus Void Defense Endurance -Solar Legion Clan Challenge (PC)

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