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Player AidsASL AbbreviationsA pdf containing a concise listing of ASL Abbreviations used in the RB, by Greg Wieland (ver 3, 9-10-2020) updated by Jim Yuzwalk.ASLSK Quick ReferenceA handy 2 page player aid provides an IFT, terrain chart, abbreviated Sequence of Play, and a list of needed miscellaneous tables. From the Yankee ASL folks.ASL Rules SummaryThe title is just what it says, a general play summary of ASL rules broken down by phase. By J. Yuzwalk. Updated Dec 1, 2020IFT QDRC Play AidOne page IFT cheat sheet that Ole Boe made up (with the to-hit charts, to-kill, CC and all that)Routing TutorialContent of a Jay Richardson rout tutorial that appeared on BoardGameGeek and formatted by Jim Yuzwalk, June 16, 2020.ASL SOP in Readable FormatAn ASOP player aid that explains the ASOP in a readable, easy to use format. Fully searchable text and bookmarks by Jay Richardson.ASL Snake Eyes and Boxcars v3A cheat sheet on the effects of Original 2 and 12 results during different phases.The Geometry of ASLAn excerpt from Banzai!! Vol. 5.2 explaining The Geometry of ASL by David Hailey. (May, 2000)One Page ASLThis file can be used to teach the infantry sections of Advanced Squad Leader to players familiar with other WW2 tactical systems. By Greg Schmittgens.ASLRB Version TrackerThis file is a compendium of all the different versions that exist for each single page of the official ASL rulebook, from 1985 up to date. Pages with errata are also marked. Ver 1.2 (Aug 2016).The Ponderous Book of ASL Play AidsA compilation of ASL player aids pulled together by Chris Smith.Rich Spilky's ASL Play AidsRich Spilky has developed some fabulous player aids (recently updated May. 2019) that are sure to help speed up your play, bring light to dim recesses of The Rules, and in general improve the quality of your life. New Tables: Table 31 (regarding ATT resolutions). Eff date: 15 Sept, 2020.Jim Stahler's ASL TutorialsThese go back a ways and was done more to help folks make the transition from SL to ASL, but there are some good lessons here for folks jumping into ASL from the beginning.From Starter Kit to Full ASLA comprehensive list of rules you need to learn (Covering Starter Kits #1 and #2) to go from SK to Full ASL created by Miikka Sohlman.Starter Kit TutorialA terrific tutorial document for ASL Starter Kit players covering SK#1 through SK#3. By Jay Richardson, bookmarked by Jim Yuzwalk.ASLSK IndexEver wonder why there isn't an ASLSK Index for those rules? Based on the contents of ASLSK#3, this will look familiar to those folks with the ASL Rulebook, and helps tremendously in quickly locating information in the ASLSK rulebook (Version 81). Done by JR VanMechelen.ASLSK Tip SheetThis is an ASLSK tip sheet to help players with the activites for each of the ASL phases. By mbtanker.ASLSK Sequence of PlayThis is a great aide for ASL Starter Kit players to execute the steps within each phase in order.ASLSK Gun Tables (by Nationality)A collection of all things Ordnance/Vehicle MA, including Nationality-specific TH/Effect charts for EVERY weapon in ALL SKs, including DaE.Rally and Morale Check FlowchartA rally and morale check flowchart from Bill Kohler. v1.6Basic Probability Primer for ASLThe very basics of DR probabilites with tables by von Marwitz.ASL Scenario Setup SheetA handy setup sheet for all those hips, guns, fortifications, armor leaders and any other info that you need to jot down.ASL Scenario Aid CardA good general scenario status card for keeping track of all those elements that impact a scenario.Game Turn Play AidA simpler, straight-forward play aid for keeping track of general scenario info: game turn, SAN, phase, and ELR. By Sava Toufexis (2013)ASL 2nd Ed TOC incl. chapts F+GA detailed listing of the 2nd edition rulebook table of contents.ASL Phases Quick ReferenceThis 12-page player aid provides an abbreviated Sequence of Play, a list of special DRs, a list of needed miscellaneous tables, and some rules summaries for each of the phases of ASL. By Jay Richardson.ASL Air Support Play AidA condensed players aid with all of the pertinent rules for dealing with aircraft from Jim Sexton.Bocage Play AidA players aid for dealing with bocage from Robert Davis. Based on the BFP2 bocage article by Chas Smith, it includes Light Bocage rules from BFP's Beyond the Beachhead.ASL Electronic Advanced Sequence of PlayThe ASOP in html form by Ole BoeASL Standard SOPAn ASOP player aid that deals just with standard play. A little shorter than the one above.ASL Night SOPAn ASOP player aid that focuses on those steps related to night play.ASL SOP on One PageAn ASOP player aid that defines the basic actions of game play in a one page format. By Jim McLeod.Terrain, IFT/IIFT, CC and other Charts in HTMLTitle pretty much says it. These were submitted by Matt Evans for you folk who prefer to access info using your computer, or they can be printed out.Chapter B,F, and G Terrain Charts in Alphabetical OrderThese terrain charts have been shuffled so that all the terrain appears in alphabetical order.ASL Counter Reference Folding CardThis is a handy illustrated reference card on ASL counters and the rules sections that deal with themSASL CG and DYO Purchase RosterFor folks who generate their own SASL scenarios, here is a handy DYO OB set up sheet and a CG Roster Sheet. Provided by Jim Yuzwalk.ASL Module Dependency ChartFor all of you new to ASL or getting back into it after a long absence, here is a great chart that shows what modules and packs are dependent on what. Ver 6 Circa Jul. 2018 by M. ElfstromASLSK Module Dependency ChartA little dated but still useful, here is a great chart that shows what modules and packs are necessary to play a particular ASLSK scenario.IIFT QDRC Play AidOne page IIFT cheat sheet that Ole Boe made up (with the to-hit charts, to-kill, CC and all that)Area vs Infantry Target Type AidPlayers aid for outlining the difference betwen Area and Infantry target types, from Michael DoroshOrdnance Attacks QRCOne page Ordnance attacks quick reference sheet "by attacker-by phase" from Lars ThuringBombardment QRC, C1.8One page bombardment quick reference chart from Tom KearneyFiring Ordnance -To Hit ModsThe combination of this table and the one above make for a great aid set for Ordnance by Steve Edwards.BIG Honkin to-hit/to-kill tablesThe To-Hit and To-Kill tables broken out into a large format.Acquisition Player Aid SheetAn Acquisition aid to help with the various target types by Tom Repetti. Jun 2000IFT and SW Attacks QRCOne page SW and IFT attacks quick reference sheet "by attacker-by phase" from Lars ThuringAttack DR Results Play AidA quick reference for you folks new to ASL (and for us with failing memories) that outlines the consequences to your defending Infantry units based on your opponents' attack results. Submitted by Patrick Ireland.Clearing Obstacles Play AidA quick reference sheet outlining what's involved in clearing those pesky obstacles. Submitted by Tom Kearney.Collateral Attacks FlowchartAn idea started by Sam Belcher, which Bill Kohler extended. v2.9Blind Hex Equation SheetAn Line of Sight aid for helping you determine the number of blind hexes by Tom Repetti. Jan 2018 (v6)Rout FlowchartA handy flowchart from Bill Kohler for anyone who still has trouble with the rout rules (which is basically everyone). v5.16First Fire FlowchartAnother handy flowchart from Andrew Highley around the complex flows of Defensive Fire, particularly when SW are also used, in a single chart. v1.2 (2020)Breakdown NumbersA summary of Breakdown, Low Ammo and Ammo Shortage effects from Bill Kohler. v7Breakdown ModifiersThis table is a good companion to the one above outlining all the breakdown modifiers and how they impact B/X numbers by Steve Edwards.Covered Arc SummaryA complete summary of Covered Arc rules.Turning the TablesAdditonal data added to the ASLRBv2 Tables: additional column for the AFV FP Table for Passengers/Riders; Ordnance Target Types; Guns as Targets; Critical Hits; Crew Survival; Desert Hillocks LOS; a Concealment Gain Summary, by Bill Kohler.Close Combat Odds Table Play AidTitle says it all. Want a quick reference to see what your close combat odds are based on attack and defender FP numbers? Here's your table. Submitted by Patrick Ireland.Slopes Play AidA play aid by Mark Pitcavage.Halftracks Cheat SheetA play aid by Mark Pitcavage.Tank Cheat SheetA play aid by Mark Pitcavage.DC Charge Cheat SheetThanks to Stan Jackson for this cheat sheet.Mortar Cheat SheetThanks to Mark Pitcavage for this cheat sheet.Light Anti-Tank Weapons (LATW) Cheat SheetThis play aid was inspired by a Jeff Newell chart.Close Combat vs. Vehicles Cheat SheetA play aid by Mark Pitcavage.Flame/Blaze Cheat SheetA play aid by Mark Pitcavage.Night Rules Cheat SheetA play aid by Mark Pitcavage.BRT Terrain Excel SpreadsheetA spreadsheet containing Terrain Characteristics for the BRT map, by Sean Deller.Japanese Step Reduction AidA pdf outlining the step reduction possibilities for the Japanese.CVPA Step Reduction AidA pdf outlining the step reduction possibilities for the CVPA.Counter OrganizationBFP Plano Labels Spreadsheet ISpreadsheet for sorting the complete set of counters supplied by Bounding Fire Production's packs. For use with Plano 3701BFP Plano Labels Spreadsheet IIAlan Saltzman has done some nice graphic-oriented 3701 labels for German (Blue and SS), Brits, Japanese, Chinese, Minor, and Russian BFP counters.Plano Labels Excel Spreadsheet IA spreadsheet containing a complete set of nationalities for use with Plano 3701 trays by Brien MartinPlano Labels Excel Spreadsheet IIA spreadsheet containing a complete set of nationalities for use with Plano 3701 trays. This groups armor by type.Plano Labels Excel Spreadsheet IIIA spreadsheet containing a complete set of nationalities for use with Plano 3701 trays. This generally groups armor by caliber.Plano Labels Excel Spreadsheet IVThis is a variation of the above spreadsheet, using graphics to display the status counter labels. For use with Plano 3701 trays.Plano Labels Excel Spreadsheet IV(b)This is another variation of a label sheet for the info counter tray, using a different set of graphics to display the status counter contents. For use with Plano 3701 trays.Plano Labels Excel Spreadsheet VCounter Storage Label Set #2 (Plano 3701) by Brien MartinPlano Labels Excel Spreadsheet VIThis is a simpler version of a display of counter labels. For use with Plano 3701 trays, by Sam Tyson.Plano Labels VIIThis sheet is for Plano 3701, 3700 and 3600 storage boxes. The labels are are .5 in high x 1.75 in. wide and formatted to fit a standard Avery template 5267/8167.Plano Labels Excel Spreadsheet VIIIThese counter labels are for Plano 3701 storage boxes that consolidates a number of nationalities and also includes a number of third party organization sheets. By Matt Zajac.(Jan 2014)Plano Labels For 3701s IXThese counter labels are for Plano 3701 storage boxes in Word format that spreads out the infantry into more bins compared to some other storage schemes.Plano Labels Excel Spreadsheet XThese some very cool graphically oriented counter labels for Plano 3701 storage boxes by Doug Sheppard (updated 2019-04-01). Includes Forgotten War and TPP (BFP, LFT, some CH) counters.Plano Labels Excel Spreadsheet XIVery cool variations of color schemes for admin counters with the nicest ones from the various OOBs above, printed along with fancy color WW2 related pics, for Plano 3701 storage boxes by Pablo Garcia-Silva.Plano Labels Excel Spreadsheet XIIAlan Saltzman claims that these are the best Plano labels in the world. You decide. For Plano 3701 storage boxes.Plano Labels Excel Spreadsheet XIIIThis is a pretty graphically intense set of labels for Plano 3701 storage boxes. Be aware that this file is about 100 meg.Plano Labels Excel Spreadsheet XIVA zip file for Plano 3701 storage boxes covering MMP and TPP counters (incl Forgotten War). Apple Numbers and Microsoft Excel format.Plano Labels Excel Spreadsheet XVAn Excel file for Plano 3601 storage boxes (21-compartment) covering MMP counters (incl Forgotten War) and BFP counters through Objective:Schmidt. By Jim HoltPlano Labels Excel Spreadsheet XVIAn Excel file for Plano 3701 storage boxes for core counters through HP. Nice graphic oriented common counter notation. By Jeff WrightParatrooper 3701 Plano Labels Excel Spreadsheet IA spreadsheet for organizing your Paratrooper counters into a Plano 3701 storage box.SK Plano Labels Excel Spreadsheet ISpreadsheets for organizing your SK counters into 2 Plano 3701 storage boxes. These a little color intensive.SK Plano Labels Excel Spreadsheet IISpreadsheets for organizing your SK counters into 2 Plano 3701 storage boxes. These group by nationality in one box and Guns/Vehicles in the other.SK Plano Labels Excel Spreadsheet IIISpreadsheets for organizing your SK1-4 counters into Plano 3701 storage boxes. By Gregg WeilandSK Plano Labels Excel Spreadsheet IVSpreadsheets for organizing your SK1-4 counters into Plano 3601 (not 3701) storage boxes. By Gregg WeilandCabinet Labels Excel SpreadsheetCounter Storage Label Set #1 (Cabinet labels) by Brien MartinPlano Box Labels IA nice set of nationality placards for labeling your counter storage boxesPlano Box Labels IIA set of labels for identifying your counter storage boxesPlano Box Labels IIIFor Plano 3701 boxesPlano Box Labels IVFor Plano 3701 boxes (matches organizational labels following) (329k PDF) by Ken SmithPlano Organizational LabelsFor Plano 3701 boxes (3.2 Meg PDF) by Ken Smith. Labels are designed to be folded in half, laminated and glued inside the lid of the 3701 (showing title outside, organization inside)Storage Box Labels for ASLThese are storage boxes labels for all nationalities which can work for Plano or Raaco systems by Fred CampbellOrganizational Labels for BVLabels for storage boxes holding Beyond Valor counters. Organized by country (flag graphic) and squad/counter type. These labels are formatted for 35mm slide labels: 1 7/8" x 7/16", 84 per sheet.FB Hungarian Organizational LabelsA little specific, but these are labels for the Hungarians that came with FB. These labels are formatted for Plano 3701s.Croix de Guerre Organizational LabelsThese are labels for the French counters that came with Croix de Guerre, 2nd ed. These labels are formatted for Plano 3701s.By Alan SaltzmanRaaco Organization IFor all of you Raaco fans out there, here is an organizer as a pdf of all nationalities, and an Excel file to use as a template by Derek SpurlockRaaco Organization IIHere's a great set of comprehensive tabs for Raaco users updated as of Feb 2015. This includes all nationalities and is up to date with BFP, LFT, and CH counters as well by Oliver GrayRaaco Organization IIIHere's another great set of comprehensive tabs for Raaco users. This set includes all core nationalities by von MarwitzRaaco Organizational SolutionThis document was created by von Marwitz to save those who want to start with or switch to RAACO storage a good starting point complete with references and links to what he found most helpful.Raaco Organization IVAlong the lines of RAACO org model III, but defines a tray layout/location for counters.Raaco Organization VStore all MMP SK stuff just in one Raaco PSC 4-01 box with 14 A75 and 2 A78 inserts, version 1.2.Raaco Organization VIASL counter storage using Raaco inserts and Duratool (Raaco clone) storage cases. By Brett Avants3D Printed Custom Raaco InsertSo for you folks with access to some serious tech, here is a 3D printer (.stl) file for a custom Raaco insert contributed by Stan Jackson that can be used with 3D printers and a picture of the finished product.Matchbox Organization LabelsThese are labels for a matchbox system of counter storage. Actually the labels work pretty good for a 3701 Plano system as well.Coin Envelope Labels IThese labels are for a coin envelope storage system (Includes Forgotten War). They are designed to fit on a 2.25 X 3.5 coin envelopes by Doug Sheppard (Jan 2018).BoxBox Labels IThese are BoxBox labels for Forgotten War by David Garvin (Jan 2018).BoxBox Labels IIThese are BoxBox labels contributed by Michael Rodgers (Jul 2018). This layout was made for traveling, so it mixes half-squads and squads in the same bin for example, and it does not hold every available counter. When printed and taped to the inside of the tray lid, each sheet shows the graphic on the outside and the storage map on the inside. Hozan Labels IThese labels are for a Hozan B-50 (B-359) system, but they can probably be useful for other storage systems. They are designed to fit on a 6mm X 32mm label and includes a how-to document. All label sheets are in pdf and also MS Word for editing purposes (including the necessary fonts for Word). By Nils Bakke (Nov 2017).View-binder Covers and SpinesIncludes three scenario binders, HASL rules binder and Chapter H binder (833k PDF) by Ken SmithCovers and Spines by RobBinder covers for HASL rules, Rulebook, Scenarios, and Vehicles binder and spines for each (7m zip of images files) by Rob FrancisSPM Scenario Covers and SpinesThe files are extremely big (8-12 MB for each spine while the covers are 40-80 MB each). The spine images measure either 2" x 11.5" or 2.5" x 11.5" while the cover images measure 11.25" x 12". The covers were designed for 1.5" or 2" binders and need to be printed on oversized paper (11"x 17" for the spines and 12" x 18" for the covers) with no scale. The output is then trimmed to fit each binder by hand.Sticky Errata and Other ErrataRevised Chapter Divider Sticky ErrataA letter size pdf file with sticky errata for the Revised Chapter Dividers not found in the Journal 3-Journal 8 and Action Pack 4 sticky errata files. Print on Avery 5265 with scaling and resizing turned off.Chapt F & G Sticky ErrataA zipped Word file containing errata for Chapters F and G (1st Edition), provided for use by Daniel Zucker. Print on Avery 5265 with scaling and resizing turned off.Chapt O & Q Sticky ErrataA zipped Word file containing errata for Chapter O and Q from Journal #1, provided for use by Daniel Zucker. Print on Avery 5265 with scaling and resizing turned off. (Aug 2014)Chapt P, Q, R, T, Z, & S Sticky ErrataA pdf file containing errata for Chapters P, Q, R, S, T, and Z from the MMP Website not covered by other sticky errata files, provided for use by Jonathan Nuwesra. Print on Avery 5265 with scaling and resizing turned off. (Ver 1.2, July, 2015)Hakkaa Päälle Sticky ErrataA pdf file containing errata for Hakkaa Päälle, provided for use by Jonathan Nuwesra. Print on Avery 5265 with scaling and resizing turned off. (Ver 1.0, July, 2015)Red Factories Sticky ErrataA pdf file containing errata for Red Factories. Print on Avery 5265 with scaling and resizing turned off. (Ver 1.2, Jan, 2020)Hatten in Flames Sticky ErrataA pdf file containing errata for Hatten in Flames. Print on Avery 5265 with scaling and resizing turned off. (Ver 1.1, Jan, 2020)Journal 3 Sticky ErrataA letter size pdf file containing errata from Journal 3. Print on Avery 5265 with scaling and resizing turned off.Journal 4-6 Sticky ErrataA letter size pdf file containing errata from Journals 4-6. Print on Avery 5265 with scaling and resizing turned off.Journal 7 Sticky ErrataA letter size pdf file containing errata from Journal 7. Print on Avery 5265 with scaling and resizing turned offJournal 8 Sticky ErrataA letter size pdf file containing errata from Journal 8. Print on Avery 5265 with scaling and resizing turned offJournal 10 Sticky ErrataA letter size pdf file containing errata from Journal 10. Print on Avery 5265 with scaling and resizing turned off (Jun 2013 v1.5)Journal 11 Sticky ErrataA letter size pdf file containing errata from Journal 11. Print on Avery 5265 with scaling and resizing turned off (Jul 2016 v1.1)Journal 12 Sticky ErrataPdf files containing errata from Journal 12. Print on Avery 5265 with scaling and resizing turned off (Apr 2017, v1). Zip contains both letter and A4 sizes.Action Pack 4 Sticky ErrataA letter size pdf file containing errata from Action Pack 4. Print on Avery 5265 with scaling and resizing turned offBRTGG Sticky ErrataA pdf file containing errata for Blood Reef Tarawa Gamer's Guide. Print on Avery 5265 with scaling and resizing turned off.ABTF Divider Page Sticky ErrataA pdf file containing errata fixes for the A Bridge Too Far divider page provided for use by Mike McCarthy. Print on Avery 5265 with scaling and resizing turned off.ASL Counter ErrataAn Excel file containing all known errata for ASL Counters by Reid Hutchinson. Circa July 2015.ASLSK Scenario ErrataA Word file pulled together by Joe Gochinski of all errata for ASLSK scenarios.ASLSK1-2 Rules ErrataA pdf file pulled together by Daniel F. Savarese of some unofficial rules errata for ASLSK1 and ASLSK2 rules.Comprehensive Errata FileA PDF version of Scott Romanoski's compilation of all errata published for ASL, including third party products.Perry Sez CompilationA PDF file containing all the Perry Sez rules clarifications from the GameSquad ASL Forums (version 28, 2021-09-12), pulled together by Klas Malmstrom.CH Scenario Errata FileA PDF file containing scenario errata for Critical Hit scenarios.Scenario, Article, and Counter ListingsChronology of WarThe CoW 2020 is an excel spreadsheet listing all official and unofficial ASL scenarios (over 7000) by Jim Traver. Circa 2020.ASL Chronology of WarAn excel spreadsheet listing official and unofficial ASL scenarios circa 2015.Master ASL Scenario Listing IAn Excel(xlsx) file containing a chronological ASL scenario listing by Paul Dutram. Circa Dec 2019. Additions for 2019Master ASL Scenario Listing IIA zipped Excel file containing a cross-referenced, chronological ASL scenario listing by George Bates. Circa Apr 2014Master ASL Scenario Listing IIIAn Excel(xlsx) file containing a cross-referenced, chronological ASL scenario listing by Tom Kearney. Circa May 2017Matts ASL Scenario ListingA zipped Excel file containing a list of ASL scenarios by Matt Evans. Mostly MMP scenarios, but some TPP as well. Circa July 2017.AH/MMP ASL Scenario ListingEvery ASL scenario published by AH/MMP in an EXCEL format. This file can be sorted by date, theater, scenario, Ally, Axis, or country. By Tom Kearney. Ver 3, circa 2017.At-A-Glance ROAR Scenario ListEver want to see both ROAR balance and rating at the same time for any scenario? Here's a handy Excel-based Scenario analyzer (using data from ROAR) version 2.2. Circa 2020.MMP ASLSK Product ListingAn excel file with an MMP ASLSK scenario list and product list. Also includes links where appropriate. Includes an errata file and other misc material. By John Gochinski. Circa 2018.ASL Armory-Complete, PDF formatASL Armory (complete ASL OOB) by Reid Hutchinson. Circa April 2021ASL Armory by Nationality, XLS formatASL Armory (complete ASL OOB) grouped by Nationality courtesy of Reid Hutchinson. Circa May 2019.ASL Map Armory-Complete, PDF formatASL Map Armory (complete listing of ASL mapboards and mapsheets) by Reid Hutchinson. Circa June 2020ASL Starter Kit Armory-Complete, PDF formatASL Starter Kit Armory (complete ASL OOB) by Reid Hutchinson. Circa July 2015BFP Armory-Complete, XLS formatBFP Armory (complete listing of BFP OOB, scenarios, mapsheets, and overlays) by Mark Sockwell and Rick Reinesch. Circa July 2020CH Armory-Complete, XLS formatCritical Hit Armory (complete listing of CH products) by Kevin Kenneally. Circa April 2014ASL Overlay ListA list (v1.2) of overlays in ASL, circa May 2015.ASL Article Index 2014A compilation of ASL related articles from a wide variety of sources, originally compiled by Scott Brady and updated by Matt Zajac as of February 2015.The General ASL Article IndexA compilation of ASL related articles from The General magazine.ASL Official Article Index 2017A compilation of ASL Articles in Official (Avalon Hill/MMP) Publications by B Wu as of January 2017.Chronology of PublicationsA chronology of ASL related articles from a wide variety of sources pulled together by Paul Dutram. Circa Dec 2007.Articles, Guides, VASL files, Scenarios, Misc.Hatten in Flames IndexA pdf file containing an index for Hatten in Flames by Sam Tyson. (Ver 1.0, Dec 10, 2019)Additional Acq Markers for Flying TurretsEver tried to play BFPs Flying Turrets? You realize the standard acq markers A-F just won't cut it. Here is a file that adds a bunch more for use in that scenario.Firefights! 2 VASL Map Bundle (FF9-15)VASL boards for HOB's Firefights! 2 - Unzip this bundle into your VASL boards folder.Le Franc Tireur Scenarios 1-12A PDF file containing English versions of the first 12 scenarios from French ASL 'zine Le Franc Tireur. Right-click the link to save the file.Diff. Between Red Barricades v1 and v2A pdf file containing a detailed listing of the differences between v1 and v2 of Red Barricades by Bruce Probst.Red Barricades Sewer LayoutA pdf file containing a diagram of all of the sewers, and how they connect, on the Red Barricades map. A great RB planning aid provided by Doug Sheppard.Valor of the Guards Sewer LayoutA zip file containing a diagram of all of the sewers, and how they connect, on the VotG map. This VotG planning aid provided by Andreas Carlsson. v1.0DftB Rees CG Digital Purchase RecordAn Excel file for the DftB Rees CG Purchase Record for those that like to track things digitally. Provided by Doug Sheppard.ASL Examples of PlayASL examples of play for infantry, armor, withdrawal, PTO and night pulled together by Chris Smith.13 Steps to Improved ASLA terrific article from The General 30.1 on the 13 steps you can take toward improving Your ASL game by Mike McGrath.Most Often Forgotten RulesWait, what? We forget rules in ASL. Here's a guide from the masses on those most likely to make you say, DOH!Big Black Book of SleazeSome people call'em sleazy moves, others call it doing what the rules allow. Whichever way you fall here's a good lising of them from Zeke.Ye Old Booke of VASL Mapmaking SecretsAll those board making secrets from the VASL Map CabalASL Counter CharacteristicsEver wonder about what fonts and font sizes are on an ASL counter? Well here are the answers.Non-Official Tarawa Players GuideAdrian Earle set himself to the task of writing a guide to work through the maze of BRT rules. For those of you waiting for the official BRT gamers guide, this can tide you over until you get it.BRT Naval Gunfire GuideA great accompaniment to the Players Guide is a document to help you with Naval Gunfire in BRT (and a help with naval gunfire in general) by Jim White.BRT Rules SummaryA great accompaniment to the HASL is a document to help summarize the BRT rules by Jim White.Bring on the NightA classic article on playing the ASL night rules by JR VanMechelen. A great read and addition to everyone's ASL library.Three Rules to a Better Cave GameAn article on some traps to avoid while playing caves. by JR VanMechelen.Attacking a Concealed LineAn article on the tactics to pry apart a line falling back in the woods by JR VanMechelen.Chapter F Vernacular DiscussionFirst PTO, now Desert seems to be getting its just deserves for attention. This is an old file form the Coastal Fortress site that helps to explain desert terrain in a conversational style.SASL QDRCThe SASL quick reference card. A must have for all you folks playing SASL.ASL SoloNot exactly SASL, but Mike O'Leary has developed a system for playing ASL solo, making play more competitive and interesting.Finnish SASL TablesPulled from GameSquad... credit pending...Solo ASLSKEver just want to play a few turns of your favorite SK scenario but don't like playing both sides yourself? You're in luck! This card driven solitaire system can take the place of a regular opponent and will play either side of every scenario in Starter Kit #1 (eventually, but not quite yet). By Peter Kossits (ver 1.08) VotG14 Player AidA Player Aid for HASL Scenario VotG14 Pavlov's House from Valor of the Guards from Derek Spurlock.Omaha East West RewriteA number of Texas ASL players have updated the rules for Omaha East West to make a good game even better. Give it a try!


VB1 – The Godet Hill

Godet Hill, Northwest of St Pierre-sur-Dives, France, 16th August 1944.

Operation Paddle aimed to cut the retreat path towards the Seine river for the German troops fighting in Normandy. As a part of this operation, the British 51st Highland Infantry Division was tasked with seizing Lisieux. But not only the resistance of German must be overcome for the highlanders, but also a number of small rivers. In the morning of 16th August, a bridge of the Dives was secured, and the 154th Infantry Brigade sped forward to reach the Oudon. But the leading tanks and armoured cars was greeted by a hail of fire coming from the Godet Hill standing before the river. The commanding heights must be seized until the river could be reached.

Scenarios pdf VB1 – The Godet Hill

VB2 – Probing for Hotton Bridge

Hotton, Belgium, 21 December 1944.

The 116th Panzer was looking for a safe bridge across the Ourthe. The US setup a hasty defense with a roadblock and various supply and rear echelon troops. At 9 AM, a group of four Panthers with supporting infantry began to move towards Hotton in the mist in order to probe the US defence and if possible to secure the bridge. The Amercans waited for some reinforcements from the 3rd Armored Division.

pdfVB2 – Probing for Hotton Bridge

VB3 – The Shooting Lodge

Karelia Isthmus, 16th April 1942.

The ‘Jatkosota’ ( « Continuation War » ) settle down into a trench warfare sparkled by minor engagement. Finnish have installed an artillery observation post in a hunting lodge on a height. From there, they direct harrassing fire on the russian positions. Soldiers of the russian 46th Infantery Division receive orders to take the hill. A platoon of T-50 tanks is supporting the attack

pdf VB3 – The Shooting Lodge

VB4 – A Providential Occurrence

Veghel, Holland, 22nd September 1944.

The 101st Airborne Division had managed to capture all the canal bridges between Grave and Eindhoven. This opened the path for the XXX Corps to reach Arnhem. Model prepared to retake the territory held by the Paratroopers. The small town of Veghel was the focal point of the only significant German effort to sever Hell’s Highway. On the morning of the 22nd September,a reinforced Kampfgruppe attacks Veghel from the east. The only unit in Veghel was the 2nd Battalion, 501st Parachute Regiment reinforced by a number of stranded British units. Using Dutch Resistance information, General Taylor ordered the 506 Para Rgt and the 327th Glider Rgt to move towards Veghel.

pdfVB4 – A Providential Occurrence

VB5 – The french Relief

Sanok saillant, GaliciaPoland, 10th August 1944. The 8th SS Franzose Freiwillige Sturm Brigade was formed in september 1943 with elements of the former LVF and the Milice. The first unit to be ready for combat, late July 1944, was the 1st Batallion. It was sended in Galicia to reinforce the 18th SS Panzergrenadier Division “Horst Wessel”. On August 10th, they have to relieve a unit of the Wehrmacht, which has suffered heavy losses during the Soviet offensive around Sanok. The first company, without its heavy weapons, was looking for the front line, just to discover that the Wehrmacht unit has fled away under the Soviet pressure. The French SS have to conquer their positions.

pdfVB5 – The French Relief

VB6 Emergencies

Krasny Bor, Russia, 10th February 1943.

At the beginning of february 1943, the soviet 55th army aimed to break the vital Leningrad-Moscow Highway and to encircle the german unit in the Mga sector. The pivot point for this highway was Krasny Bor held by the 250 ID (the spanish Azul Division). After an intensive shelling of the spanish fortified positions, 44000 russian soldiers supported by 100 tanks launch the attack in the morning of the 10th. By 10 :30 the majority of the town was in soviet hands and russian units were attacking the command post of the 262th regiment and the hospital on the southern edge of the town

pdf VB6 – Emergencies

VB7 NKVD Town Hall

Pershino, Russia, 17th July1942.

During summer 1942, German Army Group South launched an offensive towards the Caucasus. After the river crossing, it was aiming the city of Voronej.
The Recon battlion of the 3rd Motorized Infantery Division was stopped in the town of Pershino. Russian militians belonging to a NKVD unit fired at them with a heavy machine gun from the upper levels of the town hall.

pdf VB7 NKVD Town Hall

VB8 Askim To Die

Askim, Norway, 13th April1940.
The original german plan in Norway was to press forward toward Trondheim and Bergen, leaving Östfold isolated for later care. But the report of strong Norwegian troop concentrations in the Askim-Mysen area convince Falkenhorst that it was necessary to delay the northern thrust and eliminate the Norwegian troops in Östfold. The task was given to I.D. 169.
The Germans have to cross the river Glama near Askim to destroy the troops mobilizing at the Fossumströkets fortresss. On 13th April, at 05:30 the Jagdkommando Mantheys cross the Fossum bridge. At dawn, the Germans attack from the bridghead to force the Norwegian defense line at the western outskirts of the town of Askim.

pdf VB8 Askim To Die

 VB9 Tragic Ball at Colombey

Somewhere in the Somme area, France, June 1940.

This scenario is not based on actual historical facts. The purpose is to create an interesting situation to play from a player’s point of view, not to try to simulate historical reality. That’s why you will not find historical datas on this scenario card, except those that present an interest for the game.

pdf VB9 Tragic Ball at Colombey

 VB10 The Agony of Doom 2

This is a remake of the famously unbalanced scenario The Agony of Doom (previously issued as A8 and republished in Beyond Valor 3 as ASL 136).

There are many changes in this new version: new mapboard (24 and 42 instead of 3 and 5), shorter time schedule (7.5 turns instead of 9) and some changes in the Orders of Battle (especially the russian one, which is increased by a powerful reinforcement group.)

So playing this one is a completely new experience if you have already played The Agony of Doom.

pdf VB10 The Agony of Doom 2

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The Australian Wargamer

Here are all the original Squad Leader game scenarios ever published. Signaled in RED those missing in my collection. (Excel Summary Sheet)

Squad Leader Module #1 (PDF Scenarios Sheets)

  • SL-1 – The Guards Counterattack – 06/10/1942 – Stalingrad, Russia
  • SL-2 – The Tractor Works – 06/10/1942 – Stalingrad, Russia
  • SL-3 – The Streets of Stalingrad – 06/10/1942 – Stalingrad, Russia
  • SL-4 – The Hedgehog of Piepsk  – 14/11/1941 – Piepsk, Central Russia
  • SL-5 – Hill 621 – 01/07/1944 – Near Minsk
  • SL-6 – Escape From Velikiye Luki  – 12/01/1943 – Velikiye Luki, Central Russia
  • SL-7 – Buchholz Station  – 16/12/1944 – Buchholtz, German Border
  • SL-8 – The Bitche Salient – 14/01/1945 – Bitche, Southern Germany
  • SL-9 – The Cannes Strongpoint  – 23/08/1944 – Cannes, France
  • SL-10 – Hitdorf on the Rhine  – 06/04/1945 – Hitdorf, Germany
  • SL-11 – The St. Goar Assault – 24/03/1945 – Rhine Valley, St Goar, Germany
  • SL-12 – The Road to Wiltz – 17/12/1944 – The Ardennes

Squad Leader Module #2 – Cross of Iron (PDF scenario sheets)

  • SL-13 – The Capture of Balta – 03/08/1941 – Balta, Ukraine
  • SL-14 – The Paw of the Tiger  – 12/01/1943 – South of Leningrad, USSR
  • SL-15 – Hube’s Pocket  – 06/04/1944 – Southern Russia, near Buchach
  • SL-16 – Sowchos 79 – 08/12/1942 – Sowchos 79, Chir River Line, Russia 
  • SL-17 – Debacle at Korosten – 30/08/1941 – Along the Kiev Road, USSR
  • SL-18 – The Defense of Luga – 19/07/1941 – South of Leningrad, USSR
  • SL-19 – A Winter Melee – 17/02/1942 – Okorovo, Russia
  • SL-20 – Breakout from Borisov – 02/07/1941 – Borosov, Russia
  • SL-101 – Blocking Action at Lipki – 03/07/1941 – Near Borisov, Russia
  • SL-102 – Slamming of the Door – 17/08/1941 – In the Panikovo Forest, Russia
  • SL-103 – Bald Hill – 11/09/1941 – Leningrad, Russia
  • SL-104 – The Penetration of Rostov – 24/07/1942 – Rostov, USSR
  • SL-105 – Night Battle at Noromaryevka – 01/01/1943 – Village of Noromaryevka, Russia
  • SL-106 – Beachhead at Ozereyka Bay – 04/02/1943 – In the Ozereyka valley, Russia
  • SL-107 – Disaster on the Dneiper Loop – 24/09/1943 – Dnieper River, Russia
  • SL-108 – Block Busting in Bokruisk – 29/06/1944 – Bokruisk, USSR
  • SL-109 – Counterattack on the Vistula – 06/08/1944 – Near Wola Chodkowska, Poland
  • SL-110 – Agony of Doom – 19/04/1945 – Muncheberg, Germany

Squad Leader Module #3 – Crescendo of Doom (PDF Scenarios Sheets)

  • SL-21 – Battle for the Warta Line – 06/09/1939 – Central Poland
  • SL-22 – The Borders Are Burning – 30/11/1939 – Kuhmo, Finland
  • SL-23 – Silent Death – 09/12/1939 – Aittojoki, Finland
  • SL-24 – Action at Balberkamp – 22/04/1940 – Balberkamp, Southern Norway
  • SL-25 – Resistance at Chabrehez – 10/05/1940 – The Ardennes, Belgium
  • SL-26 – Assault on a Queen – 11/05/1940 – The Hague, Netherland
  • SL-27 – The Dinant Bridgehead – 13/05/1940 – Houx, Belgium
  • SL-28 – Counterstroke at Stonne – 15/05/1940 – Northeast France
  • SL-29 – In Rommel’s Wake – 17/05/1940 – On the Meuse, France
  • SL-30 – Ad Hoc at Beaurains – 21/05/1940 – Arras, France
  • SL-31 – Chateau de Quesnoy – 06/06/1940 – Along the Meuse, France
  • SL-32 – Rehearsal for Crete – 26/04/1941 – Argos, In the Peloponnesus
  • SL-201 – Sacrifice of Polish Armor – 01/09/1939 – Novy Targ Region, Southern Poland
  • SL-202 – Under Cover of Darkness – 12/09/1939 – Gdynia, Nortern Poland
  • SL-203 – Bitter Defense at Otta – 28/04/1940 – Gudbrandsal valley, Norway
  • SL-204 – Chance D’une Affaire – 14/05/1940 – Near Chehery, France
  • SL-205 – Last Defense Line – 15/05/1940 – Bouvellemont, France
  • SL-206 – Fighting at World’s Edge – 28/05/1940 – Tarladsvikfjell, Norway
  • SL-207 – The French Perimeter – 02/06/1940 – Spyckar, France
  • SL-208 – Road to Kozani Pass – 13/04/1941 – Komanos, Western Greece
  • SL-209 – The Akroiri Peninsula Defense – 20/05/1941 – Profitilias, Crete
  • SL-210 – Commando Raid at Dieppe – 18/08/1942 – Varengeville, France
  • SL-R211 – Auld Lang Syne – 01/01/1945 – Gerimont, France
  • SL-R212 – On the Road to Andalsnes – 24/04/1940 – Norway
  • SL-R213 – Traverse Right…Fire! – 23/06/1941 – South of Bialystok, Russia
  • SL-R214 – The Front in Flames – 22/08/1943 – South of Kharkov, Russia
  • SL-R215 – Hasty Pudding – 27/05/1940 – France
  • SL-R216 – A Small Town in Germany – 08/04/1945 – Friesoythe, Germany
  • SL-R217 – The Whirlwind – 18/04/1945 – Aschaffenburg, Germany
  • SL-R218 – Operation Switchback – 06/10/1944 – Holland
  • SL-R219 – Scheldt Fortress South – 25/10/1944 – Holland
  • SL-R220 – Clearing the Breskins Pocket – 06/10/1944 – Holland
  • SL-R221 – Vitality I – 24/10/1944 – Holland
  • SL-R222 – Infatuate II – 01/11/1944 – Westkapelle, Walcheren Island, Holland
  • SL-R223 – Night Drop – 06/06/1944 – Cherbourg Peninsula, France

Squad Leader Module #4 – GI, Anvil of Victory (PDF Scenarios Sheets)

  • SL-33 – A Belated Christmas – 27/12/1944 – Bastogne, Belgium
  • SL-34 – Climax at Nijmegen Bridge – 20/09/1944 – Numegen, Netherland
  • SL-35 – The French Decide to Fight – 10/11/1942 – Port-Lyautey, Morocco
  • SL-36 – Weissenhof Crossroads – 16/12/1944 – Schnee Eifel Region, Germany
  • SL-37 – Medal of Honor – 21/09/1944 – Numegen, Netherland
  • SL-38 – The Factory – 11/02/1944 – Aprilia Sttlement, Italy
  • SL-39 – Sweep for Bordj Toum Bridge – 10/12/1944 – Bordj Toum Station, Tunisia
  • SL-40 – The Dornot Watermark – 10/09/1944 – Dornot, Germany
  • SL-41 – Swatting at Tigers – 11/07/1943 – Biazzo Ridge, Italy
  • SL-42 – Bridgehead on the Rhine – 24/03/1945 – Speldrop, Germany
  • SL-43 – Action at Kommerscheidt – 04/11/1944 – Kommerscheidt, Germany
  • SL-44 – Prelude to Breakout – 07/07/1944 – Vire et Taute Canal, Normandy, France
  • SL-45 – Hide and Seek – 07/06/1944 – Normandy, France
  • SL-46 – Operation Varsity – 24/03/1945 – Near Hamminkeln, Germany
  • SL-47 – Encircling the Ruhr – 30/03/1945 – The Rhur, Germany
  • SL-300 – Trial By Combat – 27/02/1945 – Elsdrof, Germany
  • SL-301 – The Clearing – 10/10/1944 – Huertgen Forest, Germany
  • SL-302 – Stand Fast – 10/12/1944 – Obergeich, Germany
  • SL-303 – Thrust and Parry – 15/03/1945 – Pfaffenheck, Germany
  • SL-304 – Riposte – 15/03/1945 – Pfaffenheck, Germany
  • SL-305 – The Duel – 15/03/1945 – Pfaffenheck, Germany
  • SL-306 – The Rag Tag Circus – 12/04/1945 – Barby on the Elbe, Germany
  • SL-307 – Point D’Appui – 09/10/1944 – Bardebberg, Germany
  • SL-308 – Han-Sur-Neid – 11/11/1944 – Han-sur-Neid, France
  • SL-309 – The Roer Bridgehead – 23/02/1945 – Koerrenzig, Germany

Squad Leader – Scenarios published by The General (PDF Scenarios Sheets)

  • SL-A – Burzevo – 02/12/1941 – BURZEVO, 27 MILES S.W. OF THE KREMLIN.
  • SL-B – Hill 253.5 – 09/07/1943 – 40 MILES NORTH OF KURSK
  • SL-C – The Bukrin Bridgehead – 24/09/1943 – 50 MILES S.E. OF KIEV
  • SL-D – Delaying Action – 30/10/1944 – WESTERN LITHUANIA
  • SL-E – The Niscemi-Biscari Highway – 10/07/1943 – Northwest of BISCARI, SICILY
  • SL-F – The Pouppeville Exit – 06/06/1944 – Normandy, France
  • SL-G – Devil’s Hill – 19/09/1944 – Holland
  • SL-H – The Attempt to Relieve Peiper – 21/12/1944 – The Ardennes, Belgium
  • SL-I – Hunters from the Sky – 24/03/1945 – The Rhine River
  • SL-J – Semper Paratus – 27/09/1944 – Oorderen, Southern Holland
  • SL-K – Fast Heinz – 07/08/1941 – EAST OF ROSLAYL, SOVIET UNION
  • SL-L – The Long Road – 16/09/1942 – South of Andriba, Madagascar
  • SL-M – The Dead of Winter – 29/12/1941 – Northwest of Staritsa, Russia
  • SL-N – Faugh A’Ballagh – 16/05/1944 – Sinagoga, Italy
  • SL-O – Strayer’s Strays – 06/06/1944 – Normandy, France
  • SL-P – Aachen’s Pall – 25/10/1944 – Aachen, Germany
  • SL-Q – Gambit – 21/05/1941 – Maleme, Crete
  • SL-1000 – Operation Marston – 14/07/1943 – Catania, Sicily
  • SL-2000 – Operation Hubertus – 11/11/1942 – Stalingrad, USSR
  • SL-3000 – Assault on Round Top – 30/09/1944 – North of Riga, USSR

Squad Leader – Scenarios published by The Wargamer (PDF Scenarios Sheets)

  • WWW81 – A Bridge Too Near – 21/04/1940 – Verdal, Central Norway
  • WWW82 – To Lose A Battle – 16/05/1940 – CLAIRFAYTS, FRANCE
  • WWW83 – The Final Attempt – 22/05/1940 – Cambray, France
  • WWW84 – Le Paradis – 26/05/1940 – France
  • WWW85 – The Far Bank – 07/07/1941 – Ulla, Russia
  • WWW86 – Raid on Vaagso – 27/12/1941 – SOUTH VAAGSO, NORWAY
  • WWW87 – The Bruneval Raid – 28/02/1942 – CHANNEL COAST
  • WWW88 – The Backwater of War – 06/05/1942 – NEAR KESTEN’GA, NORTHERN RUSSIA
  • WWW89 – Cherkasskoye – 05/07/1943 – CHERKASSKOYE, Russia
  • WWW90 – The Bridge at Kanev – 23/09/1943 – Kanev, Russia
  • WWW91 – Assault At Wadelincourt – 13/05/1940 – WADELINCOURT, BELGIUM
  • WWW92 – Patton’s End Run – 11/08/1943 – Brolo, Sicily
  • WWW93 – Cassino Station – 17/02/1944 – Cassino, Italy
  • WWW94 – Hill 112 – 27/06/1944 – Caen, France
  • WWW95 – The Attempt To Exploit – 26/07/1944 – Marigny, France
  • WWW96 – Scratch Force – 07/09/1944 – Briey, France
  • WWW97 – The Breaking Wave – 09/12/1944 – DOM BUTGENBACH, BELGIUM
  • WWW98 – Night Assault – 26/03/1945 – KIRCHHELLEN, GERMANY
  • WWW99 – Cooperative Venture – 28/03/1945 – DORSTEN, GERMANY
  • WWW100 – A Day At The Races – 04/05/1945 – BERCHTESGADEN, GERMANY

Like this:


Hill 621.5 Take Two ASL Scenario E / Classic Scenario 05 - Comparison and Tips

At this time, his wife and daughter were already sound asleep and even snored. He noticed that I discovered this and showed. A sign of silence.

Scenario pdf asl

You will be a finished whore, whore, slut. " - "And yours is quiet so with a sob," yeah, yeah, okay, oh, I'll suck, I'll suck, oh, how good, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. " Well, everything is in the same vein. I was tired of sleeping again, I do not know how long they were busy there or not.

Hill 621.5 Take Two ASL Scenario E / Classic Scenario 05 - Comparison and Tips

Strange, before, in my opinion, there was no latch in it. You don't need to get out. - Asked the aunt.

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Holding hands, the couple stopped near the water, not noticing the quicksand or not paying any attention to it. Misha, I'm afraid, - the girl looked around, shivering chilly. Come on, Ton, we have long wanted to try this, well. there, - the guy turned the girl to face him, pressing against her with his whole body.

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