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Unlike normal tetherball, the Swingball Spinner Top prevents any cord tangles. Not only that, but the spirals show when someone wins. The Rope starts in the middle of the spiral, and then moves up or down as a players are able to get the ball past their opponent.

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You don't need a playground, field, or rec center to play this great game. Just take your easy to assemble Swingball set and set it up wherever you want. Backyard, front room, or even a friend's house.


When traveling or moving, all components of the Swingball set, including the metal pols, tennis ball, cord, and bats all fit into the base. Also, the base includes a handle for easy transportation.


Swingball Tether Tennis is a combination of Tennis and Tetherball. Players hit the ball back and forth with the Swingball bats and try to get the ball past the other player to win. Swingball is an amazing backyard sport. It's portable, easy to set up, and fun for all ages.



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Product Description

Enjoy fast and furious fun with the Mookie Classic Swingball, exciting competitive matches challenging for the whole family! With this outdoor game there is no need to worry about chasing the ball after big hits. Players stand around the pole with the tether being positioned in the middle; each player takes a turns hitting the ball; one hitting clockwise the other anti clockwise. The fun starts when players race around hitting the ball making for fast and exciting trajectories. The tether will move up or down the spiral depending on the direction of the hit. The goal is to get the tether to the top or bottom, depending on the player, of the spiral. No friends around? The Swingball is also suitable for single play. The Classic Swingball is a great way to encourage active outdoor play and develop hand-eye co-ordination. Play this family favorite in the comfort of your backyard or take it with you for some fun at the beach. The spiked pole is height-adjustable up to 1.m (5 feet, 3 inches) and can be planted into soft ground. Simply push the spike into the ground and you are all set! The pole split into three sections for easy storage and transportation. The Mookie Classic Swingball set includes () checkerbats and (1) tennis ball and tether attached to the spiral head of a solid base pole. Featuring lightweight, yet durable and weather-resistant components, this set is built to last. Recommended for ages 5 and up. Number of players: 1 or players.

From the Manufacturer

Swingball is the classic brand with a heritage stretching back over 30 years. Anyone can play from years and above. Perfect for older children and adults who'll enjoy hitting a real tennis ball in truly competitive matches. Games can be played with one or two players.

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All-Surface Adjustable Classic Swingball Game


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Swingball - All Surface Swingball Demonstration. How To Play.

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All Surface Pro Swingball from Mookie

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