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This dealer has completed all the necessary requirements to be a Polaris Master Elite (Gold) Service Dealer ("MSD") including completing the Skilled (Bronze), Master (Silver) levels and annual product update training. The Master Elite (Gold) level indicates this dealer has achieved the highest certification level with Polaris that requires them to be experts in advanced electrical and mechanical diagnostic and repair, including Elite level Polaris Digital Wrench skills.

This Polaris Master Silver Master Service Dealer ("MSD") has received product specific manufacturer training and demonstrated proficiency on the product line you've selected. The course requirements include completing the Skilled (Bronze) level, annual product update training, advanced diagnostic repair with Polaris Digital Wrench, in-depth electrical and mechanical diagnostic and repair, as well as advanced troubleshooting. This dealer has also demonstrated Mastery of the Polaris Rider Support Process.

This Polaris Skilled Bronze Master Service Dealer ("MSD") has received manufacturer training and demonstrated proficiency by completing an introductory course that covers all Polaris product lines in the areas of online technical resources, application of Polaris special tools, Polaris Digital Wrench diagnostics, and basic electrical and mechanical repair.

This dealer has earned Silver Certification for demonstrating retail principles that encourage good relationships with customers, improving the overall purchasing experience.

This dealer has earned Gold Certification for demonstrating exceptional retail principles that encourage better relationships with customers, improving the overall purchasing experience.

This dealer has earned Platinum Certification for demonstrating superior retail principles that encourage the best relationships with customers, improving the overall purchasing experience.

  • RideNow Chandler / Euro - New & Used Powersport Vehicles, Service, and Parts in Chandler, AZ, near Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, and Tempe

    RideNow Chandler / Euro - New & Used Powersport Vehicles, Service, and Parts in Chandler, AZ, near Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, and Tempe

    RideNow Chandler / Euro - New & Used Powersport Vehicles, Service, and Parts in Chandler, AZ, near Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, and Tempe

    RideNow Chandler / Euro - New & Used Powersport Vehicles, Service, and Parts in Chandler, AZ, near Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, and Tempe

    RideNow Chandler / Euro - New & Used Powersport Vehicles, Service, and Parts in Chandler, AZ, near Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, and Tempe

    RideNow Chandler / Euro - New & Used Powersport Vehicles, Service, and Parts in Chandler, AZ, near Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, and Tempe


  • Indian Motorcycle® Chandler

    Your local Indian® Motorcycle and Polaris Slingshot® Dealership



Indian Motorcycle® Chandler

We are a proud dealer of a full line of Indian® Motorcycles and the Polaris Slingshot®.

Our customers come first!

Our Mission Statement Is: "To provide service of superior quality, value and convenience so that we achieve complete customer satisfaction; to sell products that allow our customer to have more fun in their lives; to remain competitive and profitable for continued growth; and to create an enjoyable, healthful work environment for our employees."

Indian® Riders Group
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Sell your motorcycles, ATV or UTV today for fast cash! GO AZ Motorcycles in Peoria is located in Peoria, AZ, near Glendale, Sun City, Phoenix, and Surprise.

Why sell to GO AZ Motorcycles in Peoria? 

  • Save time dealing directly with a serious buyer who has cash in hand
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  • Avoid the stress of a stranger
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At GO AZ Motorcycles in Peoria, our process makes it quick and easy to sell; we are serious buyers and need bikes to add to our inventory ASAP!

Get Your Cash Offer   

Whether you’re looking to sell your current motorcycle to put towards your next new or pre-owned purchase or you simply need quick cash, GO AZ Motorcycles in Peoria is here to help. 

Our goal is to make selling your motorcycle, ATV or UTV like Honda, Indian Motorcycle, Yamaha, Can-Am, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Harley-Davidson, BMW or another power sports brand, fast and easy!

How do I sell you my motorcycle?

  1. Click here to Fill out our form    to tell us about your vehicle. If it is accessorized or you have a lien on the title, please let us know those additional details in the space provided.
  2. Our team will follow up within 24 hours to confirm your appointment.
  3. Bring your vehicle in for an in-person evaluation
    • What to bring with you: your licensed or photo ID, title or lien holder information, any spare keys, manuals, service records, etc, any accessories described mentioned below or discussed with our team
  4. We will make you an offer - from there it’s up to you!


Interested in Trading-In?

If you have your eye on a new or pre-owned motorcycle, ATV or UTV, it's possible to trade-in your current vehicle. It's as simple as completing our FREE NADA Value your trade tool - it’s a great first step in getting a general idea of what your vehicle may be worth.

 After you complete the form you can expect to receive your valuation quickly, based on national averages for the vehicle you describe. We’ll also follow up with you soon to learn more about your motorcycle and refine the valuation based on our expertise in the local market, local trends and our inventory needs at the time. 

2022 Indian Chief Owners Experience - Indian Motorcycle

Welcome to Phoenix Triumph, the Valley of the Sun's newest and best motorcycle dealer. Located in Mesa, Arizona, we are committed to a no pressure sales environment, fair pricing and customer satisfaction with a showroom stocked with the latest makes and models of new and used units for your riding pleasure! We love trade-ins!

Phoenix Triumph's fully staffed service and parts department is ready to exceed your expectations, whether you are looking for a quick repair, a spare part or a customization on your bike. We promise to make you feel welcome, treat you with the respect you deserve and respond promptly to your needs.

Come visit us at S. Country Club Dr., Mesa, AZ

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Arizona Kawasaki KTM Triumph Tucson
Arizona Kawasaki Slingshot

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Indian Motorcycle® Dealer in Alexandria, LA

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 Indian Motorcycle® Challenger Dark Horse Thunder Black Smoke motorcycleOur Indian® motorcycles have the classic American style everyone wants with the power our riders need. If you're looking for Indian® cruisers, baggers, or any other Indian Motorcycle® family, we're bound to have what you're looking for at Loewer Powersports in Alexandria, serving Rapides Parish, LA!

The Indian Motorcycle® Lineup

When it comes to motorcycle heritage, Indian Motorcycle®, with more than a hundred years of experience, has established itself as a market leader. The lineup keeps the American spirit alive with a full range of motorcycles that deliver maximum power and performance combined with so much style that you’ll constantly be turning heads wherever you go.

From its start as a manufacturer of great bicycles to today’s pavement-devouring bikes, Indian Motorcycle® has always delivered the best to its customers. We at Loewer Powersports & Equipment are your local Indian Motorcycle® dealer, so we’ve put together this introduction to their lineup. If you’d like to check out some amazing Indian® motorcycles for sale, visit us at our dealership in Alexandria, serving the rest of Rapides Parish and Lafayette, LA!

Indian® Chief Dark Horse® 

If you’re looking to dominate the open road, this is the cruiser you’ll want to have your back. This Indian® motorcycle is designed to offer you whatever you need for your thrilling ride. The glossy, blacked-out finish can’t help but make a style statement that riders love. 

The prime features of this Indian® motorcycle are legendary power and unmatched control, which are powered by the Thunder Stroke® V-Twin engine. This monster of an engine produces ft.-lbs of torque so you can leave others eating your dust. The strong but lightweight cast-aluminum frame provides much smoother handling. 

This Indian Motorcycle® model offers riders superior functionality. You get cruise control, internally wired handlebars, and keyless ignitions so you can rise above the basics of operation and focus on the journey ahead. This cruiser features the most powerful icon in motorcycling: the chrome headdress, which has been gracing the front of every Indian® motorcycle since

Indian® Roadmaster®

When looking at Indian® motorcycles for sale, do check out the Indian® Roadmaster® ─ a 2-up touring bike that delivers craftsmanship and comfort for those who like having the best of the best. Engineered from the ground up to take advantage of its Thunder Stroke® V-Twin engine, this beast offers you comfortable long-distance riding with superior handling so you feel at one with your touring motorcycle.
This bike has a lightweight yet exceptionally strong aluminum frame that inspires both stability and confidence. With its steering geometry and responsive controls, you’ll always have the reins on this Indian® motorcycle. LED lighting and a push-button adjustable windshield add both functionality and class. 

If you like your bike to provide luxury, this Indian® motorcycle is for you. High-output speakers with a dynamic equalizer ensure that you’ll hear every note of your favorite songs. A premium touring saddle features a plush 2-up leather seat with independent heat controls so you and your passenger will always enjoy the ride.

There are, of course, other Indian Motorcycle® models that are reliable, powerful and ergonomic. If you want to check out some great Indian® motorcycles for sale, come to Loewer Powersports and Equipment in Alexandria, LA. We’re the local Indian Motorcycle® dealership that you can count on for all your bike needs. We welcome all our friends from the rest of Rapides Parish, Lafayette, and Louisiana!

The Indian Challenger Is The Ultimate Get Out Of Dodge Machine

There are normal everyday things that science simply can’t explain. Nobody knows why we need to sleep every night. How bumblebees fly is still a mystery. General anesthesia isn’t fully understood. There’s no explanation as to why the voice in your head only operates at one volume. The biggest anomaly in the known universe, however, is how Indian Motorcycles figured out how to make eight-hundred-forty pounds of bike this fun to ride. It just shouldn’t be possible!

Image for article titled The Indian Challenger Is The Ultimate Get Out Of Dodge Machine

Baggers are built for retired dentists to rack up highway miles once a year on a road trip to Sturgis, not for carving mountain roads or running around on race tracks. Indian developed the Challenger to bring a new level of sportiness to the big full-fairing bagger market, putting it in the oven for the full bake. With a new cast-aluminum chassis, the bike was given a level of stiffness to keep everything in check. From there the company bolted on a set of inverted front forks and a Fox hydraulically adjustable rear shock setup for sportier handling than anything it had built for this class before.

It’s a lot of weight to hustle, but it’s actually pretty responsive.

Image for article titled The Indian Challenger Is The Ultimate Get Out Of Dodge Machine

(Full Disclosure: Indian loaned me this motorcycle back in February with the understanding that my local dealership would install the Stage 2 upgrade kit. Lengthy delays and scheduling meant I had the bike for over six months until the work could be done. I paid for my own travel to and from the pick-up point in Orange County, Calif. This review is of the bike in factory original specification, and a Stage 2 review will come later.)

What is the Indian Challenger Limited?

The Challenger was introduced in to fight Harley-Davidson’s Road Glide. Unlike the Harley, however, Indian chose to go with a cast aluminum frame and a water-cooled engine. The PowerPlus engine is a degree V-twin displacing just shy of liters ( cubic inches) producing an impressive horsepower and ft-lb of torque. The standard engine in the Challenger delivers about as much power as the $6, dealer-installed Screamin’ Eagle upgraded crate engine I tested in Harley’s Street Glide last year.

The Challenger is a big burly bruiser with a penchant for racking up miles, but as already discussed, you can point it at a curvy road and let it eat. It’s a pretty compelling bike once you get used to the fact that you’re carrying around half of a Series 2 Lotus Elise in weight. Stylistically it’s not totally my cup of tea, featuring a bit too much chrome, but it’s hard to not recognize the beauty of the design. If you feel like being comfortable and loud, this is the bike for you.

Image for article titled The Indian Challenger Is The Ultimate Get Out Of Dodge Machine

This particular model is a Limited, which gets you a whole bunch of extra tech. For an extra four grand you get a six-axis IMU with lean-sensitive ABS and traction control. You also get Apple CarPlay on the 7" touch screen mounted in the fairing.

What’s It Like To Ride?

With more than six months to get seat time on this bike, I’ve put miles on it. This bike and I have been all over the American Southwest, doing two trips to Phoenix, two to Los Angeles, one to Palm Springs, a couple to San Francisco, and at least three to Sacramento, most recently for the American Flat Track races. Last week the bike and I crossed the 5, mile mark together.

Image for article titled The Indian Challenger Is The Ultimate Get Out Of Dodge Machine

I’ve driven more than a few performance cars with fewer horsepower than this and curb weights more than double. By that metric, it’s instantly obvious that this thing is going to be bonkers fast, and wouldn’t you know it, it is. This thing really hauls the mail in a straight line, and it will happily cruise all day at 85 miles an hour on the interstate. There is hardly any other machine on the road that is more capable of orchestrating a two-lane pass on a semi truck. Roll on the throttle, which feels like the hilt of a broadsword in your right hand, and you’ll be thrust forward around the truck like it was standing still.

Image for article titled The Indian Challenger Is The Ultimate Get Out Of Dodge Machine

This big blue beauty is hardly a one-trick pony, however. There’s more to this bike than cutting a quick getaway. I often found myself hopping on this bike and heading for the hills to clear my head. It isn’t made for setting lap times—though I did briefly hold ambitions of taking it to a local track day—but it’ll hold its own on a curvy road. The solid chassis, impressive suspension, and incredible torquey powerplant means the Challenger is a pliant dance partner, even with the twisted sweepers of the northern Sierra mountain range as your floor.

Image for article titled The Indian Challenger Is The Ultimate Get Out Of Dodge Machine

Not only is it possible to have a good bit of fun scraping floorboards when the roads get twisty, but if you don’t take the bike anywhere near the limit (which you shouldn’t on the road anyway) it’ll be a comfortable and secure place to sit for a few hours at a time. Wherever your tour is, whether across the flat desert or up to the peak of a mountainous switchback, you’ll get to the destination feeling pretty good.

Image for article titled The Indian Challenger Is The Ultimate Get Out Of Dodge Machine

The seat is a fine place to spend time, even with the bike’s forward-controls stance. I felt discomfort only on the worst road imperfections, like harsh bridge transitions or steep speed bumps. In most cases, I felt like I could spend most of a day in the saddle. I recently rode eight hours from Reno to Las Vegas in one sitting, and felt pretty good at the end of it. The bike’s seating position is pretty wideset with a large fuel tank between your legs, but it was pretty easy to get used to.

Standout Features

In comparison to some competition from Milwaukee I’ve ridden in the past, Indian’s big bike feels a bit more user friendly. In particular the clutch pull is much more forgiving and easier to reach, and the transmission’s shifter is still a bit on the chunky side, but far easier to shift and significantly easier to guide into neutral. These two little quality-of-life features alone are enough that I would choose the Iowan over the Wisconsinite, were I in the buying market.

Image for article titled The Indian Challenger Is The Ultimate Get Out Of Dodge Machine

If you’re not to hard on the throttle, you can get somewhere in the realm of 50 miles per gallon, pushing a tank of fuel out to miles in some cases. With a shove of torque like this sitting behind a simple twist of the wrist, there’s not much incentive to stay out of the gas, however. I regularly found I was scooting closer to 40 mpg, what with all of the deep digging into the throttle I was doing passing semi trucks and hauling ass out of corners. You probably want to get up to stretch every three hours or so anyway, so miles is plenty.

Wind protection is excellent, seat materials are cushy and wide, and the suspension is compliant.

Image for article titled The Indian Challenger Is The Ultimate Get Out Of Dodge Machine


This bike is really expensive. At damn near thirty thousand dollars, you can buy a whole lot of great cars for that money. It’s a good bike, but I don’t think it’s 28, bucks good.

Image for article titled The Indian Challenger Is The Ultimate Get Out Of Dodge Machine

Battery issues plagued my time with the Challenger. For months I was chasing difficulties getting the bike started if it sat for a week or more. More than once I went out to find the bike dead ahead of a planned road trip. Obviously keeping the bike on a trickle charger could likely have prevented this issue, but I think there was more to it than that. A little over a month ago the battery just decided it wouldn’t take a charge anymore, so I went out and bought one at WalMart and shoved it in the bike. Ever since then it’s been flawless, even after sitting for several days without starting. Some cursory searching seems to indicate that this is a common issue from the brand.

Image for article titled The Indian Challenger Is The Ultimate Get Out Of Dodge Machine

There is a rubber piece of trim around the fuel tank (above) on top of the bike’s filler cap surround. Apparently this trim is installed with a rubber adhesive from the factory. In the heat of a Nevada summer, the adhesive frequently wept out from underneath to leave a gnarly residue. Several applications of bug and tar remover were required to get all of it to go away. As near as I can tell, the trim is still holding on without any problems, but the adhesive continues to melt out as the summer temperatures hold. My local dealer technician indicated this is a pretty common issue with these bikes.

Apple CarPlay is dope, but it kinda sucks on a motorcycle. Apparently there is some kind of legislation that requires it to only work with in-helmet audio. So even though the motorcycle is equipped with speakers, CarPlay won’t function with them. So you have to plug your phone in to the bike, pair your phone to your helmet, then pair the bike with your helmet, then fiddle with everything so it talks to each other. I tried to set it up for about 20 minutes before taking off for a ride, but could never get it to work reliably, because my phone’s charge port was apparently not a solid enough connection to the bike, so every time I thought I got it, the phone would disconnect and I’d have to start over. Ultimately I never got it to function for an actual ride, so I just used my tried and true method of pairing my phone to my helmet and shoving it in my pocket, leaving the bike, its speakers, and Apple CarPlay out of the equation altogether.

Image for article titled The Indian Challenger Is The Ultimate Get Out Of Dodge Machine

In general the controls are well-placed and easy to reach with a quick thumb. Riding at night is a different story, however, as the switches are not backlit, and are difficult to differentiate between without the benefit of sight. If you aren’t accustomed to using the brights, finding them in the pitch black night is a touch difficult. This is more a fluke than anything, but while riding at night a couple of weeks ago, I reached out with my right arm to stretch my shoulder a bit, and when putting my hand back on the bars I bumped the kill switch lightly and the bike immediately shut down. I thought I’d blown something up, and coasted to the side of the road. If the switches were backlit, I might have avoided such confusion.

The gauges are generally very good, but the miles-to-empty fuel gauge simply drops to display a “LOW FUEL” display from about 30 miles remaining, which can make for some nerve-wracking range anxiety, especially in the middle of the desert.

Optional heated grips? Come on bagger boys, that should be standard equipment!

Recommended Options

If you’re looking for a bagger, you could do a lot worse than the Challenger. You’ll definitely want to step up to the Limited model, if only for the gorgeous Deepwater Metallic paint (or Ruby Metallic, but definitely don’t get Black like a loser). If you frequently ride in cold weather, like I do, pony up for the $ setting heated grips and the $ vinyl “closeouts” for the highway bars to keep some wind off your legs and feet.


Image for article titled The Indian Challenger Is The Ultimate Get Out Of Dodge Machine

Just like every other big bike in the world, the price is tough to swallow. If you can get past that, and you don’t mind the “bagger image” this is a pretty good one to get. It feels old-school Americana. It’s big and brash, fast and loud. It’s kind of the perfect motorcycle for the American Southwest, where you can find several hundred miles of straight-as-an-arrow two-lane.

The old-school feel is almost contradictory to the fancy futuristic fairing and LED lighting. There is a level of refinement built into the Challenger that you can’t find in a Street Glide, but it’s certainly a millennium behind something like a Honda Goldwing.

This bike is an anachronism. It’s too advanced to be vintage, but too intentionally vintage to be modern. There’s a toughness to be found in hauling around and making the jump to lightspeed every twenty miles on an something pound bike, but it’s a different kind of feeling frome what the truly old-feeling H-Ds deliver. Is it the Goldilocks middle ground between past and future?

Image for article titled The Indian Challenger Is The Ultimate Get Out Of Dodge Machine

I truly enjoyed my time with the Challenger, but didn’t quite fall in love with it. Certainly not for the stratospheric price tag. Most times when I leave a bike in the rear view mirror of my life, I spend months thinking about how I could get it back. While I was sad to see this one go, I don’t have any desire to go buy one. We aren’t soul mates, and that’s okay.


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