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Cyberpunk 2077: 13 Hidden Locations Only Experts Found

Earlier this month, CD Projekt Red released Cyberpunk 2077, an open-world RPG starring the irrepressible Keanu Reeves. Reeves lends his voice and his likeness to the mysterious Johnny Silverhand in the game. CD Projekt Red began the complicated and troublesome development for Cyberpunk 2077 in 2013 shortly after releasing their "Enhanced Edition" update for The Witcher 2, finally releasing Cyberpunk 2077 in December 2020.

Although this incredibly ambitious title certainlyhas some bugs and controversies, players have already spent hours in the game, discovering its great variety of secrets and easter eggs. Expert players have discovered multiple hidden areas in the game's expansive map that are worth searching for. Several of these locations have exclusive loot, while others pay homage to pop culture.

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Updated on June 16th, 2021 by Anastasia Maillot: Night City is an absolutely massive place and with a lot of the bugs fixed and addressed for PC and next-gen players, it's the perfect time to dive back in to explore its every nook and cranny for fun secrets and hidden rooms.

While most of the secret spots have been covered in the list previously, a few more additional spots worth noting have been found by dedicated fans in the last months. Moreover, with fast travel terminal locations added to each spot, actually finding these locations should be easier than ever.

13 Returning To Konpeki Plaza

Konpeki Plaza is a location that continues to fascinate players. The hotel is obviously well designed and one of the highlight locations of Act I. Due to this, most players were disappointed to find out there's no real way to get back there after the Heist quest with Jackie and T-Bug.

Where there's a will, however, there's a way. There are several ways in which Konpeki Plaza can be reached, either by swimming or by climbing up a fence all the way to the hotel. Anything not picked up the first time around can be looted from there, though Reinforced Tendons are a necessary tool to get all the way to the top. To get inside the actual hotel, players need to drive a car right next to the hotel's entrance and then step out, which glitches them through the wall.

  • Fast Travel Terminal: California & Cartwright, Watson

12 The Subway Stations

It's pretty evident that many things were cut out of the game in order for CD Projekt Red to be able to release Cyberpunk 2077 for the holiday season. However, hints about what could have been in the game can be found all over the map, including a subway station system named NCART.

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One of the stations is located nearby Arasaka Tower, and can be accessed by simply walking down. However, players will need to get on a bike to actually access the subway tunnel, which is surprisingly well designed considering it was never meant to be accessed.

  • Fast Travel Terminal: Arasaka Tower, City Center

11 Red White And Used Store

A strangely well-designed garage store is located in Santo Domingo, not too far away from Claire's garage. Named Red White and Used, most fans have speculated that this place could have potentially been a quest location for something related to Claire.

The garage can be accessed by driving a car right next to the shutter doors and clipping through. Inside, everything is fully furnished, and there's even an elevator that functions between the two floors. Perhaps one day this will be tied to a DLC quest.

  • Fast Travel Terminal: Hargreaves St, Santo Domingo

10 Secret Development Room

Players can find this hidden room early in the game, after completing the quest The Rescue. V can visit the north side of Kabuki Market to find a secret room featuring photos of the Cyberpunk 2077 development team. Players will need to descend the staircase by the Prefab City shop and follow the street to a dead end. Next, they should locate the garage door next to a neon sign and a dumpster.

By using the code 605185, players can gain access to the secret room. V needs to sit on the couch to activate the television, which will display photos of the game's developers while Johnny Silverhand plays his guitar.

  • Fast Travel Terminal: Kabuki Market, Watson

9 V's Secret Mansion

Expert Cyberpunk 2077 players found a secret mansion that may belong to the game's main character, V. The mansion is difficult to access since it isn't part of the game's storyline yet, but with persistence and a few very effective pieces of Cyberware, players can access and enter the lavish building.

Reinforced Tendons and Kerenzikov are necessary to reach the mansion. In the upstairs bedroom, players can find multiple unique clothing items belonging to V, like V's Gold-Plated Boots and V's Golden Aviators. They can also find a variety of weapons and a replica of Johnny's Samurai Jacket on the ground floor of the mansion.

  • Fast Travel Terminal: Megabuilding H10: Atrium

8 Heywood Alleyway With Skippy

This location is less secretive than others, but players won't be able to locate the mission marker until they are close to the alleyway. In Heywood, near College Street Metro Station, players can find a briefcase next to a dead body in the alleyway that contains the talking gun, Skippy.

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Skippy is a Smart pistol. The player can choose whether Skippy causes lethal or non-lethal damage, but it can't be customized other than that. Experts have also discovered that the weapon's name can't be changed. V can choose to follow an optional quest to return Skippy to Regina Jones for cash.

  • Fast Travel Terminal: College Street, Heywood

7 Vault Disaster

One of many references to other video games in Cyberpunk 2077, a vault door can be found in the badlands if players know where to look for it. The vault is a reference to the Fallout franchise. Fitting, as Cyberpunk 2077 has been compared to Fallout games, especially Fallout 4.

Both games are sci-fi inspired, open-world RPGs with an abundance of quests and side quests. In Cyberpunk 2077 players can find bodies next to the vault door. Nearby shards explain that the bodies belong to people following the questline of the first Fallout game.

  • Fast Travel Terminal: Regional Airport, Badlands

6 Legendary Boots In A Cage

In the Northeast corner of the City Center, players can locate a hidden area where they can loot a pair of the Legendary Puncture-Resistant Rocker Ankle Boots. To find them, the player should travel to Berkeley & Bruce Skiv at the edge of the map. If they go left next to the Bruce Skiv sign and follow the short set of stairs, they will come to a door that can only be opened with a 12 Body attribute.

Players can bypass the door by dropping down to the ledge on the right side of the cage and entering from the back. The Legendary boots are on the body of a woman inside of the metal cage.

  • Fast Travel Terminal: Berkeley & Bruce Skiv

5 Adam Smasher's Hideout

The intimidating Adam Smasher is a formidable foe who is important to the plot of Cyberpunk 2077. Players can access his hideout once they have the Reinforced-Tendons Cyberware and can travel to the docks at Night City. They will need to climb several fences and shipping containers to get to the roof of a yellow building.

V can access the hideout at any time, but locked cases in the hideout can only be opened with a key that players can take from Smasher's dead body. Notable loot in Smasher's hideout includes armor, weapons, and a crafting spec for the legendary Ba Xing Chong weapon. The crafting spec can only be accessed with Smasher's key.

  • Fast Travel Terminal: Ebunkie Docks, Watson

4 Hidden Door At Edgewood Farm

Players can complete The Hunt after meeting River Ward in the I Fought the Law side job (one of the game's many fantastic side quests). Near the end of The Hunt, players should carefully enter the first house at Edgewood Farm, called Peter Pan's farmhouse.

The upstairs bedroom in Peter Pan's house has a secret door that players can find by scanning the room. Underneath a desk in the bedroom, V needs to flick the switch to open the door. Tinker Bell, the Iconic melee weapon, will be behind the door. The unique weapon is worth collecting since it is a non-lethal weapon that has a chance to stun the target.

  • Fast Travel Terminal: Edgewood Farm, Badlands

3 Advocet Hotel Rooftop

Cyberpunk 2077 makes multiple references to the Blade Runner franchise, probably because BladeRunner is a classic of both the sci-fi and cyberpunk genres. One notable reference to the movie is on the rooftop of the abandoned Advocet Hotel in Vista del Rey, Heywood.

To access the rooftop, players should enter the Advocet Hotel through the front door and take the elevator to the terrace. V can walk the terrace until they find a character on the ground holding a white dove. This is a reference to the famous "tears in rain" monologue in Blade Runner.

  • Fast Travel Terminal: Congress & MLK, Heywood

2 Monowire In The Storage Unit

This is another secret location that players are unlikely to stumble upon without knowing where to look. To find the storage unit, players should visit Kabuki and locate Roger Wang Pharmacy. The storage unit is to the left of the pharmacy. Inside it, there is a crate with Monowire, a Legendary melee Cyberware. Monowire is an arm upgrade that has a chance to dismember an enemy and cause bleeding.

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Alternatively, players can find Monowire during the Shark in the Water gig. After following Regina Jones to the pharmacy, take a left around the side of the building, and enter through the garage.

  • Fast Travel Terminal: Charter St, Watson

1 Allen Street South Room

At this hidden location, players can find the crafting schema for the Legendary smart sniper rifle Ashura. Players should visit the southeast side of Watson, and head towards the undiscovered gig above Allen Street South.

V can begin the Big Man, Big Evil quest for Regina Jones and will need to kill a target. By following a linear path across the roof, the player can find the target upstairs. After killing the target, V can find the Ashura crafting spec in a case on a table nearby.

  • Fast Travel Terminal: North of Tama Viewpoint, Santo Domingo

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Sydney Michelle Karatka (1 Articles Published)More From Sydney Michelle Karatka

As you follow V’s journey in Cyberpunk 2077, you’ll encounter a man named Dexter DeShawn. It also happens that you can get his gun, an iconic weapon known as Plan B, a bit later. While you’re getting that weapon, you might as well aid Nix with two side jobs, “Kold Mirage” and “Spellbound.” Here’s our guide to help you out with all of these objectives.

Note: For more information, check out our Cyberpunk 2077guides and features hub. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains spoilers.


Cyberpunk 2077: Dexter’s gun – Plan B

Dexter DeShawn is someone who might seem trustworthy at first. Sadly, towards the end of Cyberpunk 2077‘s first act, he’ll kill V to save his own skin. Of course, V’s adventures don’t end there due to the relic. As for Dexter, he doesn’t get to survive for long since Goro Takemura executes him. This begins a chase sequence followed by more main quests. Yes, it’s highly likely that you’ll completely forget about Dexter while you explore the rest of Night City.

Still, at any point in time after Cyberpunk 2077‘s first act, you can return to the landfill. Just follow the road that goes south from the Sunset Motel fast travel point.

Cyberpunk 2077 Dexter's Gun Plan B Nix Sidequest Spellbound 1

Eventually, you’ll find yourself back at the scene of the crime. Dexter’s corpse is still here.

Check the corpse to pick up the Plan B, the same gun Dexter used to shoot V in the head.

Cyberpunk 2077 Dexter's Gun Plan B Nix Sidequest Spellbound 2

The Plan B is an iconic power pistol. Its bullets have a higher chance to apply the bleeding status, but every shot costs eddies/cash.

Likewise, it’s only a rare/blue weapon. But, like every other iconic weapon in Cyberpunk 2077, you can craft the epic version followed by the legendary version of this if you have the requisite perks and materials.

Cyberpunk 2077 Dexter's Gun Plan B Nix Sidequest Spellbound 3

Nix’s side jobs: “Kold Mirage” and “Spellbound”

Since you’re in the area, you might as well do two Cyberpunk 2077 sidequests. The first one, “Kold Mirage,” becomes active while you’re next to Dexter’s body.

There’s a freezer nearby and, once you open it, you’ll find the corpse of Rache Bartmoss, the infamous hacker who crashed the Net. Johnny will chime in to tell you to bring Bartmoss’ cyberdeck to Nix.

Cyberpunk 2077 Dexter's Gun Plan B Nix Sidequest Spellbound 4

Fast travel to the Afterlife bar and meet Nix in the back room. Give him the disk and he’ll get to crackin’. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned and you need to help him out:

  • You can shut off the power by the door panel.
  • Or you can use Nix’s computer to complete the Breach Protocol sequence.

Cyberpunk 2077 Dexter's Gun Plan B Nix Sidequest Spellbound 5

Whatever the case may be, Nix will be thankful and he’ll give you the next side job, “Spellbound.” For this one, he needs you to buy Bartmoss’ “spellbook” from someone named R3N0. Give R3N0 a call on your phone.

Meet with her in Lele Park. You’ll have several options here:

  • Pay 7,300 cash.
  • Shoot R3N0 and hack the case (the cops will arrive so make sure you get out of there).
  • Corpo lifepath only: You can negotiate and pay only 1,800 cash.

Cp 27 R3n0 1

Regardless of your decision, you’ll get the location of the suitcase. It’s still close to Lele Park, so don’t worry.

Open the suitcase and you’ll find a shard. You’ll also receive an optional task to decrypt it.

Cp 27 R3n0 2a

Save your game now since you only have one shot at doing this correctly. Next, open your menu and check the “Shards” list. Scroll down to the very bottom to find the entry for the “Spellbook.” Then press “F” to crack the security (another Breach Protocol minigame).

This was the sequence I got:

Cp 27 R3n0 2

Since I picked “Datamine: Crafting Specs,” that unlocked the legendary “System Reset” quickhack as a crafting option.

Anyway, return to Nix to finish the objective. If you have 12 Intelligence, you can goad him to pay you more for completing Cyberpunk 2077′s “Spellbound” sidequest.

Cp 27 R3n0 3

Cyberpunk 2077 is available via multiple storefronts such as GOG and Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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15 Hidden Items in Cyberpunk 2077 And Where To Find Them

The world of Cyberpunk 2077 might not be as big as that of The Witcher 3, but thanks to its incredible verticality and denseness, there's always something to be found around the next corner. Given how much there is to see, it's no wonder most players end up either accidentally finding some hidden gems in the game or just completely missing out on them.

It would be difficult to list out all the hidden valuable items of the game, but there are some which are fairly easy to find or just hidden in plain sight. From gear to iconic weapons and quirky quest items, these hidden items in the game are worth traveling the extra mile for, especially early on in the game. Note that some of them might spawn as Epic versions, in which case it's a good idea to reload the game.

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Updated on August 6th, 2021 by Anastasia Maillot: Months after the release of Cyberpunk 2077, players are still finding hidden gems and secrets all over Night City. From rare clothing to legendary crafting specs, these treasures are hard to come by but so worth it once you get your hands on them.

Some of these items are difficult to spot even in plain sight, while others require a bit of specific decision-making during certain quests in order to be unlocked. Moreover, only the craftiest of Vs will be able to take advantage of all the crafting specs for unique or legendary items. Here's where to find each of them, how to get them and what their stats are.

15 Ba Xing Chong

  • Location: On the Ebunike, inside a locked Arasaka box
  • DPS: 487.5
  • Requirements: To craft it, unlock the Edgerunner Artisan Perk

One of the many quests in Rogue's storyline, Chippin In', involves infiltrating the Ebunike, a ship docked in the Northside crawling with Maelstrom members. The first time you visit this area you won't be able to open this box up, but you can get an access token from Greyson into the room where the box is.

After you've completed the game and defeated Adam Smasher, you can return to this location to finally pry open his lockbox and reveal the crafting spec for the Ba Xing Chong. It's a legendary-tier Kang Tao shotgun.

14 Doom Doom

  • Location: Totentantz Club club on the Northside
  • DPS: 637.4
  • Requirements: Dum Dum is alive after The Pickup quest

Dum Dum is one of the most well-known characters in the game despite having a somewhat minor role. Not many know, however, that he can drop an iconic revolver if certain choices are made early on in the game. During Act 1, side with the Maelstrom rather than Militech, so that Dum Dum survives.

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Dum Dum and Royce will then be encountered at a later time during the quest Second Conflict, at a club known as Totentantz. You can leave the club by sneaking out and not killing Dum Dum, but since you got this far, you might as well get rid of him and grab his epic revolver, Doom Doom, which is a cool little reference to the video game Doom.

13 Sir John Phallustiff

  • Location: No-Tell Motel in Kabuki, Watson
  • DPS: 488.9
  • Requirements: Side with Meredith Stout and Militech

Speaking of The Pickup and Act 1, there are more choices you can make that will positively impact your gameplay in Act 2. If you do choose Meredith Stout over the psychotic Maelstrom members, she'll actually call you at a later time during Act 2 to thank you personally and offer to meet one last time.

The quest Venus In Furs is not only the chance to romance her, but you can also pick up a unique electric baton from the bed afterwards with a hilarious name (and if you don't have censored mode on, a hilarious appearance as well). Sir John can be crafted afterwards as well provided you have the Grease Monkey crafting perk.

12 Cottonmouth

  • Location: Fingers' clinic, by his bed in Japantown
  • DPS: 405.3
  • Requirements: None

Make sure to grab this weapon during the quest The Space In Between. During Act 2, one of the earliest quests involving Judy Alvarez and Evelyn Parker has you tracking down the latter after no word from her. As you reach a ripperdoc's, Finger's, clinic in Japantown, you have a chance to not only give him a beating but also grab his unique one-handed melee weapon.

Shaped like a cane with a snake's head as the handle, it can be crafted later on with the Grease Monkey perk after acquiring the original weapon first.

11 Cocktail Stick

  • Location: Clouds club in Japantown
  • DPS: 191
  • Requirements: None

For a bright magenta katana, complete a quest that brings you all the way to the disturbing club of Clouds in Japantown. During the quest Automatic Love, you'll be able to enter the club and interrogate some of its workers about Evelyn Parker's unfortunate fate.

You can also pick up this somewhat well-hidden gem of a sword that might got unnoticed despite its bright colors. The Cocktail Stick is found in the changing room of Clouds on the upstairs section of the club.

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10 Sandevistan: Arasaka Software

  • Location: Arasaka Mansion roof in North Oak, or Downtown ripperdoc clinic in City Center
  • Features: When activated, enemies take 70 percent more time to detect V
  • Requirements: 600 eddies when bought, double jump to get it from the mansion

This Arasaka software mod meant for the Sandevistan cyberware is one of the most sought after mods among players. For stealth players, in particular, adding the Arasaka software to your Sandevistan is smart, as it makes it harder for enemies to spot you while Sandevistan is active. While the legendary version can be found at a ripperdoc Downtown, you can find a regular version hidden in North Oak.

Head to the Arasaka estate over at North Oak, and climb to the roof. The best way to get there is by unlocking cyberware for your legs that allow you to charge a jump or double jump.

9 Skippy

  • Location: Alleyway in Vista Del Rey, next to a dumpster
  • DPS: 181.9
  • Requirements: None

There's no weapon quite like Skippy in the game. This smart gun basically hits targets for you, without you having to worry about a thing. The location for it is actually marked with a quest marker in Vista Del Rey. The marker will point you to a back alley where it can be found next to a body and a dumpster.

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Skippy is actually related to a quest, which reveals it to be fixer Regina's gun. Kill approximately fifty enemies with it, and Skippy will finally come to remember who its previous owner was. It's up to you if you want to complete the quest and return it to Regina, however.

8 Prototype: Shingen Mark V

  • Location: Arasaka Industrial Park, trailer number 667
  • DPS: 139.2
  • Requirements: None

Speaking of Smart weapons, there's another very cool legendary submachine gun hidden inside a shipping container well worth your while, if submachine guns are your specialty. It not only homes in on targets, making aiming much easier, but it also deals thermal and burning damage on top of it. The Crit Chances are very good on it as well.

To get your hands on this, head over to the Arasaka Industrial Park in Santo Domingo. It's easy to find by simply using the fast travel terminal to get there. Walk into the area through the main entrance and keep right, until you reach the other end. There should be an open shipping container, inside of which the Shingen Mark V can be found.

7 Plan B

  • Location: Landfill past a gas station in the southeastern Badlands
  • DPS: 285.7
  • Requirements: None

After Act 1, most people don't really think of Dexter DeShawn again, which is a big mistake. It isn't until the random A Kold Mirage quest that you'll most likely return to the landfill where V was initially rescued by Takemura. However, if you can do the trip before that, all the better, since you can find quite a nice weapon off of Dex's body.

His signature gun Plan B is a legendary weapon and especially at the beginning of Act 2, it'll be a decent addition to anyone's arsenal. As a Power Pistol, Plan B can ricochet bullets off of surfaces, making it perfect for dealing with enemies in cover. The catch? Shooting it will cost you money. To find the landfill, you'll have to follow one of the roads in the badlands that lead down south into a dead end.

6 Heavy Shock-Absorbent Solo Jacket

  • Location: Right side of Megabuilding H1 in The Glen, Heywood
  • Features: 214 armor
  • Requirements: Technical Ability 16 to enter the area

If you're looking to be a strong solo in the game, completing the solo armor set is a great idea. The jacket, in particular, can be found in a pretty random location and fairly early on. It's an immensely good legendary jacket with up to four empty clothing mod slots.

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To find the jacket, head over to the northern area of The Glen in City Center, nearby the Embers fast travel point. There's a back street that's closed off, with a door that can only be opened with a Technical attribute level of 16. On one of the corpses, you'll find this jacket.

5 Heat-Resistant Hybridweave Netrunning Suit

  • Location: Head east from Megabuilding H2 between Wellsprings and The Glen
  • Features: 207 armor
  • Requirements: None

Netrunners will be happy to know there's a powerful legendary suit just waiting to be grabbed in a hidden location at The Glen in Heywood. The area is right next to a large building near the waterside, by the road leading to Pacifica. Look around, and there should be a shack made out of metal with a dead netrunner inside, with the suit on their corpse.

All other suits considered, this one is definitely worth wearing. It has a ton of additional armor and up to four clothing mod slots.

4 Tsumetogi

  • Location: Megabuilding H8, in the room where the Tyger Claw bosses are sitting
  • DPS: 754.4
  • Requirements: None

Not all special items are hidden in nifty locations that might be difficult to find. Some, and actually quite many of them, are hidden in plain sight and ignored by the player who might be more concerned with the quest or scene unfolding before their eyes. Judy's questline will eventually get you to the side quest Pisces, which will have you getting revenge on Clouds.

As you enter the Tyger Claws room with Maiko, make sure to pick up the iconic katana Tsumetogi which is placed on the table. It's easy to miss as it looks like a decoration. The katana does additional electrical damage and gives you electrical resistance, as well as the chance to shock your enemies.

3 Legendary Monowire

  • Location: Northern Kabuki, next to a Pharmaceuticals building
  • DPS: 300 or more
  • Requirements: None

The monowire can be an expensive cyberware to get early on in the game, but it can also be found free if you look around. In northern Kabuki, just above the slums where the quest Big In Japan will send you, there's a Pharmaceuticals building. Walk past it to the left and turn right, where a storage unit is located. Open it up, and the monowire is inside.

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The monowire can do up to 300 damage, with an additional 105-129 physical damage. It also has the chance to inflict bleeding on your enemies and increases your attack speed. All in all, it's a fantastic find and easy to get to, since Kabuki is one of the earliest locations.

2 Satori

  • Location: Rooftop of Yorinobu's suite, inside helicopter
  • DPS: 221
  • Requirements: Must be picked up during The Heist

Act 1 is full of excitement and action, but keep your eyes peeled for one of the rarest katanas in the game, which cannot be earned after Act 1 unless you use movement exploits. When V and Jackie are in Yorinobu's suite and must make an escape through the windows, make sure to get on the roof where Saburo Arasaka came from.

His helicopter will still be there, along with two guards. Take them down, and grab the katana which is found inside the helicopter. It will come immensely useful as you make your way out of Konpeki Plaza and deals some decent damage.

1 Rayfield Caliburn Hypercar

  • Location: Tunnel where Nash's hideout used to be, near Rocky Ridge
  • Features: It's the best car in the game, for free!
  • Requirements: Complete Ghost Town and wait for approximately 3 days

Weapons, gears, cyberware, and mods aside, how about finding a hidden car? Well, one of the finest rides in the game is actually completely free, provided you happen to come across it. The Rayfield Caliburn Hypercar becomes available during Act 2, sometime after your completion of the Ghost Town quest with Panam, which has you wipe out Nash's hideout inside a cave.

After the full quest is complete, return to the very same cave a few days later and drive past the spot where you fought Nash and his men. A storage unit will automatically open up and reveal the car, along with some other loot.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Finding load screen location Garbage dump

How to get Dexter Deshawn's Iconic "Plan B" pistol in Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk may have come with more bugs than features, so bad in fact that anyone who has purchased the game and is unwilling to wait for the upcoming patches can now get a refund.

However, one aspect of the game that has been widely praised is the detailed world-building that the developers have achieved with unique characters, intricate storytelling, and believable Night City, aspects which are both the game's saving grace and point to its wider post-launch potential.

One example of that rich storytelling is found with Dexter Deshawn and his Iconic "Plan B" pistol. Learning how you can get your hands on it shows the lengths the developers went to create a believable world.

Here is everything you need to know about Dexter's Gun, Plan B, and where to find it.

It goes without say, there will be SPOILERS ahead, so scroll and read at your own risk.

How to find Dexter’s Gun in Cyberpunk 2077

In order to get Dexter’s “Plan B” pistol, you will need to have completed “The Heist” mission beforehand. After our kerfuffle with Dexter, we get shot in the head and dumped in a junkyard nearby Night City.

Once you wake up and crawl your way out, you will see Takemura kill Dexter Deshawn in the middle of the junkyard, leaving him there for us to reap the rewards when we come back.

You will need to go to this location on the map, found on the east side of Night City near the Badlands.

cyberpunk 2077 dexter gun location plan b
(Picture: CD Projekt RED)

Follow the road past the pathway and you will find the junkyard where you were disposed and where Dexter was killed, with his body still laying on the ground.

dexter plan b pistol location
(Picture: CD Projekt RED)

Go near Dexter, loot the body and you have just gotten yourself Plan B in Cyberpunk 2077.


Dexter’s Plan B gun stats in Cyberpunk 2077

The Iconic gun starts you off with 266.9 DPS, 64-78 damage and 3.75 shots per second. Its Iconic effect reads:

“Bullets have a higher chance to apply Bleeding, but keep an eye on your wallet!”, as Plan B will use every Eddie you have in-game as your ammo. One bullet = one Eddie.

Dexter deshawn iconic pistol(Picture: CD Projekt RED)

Although it might seem cheaper to shoot your pocket away instead of having to buy large amounts of ammo for large amounts of Eddies, upgrading Plan B from Rare to Legendary will only bump your damage per second by 44.9 and your damage by a +6-8 margin. 

Not the best Iconic weapon in-game, but definitely one for the collectors out there. If you want more goodies that are lying around for you to loot, check out our Free Mantis Blades guide to pick them up early in the game.


Dump location cyberpunk

Where To Find Dex’s Body And Iconic Pistol “Plan B” In Cyberpunk 2077?

Once you have met Dexter Deshawn in Cyberpunk 2077, you can find Dex’s body and his Iconic “Plan B” pistol. However, before getting there, you will have to progress a bit in the main story. This guide also contains spoilers about Johnny Silverhand. Hence, if you don’t want any spoilers, it is better to discontinue reading this. However, if you are not worried about the spoilers and have already met Johnny Silverhand, here’s how you can find Dex’s body and his Iconic “Plan B” pistol in Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077 – Where to Find Dex’s Body and His Iconic Pistol?

You will find Dex’s body and his Iconic “Plan B” pistol right where Arasaka killed him. This is also the place where you first met Johnny Silverhand. If you still didn’t get the idea of the exact location, refer to the below image for help.

dex's body location

dex iconic pistol plan b location in cyberpunk 2077

It is a sort of junkyard. Once you are at the location, explore a bit and it won’t be difficult to get your eyes on Dex’s corpse. When you find him, simply collect his weapon as you would with any other killed person in the game. There are several better guns and pistols in CP2077 than “Plan B”. For instance, there’s Skippy (the talking gun) and Johnny Silverhand’s gun. Both these guns are better than Plan B. However, the best thing about Dex’s Iconic pistol is that you won’t have to buy ammo for it. Instead, it will simply deduct eddies for each fire. Hence, if you have unlimited money in Cyberpunk 2077, this gun can come in handy.

While here finding Dex’s body and his Iconic pistol, you can find Rache Bartmoss’s body, which is a part of the Kold Mirage side gig. Without getting into many details, we would say that you have to take Bartmoss’ corpse to Nix at Afterlife. You will then have to save Nix as an objective in the Kold Mirage gig.

That’s everything you need to know about where to find Dex’s body and his Iconic “Plan B” pistol in Cyberpunk 2077. While here, ensure reading some other location guides that will help you proceed in the challenging quests of the game. For instance, you can read where to find the stalker in Every Breath You Take gig and Hal Cantos in Occupational Hazard gig in Cyberpunk 2077.

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