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Download nowDesigner: Maryam Kamal Co
Released: April 21, 2020
Vintage Dreams Modern Groovy is a great font that was designed by Maryam Kamal Co. Imagine the amount of combinations you can create using this font! The archive is 6.34 MB and it was released on April 21, 2020. Vintage Dreams Modern Groovy looks beautiful on wedding invitations, greeting cards, logos, posters, labels, t-shirt designs, logos, business cards and is perfect for use in ink or watercolor works, fashion, magazines, packaging and food menus, children's books and more!

File Size: 6.34 MB

Tags:groovy, retro, vintage, feminine, bold script, logo, 70s retro

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Vintage Dreams Modern Groovy Font Free Download

Vintage Dreams Modern Groovy Font Free Download

Introducing an all-new font collection – Vintage Dreams Modern Groovy Font!

Modern yet Groovy bold script is here to help you make a statement in your projects! Comes in Hairline/ brush SVG and a clean, solid version.


The bold and statement look is perfect for use to print on t-shirts, mugs, invitation cards, eye-catching flyers and posters, branding, and more!

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Language Support: Danish, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Luxembourgish, Norwegian Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Swiss German.

The following characters included á â à ä å ã æ ç é ê è ë í î ì ï ı ñ ó ô ò ö õ ø œ š ß ú û ù ü ý ÿ ž À Ä Å Ã Æ Ç É Ê È Ë Í Î Ì Ï Ñ Ó Ô Ò Ö Õ Ø Œ Š Û Ù Ü Ý Ÿ

Be sure to tag me on Instagram @maryamkamalco I love seeing your creations and would love to share it! You can also head over to for more Font Deals, discounts, and giveaways 🙂

Happy Creating! Maryam x

Vintage Dreams Modern Groovy Font is for PERSONAL USE ONLY!.

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Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition (Vintage Culture \u0026 Lazy Bear Remix)

31 Groovy Fonts That Are Totally Far Out!

Last Updated on October 12, 2021

Although the 70s were more known for disco and bell bottoms, there was more to it than meets the eye. Many people, even historians, will say that this period felt like an extension of the 60s – colorful, vibrant, yet chaotic.

A few notable events of the time include: the ‘New Right’ political movement, the Watergate scandal, the first Earth Day, the approval of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), and the debut of the first wrap dress by Diane von Furstenberg. It was the decade of exploration of liberties and political involvement.

Don’t feel bad that you missed the ‘Me Decade’. You can still evoke the 70s vibes when you use these groovy fonts.

Colorful Groovy Fonts

1. Groovy


Hendra Pratama’s product is based on 60s to 70s typography designs with Opentype features to customize a variety of effects.

Download Groovy

2. Far Out!


This Think Make Design product is made with the Flower Children of the 60s and 70s in mind, with 22 hand-drawn graphics to bring your designs a step higher.

Download Far Out!

3. Losta Masta


This unique, playful and versatile typeface from Creative Media Lab comes in 8 fonts that add a degree of freedom and versatility when creating any visual design project in mind.

Download Losta Masta

4. Crava


This vintage display font from PutraCetol Studio has OpenType features with a healthy selection of alternates to help you further personalize the many projects this product works great with.

Download Crava

5. Ariestha Script


Bold strokes with playful finishes make neat and flexible lettering for logos, signs, posters, crafts, branding, and storefront or merchandise concepts.

Download Ariestha Script

6. Kandani


Bring along the 60s to your design projects using this Letterhend Studio typeface that comes with an Extrude version to add more flair to your lettering.

Download Kandani

7. The Beardy


Inspired by serif didone combined with flourish typography and 60s–70s pop culture, this Aiyari typeface works best with logos, headlines, titles, branding, magazine covers, book covers, and more.

Download The Beardy

8. Funkies


Inspired by the posters and album covers of funk, disco, and rockabilly music, this bold and fun font from Blankids Studio works great with retro-themed projects.

Download Funkies

9. Peace & Love Font Duo


Salt & Pepper Designs blends together a bold Regular font and an Ouline variant that can be used together for a wide variety of designs and crafts.

Download Peace & Love Font Duo

10. Agies Fresh


This StringLabs typeface is curved and rounded, giving it a uniquely vintage look that works great for 70s or 80s-themed branding.

Download Agies Fresh

11. Quincy Johns


Rounded corners and natural curves give this Tokokoo typeface a bold attitude that jives with a smooth, jazzy groove.

Download Quincy Johns

12. Dorris


This unique, cute and versatile typeface from Creative Media Lab comes with 9 weights and bonus ornaments to further personalize the classic aesthetic on your design projects.

Download Dorris

13. Gruvilicious


Gruvliciouis is an interesting mix of creative and groovy. While the legibility might not be there 100%, there’s definetely creative flair to boot in this groovy masterpiece.

Download Gruvilicious

14. Ramdone


Ramdone is just about groovy enough to be a solid candidate for the font in use for the van decorating the Scooby Doo gang’s famous vehicle. A solid pick, whether for a retro cafee, a baseball bat or something similar.

Download Ramdone

15. Amettati


Amettati is a free-flowing and almost spaghetti-like script font that heralds all of the groove value of a generation, and if you want to pick a typeface that works well with some shadows to it as well, AMettati is that font.

Download Amettati

16. Jassin

Jassin v2 min

Jassin is a fun and groovy typeface with a bold personality. Perfect for branding, headlines, social media, advertising, packaging, posters, t-shirts, editorials and much more. Its vintage feel evokes the carefree and whimsical vibe of the psychedelic era, allowing you to craft impressive looking designs.

Download Jassin

Test this font by typing here

17. Monro

Monroe Display Font min

Introducing Monro, a disruptive typeface with shapes inspired by the aesthetics of the 80s and 90s. Monro is an ideal typeface for large size display texts and wordmarks, its eye-catching quirky letters grab the readers attention and makes them notice the message being sent across. If you’re searching for a geometric typeface that offers versatility as well as a clean/sleek build, then Monro is for you!

Download Monro

Test this font by typing here

18. Wanderlust

This classical-looking typeface that makes use of soft lines and curves is great for a wide range of projects from invitations to magazine headers.

Download Wanderlust

19. Surreal – Psychedelic Typeface

Surreal Cover min

Surreal is a hand drawn psychedelic font perfect for groovy posters, experimental artwork, and rad design projects. It was inspired by the psychedelic movement of the mid 60’s. Since this one of-a-kind typeface is not seen everyday, your design projects are bound to grab the reader’s attention.

Download Surreal

20. Vintage Dreams Modern Groovy Font

Vintage Dreams Modern Groovy Font min

MaryanKamalCo introduces a typeface that comes in brush stroke/hairline version and solid regular version, giving your projects a unique expression.

Download Vintage Dreams Modern Groovy Font

21. Mumbai


Projects come to life with a retro 70s vibe when using this Anomali Creatype product that comes with a bonus Extrude font for an amazing twist to your designs

Download Mumbai

22. Flatface Heft Display Font


This bottom-heavy font is a throwback to the 60’s art styles that is suitable with a great number of creative projects that get more when using a classic or retro look.

Download Flatface Heft Display Font

23. Karolin


Yellowline’s bold script is great for merchandise, branding, clothing labels, logos, stationery, and other design projects that focus on retro vibes.

Download Karolin

24. Groovy


This typeface from ArtyType combines the appeal of the 70s and the minimalist lines used in many current-generation typefaces, which makes a timeless appeal to any design work.

Download Groovy

25. Seventies


This Sproviero-Type creation is a variation of the many typography concepts that appeared during the 70s, which lends itself greatly to many design projects.

Download Seventies

26. The Bayland


Bring back the move and groove of the 60s using this Letterhend Studio typeface, which is appealing to a lot of design works that get more out of a classic feel.

Download The Bayland

27. Lovadelic


70s script lettering combined with psychedelic balloon typography makes this font an absolute stunner for a variety of visual designs.

Download Lovadelic

28. Margin


Thick curves and traditional serifs make this Dharmas Studio font perfect for nostalgic mood boards and vintage logos.

Download Margin

29. Soul Wanders Modern Typeface

soul wanders

A groovy typeface from Megflags is inspired by 70s typography and posters, making it great for posters, magazine headers, logos, branding, and many more.

Download Soul Wanders Modern Typeface

30. Sixties Flashback

sixties flashback min

The retro graphics incorporated in this Mysterylab Designs product warps your projects back to the carefree 60s or the groovy 70s.

Download Sixties Flashback

31. Molli Rocky

Mollie Rocky min

MadeDebuk’s 18-font product makes use of thin and thick stems, giving it a retro look that stands out among other similarly-themed typefaces.

Download Molli Rocky

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Font vintage dreams

Elena muttered, adding speed. Already at the bus stop, she noticed a group of drunken young people with fan symbols heading towards her. They hooted and made obscene gestures. Elena looked around.

Sweet Disposition (Vintage Culture \u0026 Lazy Bear Remix)

"The boy has grown up, - she thought. " Gleb, - she began to stroke his shoulders, - tell me, this will. Be our secret. - She took another step towards, and hugged him, feeling his excitement with her legs, - we are old friends with you.

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