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your satisfaction is our target Invisible Lift Adhesive Nipplecovers, Reusable Sticky Pasties, Strapless Backless Bra, Push Up Lifting Petals, Beige at Women’s Clothing store with 60% off discount

When you’re heading out for an evening event, celebrating a friend’s wedding, or trying to look your cutest in that new top, you don’t want to worry about bra straps showing or sticky adhesive tape that pinches or irritates your skin. That’s why we created Silicone Adhesive Nipplecovers that not only provide more comfortable coverage, but also help lift up the “girls” to create a sexier, firmer look that makes you feel confident no matter where the day or night may lead.
Product :

  • Skin Safe Silicone Adhesive
  • Creates Lift and Firmness
  • Invisible, Discrete Wear
  • Ideal Breast Coverage
  • Small, Medium, and Large Sizes
  • Washable and Reusable
  • Lightweight and Ultra-Thin

A near invisible nude design, these petal shaped pastries provide better coverage across your chest while remaining hidden between your blouse, dress, top, or clothes for a seamless look.
Designed to Fit Real Women
We offer three different sizes to fit women of all shapes and needs, including a small for A cup, medium size for B and C cups, and large for D and DD cups; all to ensure you get proper support.

All-Day or Night Comfort
The high-quality silicone is gentle on even the most sensitive skin and helps these thin nipplecovers adhere to your skin more effectively without leaving a sticky residue or making it difficult to pull them off. They also stay in place so you can stay on the move.
When you’re finished wearing these reusable nipplecovers simply hand wash with warm, soapy water and then let air dry to keep them fresh and ready for wear again.
We recommend wiping skin dry and ensuring it stays free of lotion, body butter, or other skincare items to ensure a long-lasting reliable hold that stays in place even if you sweat.

MidwayUSA Target Pasters 7/8" Square Package of 1000

Product Overview

These MidwayUSA Target Pasters are self-adhesive 7/8" squares and provide shooters increased target life. These pasters are excellent for covering bullet holes or creating aiming points on a target. Put the MidwayUSA Target Pasters in your range bag before your next competition or trip to the range.

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This 14.5" x 9.5" target series is great for indoor and outdoor shooting. See where you're hitting the targets at distance with ease as our reactive splatter is highly visible white burst of color.

Package Contents:

  • Triumph Systems Splatter Target
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Fashion Forms Women's Breast Petals Beige - 3 Pack


Pair these petals with lingerie or clothing for extra coverage and a smooth look. For maximum comfort, make sure to keep the soft, padded center in place when applying. This item works best when applied to clean, dry skin that is free of deodorants, perfumes, lotions, or powders. These can be applied after the product is adhered to the skin.
Instructions For Removal: Use a small amount of baby oil and apply around the edges of the petals with a cloth. The baby oil should allow the medical grade adhesive to release from the skin before your Petals can be slowly removed.
We recommend that you perform a skin test 24 hours before extended use by wearing the Petals for up to four hours. If you experience any itching, irritation, burning or discomfort of any kind, remove the silicone immediately. Do not use on open cuts, skin disorders, rashes, sun damaged or sunburned skin, white patches or skin depigmentation problems. Even if you have had no previous reaction to this or other similar products, sensitivity may occur. Do not wear overnight, and we recommend that you do not wear it for more than 4-6 hours at a time. Women with a significant amount of melanin or family history of depigmentation may experience skin lightening from the silicone. Not recommended for women with sensitive skin.


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