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Milling chucks are versatile, high-accuracy toolholders with very high gripping power and very low runout. They are great for heavy milling applications, and for holding larger diameter tool shanks. The solid one-piece construction and symmetrical design of the toolholder provide high accuracy and good balance characteristics.

Milling chucks are designed to hold a single size tool shank, and then precision straight-shank reducing collets are used to hold smaller diameter tools. The straight collet design provides even clamping along the entire length of the shank, eliminating axial movement of the tool, increasing rigidity, and minimizing runout. This results in better surface finishes and longer tool life, as well has high gripping force for heavy milling.

Simple twist-lock operation and high retention force make these milling chucks ideal for general purpose operations.

NOTE: Never tighten a milling chuck without a tool in the toolholder, or clamp on a tool that is too small for the holder or collet sleeve.


Milling & Drilling Holders

FPC Tool Holding System

Emuge high precision / performance FPC Mill / Drill Chucks provide unprecedented rigidity, vibration dampening, concentricity, machining speed and tool life vs. conventional chuck technologies for milling and drilling applications. Available in a wide range of styles. Internal or peripheral coolant options, and MQL-adaptable.

Emuge FPC Chuck Advantages:

  • Reliability
    Extremely high transferable torque provides maximum process reliability. Transferred torque on a tool shank diameter of 20 mm is 400 Nm
  • More accurate
    With a 3 x D tool length, concentricity is ≤ 3 μm, guaranteeing long tool life and quality surface finishes. All holders are balanced to G2.5, 20,000 RPM
  • Longer tool life
    Special holder design reduces vibration, dramatically improving work piece surface finishes and providing exceptionally long tool life
  • Fast tool change
    Simple, highly accurate design enables quick tool change in seconds, via hex wrench
  • Anti-pullout technology
    Unique pin-lock system works with any tool with a Weldon shank
  • Slim Line option
    A 4.5° tapered neck excels in 5-axis machining
  • Micro Chucks
    • Slim design for hard to reach areas.
    • Holds 1-6mm or 1/8"-1/4" shank tools 

Milling & Drilling Holders Products

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Glacern Milling Chucks

For serious milling jobs, Glacern Milling Chucks have up to five times the gripping power of traditional collet chucks and are incredibly rigid and highly accurate. Our unique vibration-reducing design makes this tool a perfect fit for roughing, finishing, and even hardmilling. Integrated needle bearings provide up to 140% more bearing surface than traditional designs and assure powerful and distortion free clamping, even under heavy milling. Our chucks undergo a sub-zero cryogenic treatment which prevents deformation over time.

Nickel-plated and hardened to 55 HRC. The taper and critical surfaces are precision ground to a TIR of less than 0.0002" with a 0.00015 concentricity at the collet bore.

MC75 holders have a 0.750" max capacity, come with a spanner wrench included, and are compatible with the following step-down collets:
  • MC75-1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8 Inch

MC125 holders have a 1.250" max capacity, come with a spanner wrench included, and are compatible with the following step-down collets:
  • MC125-1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 1.0 Inch

  • Powerful clamping for heavy cutting
  • Supports heavy and finish end milling with high precision
  • Superior clamping pressure over ER Collet Chucks & Endmill Holders
  • Thick wall on a clamping part prevents chattering
  • Fine narrow slots clamp the tool shank evenly & eliminate oil that spoils clamping torque
  • Electroless Nickel Plated Finish
  • Precision ground surfaces
  • Concentricity < 0.0004" at 4xD
  • Tapers and flange hardened to 55 HRC
  • Rear thread for pull stud 5/8-11 UNC
  • All CAT40 chucks balanced to G2.5 @ 20,000RPM

ER Collets - 5 Things to Know for Beginners

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ER Collets - 5 Things to Know for Beginners

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